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Forestbound Love

As Earth Day is quickly approaching, I wanted to share these beautiful bags I found on ETSY that are made from completely salvaged materials.  I adore the vintage look of them and I think they would be so appropriate for a sunny day meandering through a flea market or farmer’s market.  “Forestbound” is the name of the shop and she makes beautiful one of a kind recycled carryalls.  The carryall I have my eye on is made from a 1940’s grain sack with a blue and white ticking lining and a fabulous leather strap.  It is beyond my budget at $190.00 but I do have a thirtieth birthday on the horizon.

Earthbound also has a great tote bag made from WWII era military duffel bag and has a full leather bottom.  I’m a sucker for army green.  She spends a lot of time finding different materials that go into each bag, so much love goes into each creation.

If you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, there is a small collection of Forestbound bags and pouches at Small Stump/Studio Choo on 262 divisadero street.  Otherwise click here for the ETSY site; these bags do seem to go quickly.

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New Items in my ETSY Shop

I have finally had a chance to add more items to my ETSY site and I’m very excited about them.  So with no further ado – my favorite new item…

Set of 8 Antique Chintz Napkin Rings

A set of eight napkin rings that are antique and were made in England.  I love the chintz design and the brown background.  They would look so fabulous with any dinner table.  Chintz is back in a big way – like the Liberty of London hit at Target.

Set of 8 Antique Chintz Napkin Rings

Next item that I have added is another set of napkin rings; this is a set of four Tiger Cowrie shell rings.  I have always thought Tiger Cowrie shells are pretty so I was very attracted to these napkin rings.  They would be great for a beach house but also wonderful for a modern home or any home really.

Set of 4 Tiger Cowrie Napkin Rings

Set of 4 Tiger Cowrie Napkin Rings

Click here for more information.

The next item is a pair of milk glass candlesticks.  I love the pure white color and the design.  There is some sort of a foot at the base of the candlestick; I think it’s either a dragon foot or the foot of a foo dog (to be honest, I’m not entirely sure).  But I am sure that I love them.

Milk Glass Candlesticks

Milk Glass Candlesticks

Here’s a picture of the candlesticks with the flash so that you can see the pure white color a little bit better.

Milk Glass Candlesticks

These are available here.

The next item is a beautiful china serving dish; I adore the link pattern.  The china is from Heinrich Co and it was made sometime in the early 1900’s.  The serving bowl could be used for more then just serving food – I would put green moss balls in it and put the bowl on a coffee table.

Vintage Heinrich Selb Bavaria Chain Link Serving Dish

Vintage Heinrich Selb Bavaria Chain Link Serving Dish

This dish is available here.

My final item for today is a sweet gold rocking horse.  I’m getting to the age where baby showers will replace bridal showers and I think this would be such a sweet gift – a precious item for a baby or kid’s room.

Vintage Gold Rocking Horse

Vintage Gold Rocking Horse

This is available here.

Thanks for taking a look.  Please let me know what you think.  Click here for my ETSY shop.

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Get that Signature Look

Since I was a little girl, I have shopped at L.L. Bean. My mom and I used to get matching swimsuits from there – it’s embarrassing to think how long we did that for (I refuse to reveal). As I grew older, L.L. Bean’s style and mine did not meet eye to eye. There were items that felt outdated or too “mommy.” Although, I remained a faithful shopper for their raincoats and tote bags.

My lovely sister-in-law sent me an e-mail informing me that L.L. Bean has now formed a “signature” line. To be honest, I think that some of it is just plain dull. The goal was to stay true to the L.L. Bean look which they have accomplished, while giving it a more updated look which they could have worked on. I think the company could have taken a stronger departure from their 98 year history of classic clothes; this was their chance to experiment. I believe they could afford to be more bold with their patterns, colors and hem line lengths while remaining true to the L.L. Bean look. All in all, I find the signature look a step in the right direction. I would be thrilled to have all of the items below in my closet. Take a look at the line, what do you think? What would you buy or what wouldn’t you buy?

All items available here.

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New Items in my ETSY Shop!

Ooh la la….I did some shopping, some painting and some photographing this weekend. It was so much fun, at least until I realized I don’t get to keep everything. My husband made the astute comment that I am like a drug dealer and that the best drug dealers don’t sample their goods. So, I’m going to stick to his philosophy for as long as I can. But man I do love what I found. For your next decor fix, please come to my shop.

Here’s what I have in store…

Tartan and tweed are all the rage now in decor and while this first item is neither tartan nor tweed, I think it goes very well with the general theme. There is a hint of the traditional Ralph Lauren Home look with updated touches –

Gun metal bookends – horse head in color black. I LOVE them! Click here for my ETSY shop.

My next find was the cutest collection of vintage pink depression glass all in mint condition. They have so many wonderful uses. Obviously the glassware is meant for serving food; however, I would use the small bowl on my bedside table to put my ring and necklace in at night. I love the pink…

Isn’t it so cute for your night stand? Sorry my necklace and pearls are not included. 🙂 This bowl is available here.

Next, I have a vintage pink depression glass platter with handles. This also would be a chic way to display jewelry, or you could be the hostess with the mostest and show off your cooking skills in style.

You can find this platter here.

My final pink depression item is a vintage glass divided bowl. I would use this for a spot to stash change and my watch or sunglasses.

This can be purchased here.

The next item is a little lovely bud vase that I added to my shop. I think there is something so elegant about a single flower in a bud vase. That and I am terrible at arranging flowers so this is an easy out for me.

This glass bud vase can be purchased here.

I put together a display of the items as a way to entertain myself as my husband wrote a paper…

Sorry my husband’s wallet is not for sale – that’s all mine. Ha ha.

Martini anyone? It would help to get you through the week. Well, for those who like their martinis stirred, I have added a glass martini pitcher and stirrer. The pitcher can be used for other things than martinis – but I believe that making a martini is the absolute best use.

To purchase the martini pitcher click here.

That’s all the goodies for now. What do you think?

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Get the credit cards ready: Liberty of London Coming to Target

I was flipping through the latest Oprah Magazine, when I came across the cutest bike I have ever seen.  This bike is so cute that it belongs up on a wall of a loft, not to be used on the street….what if dirt gets on it?!  Okay, okay it would be great to ride as well.  Put a cute straw basket on the front, wear a fun flirty dress and soon you’ll actually look cool on a bike – minus the helmut.  (Unless your one of my male readers then you might not look so cool in a dress on the bike).

This bike is from Liberty of London Target Home Collection and it will hit stores on March 14 (a bff’s birthday – perhaps she will get a target item).  Liberty of London is an iconic design store that opened its doors in 1875 on Regent Street in London.  Click here for the Liberty of London website.    I was not given a press kit from Liberty of London, even though I had 77 people look at my blog yesterday (record high for me), so I do not have access to very many of the items.  You can go onto Target’s website for more information.  Here is what I could scrounge up for you on the internet…

I would buy the bike, canisters, stationary and the platters.  What do you think?  What would you buy?

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ETSY Shops I love

It’s the final countdown until I get my ETSY site completely up and running. My profile is up right now; I am just not selling anything, as of yet. I must take phenomenal pictures (somehow) because all of the articles I’ve been reading say that a great picture will get the product moving. Guess I should use more then just my I-Phone

On to sites that I love…

If you are ever in the mood to treat yourself to some fabulous jewelry, look no further than Crow’s Catch. Irene Wood, from Seattle, has the greatest earrings and necklaces out there! She hand makes them and all are truly one of a kind. The vast majority of my earrings are Crow’s Catch, and whenever I wear a pair, I get tons of compliments on them. Here are a few that I’m currently lusting after. As soon as I make some mullah, and the purse strings loosen back up, I will be going straight to her shop!

A Boy, A Girl Earrings: crowscatch @ etsy

Silver Leaf, Smoky Quartz Lariat Necklace: crowscatch @ etsy

Coral, Turquoise Lucite Earrings: crowscatch @ etsy

Baby crazy! Who, me? Never. Okay, okay …I may be baby crazy. I am not pregnant, nor am I trying to be, but who can resist the cutest baby clothes in the world? If you have little ones, I suggest shopping at Frances Reid Clothing. All clothes are handmade by Bridget Dolfi in Oakland. She is a one woman show designing magical pieces. They have a timeless look to them as she uses vintage patterns and chooses fabrics that will have you hearkening back to the good old days. I had her custom make a tweed jacket for my two year old nephew. He looked so dapper in the jacket!

boy's lazy afternoon shirt size 3: francisreidclothing @ etsy

girls queen kitty jumper size 6 months: francisreidclothing @ etsy

My last ETSY crush of the day goes to Kelly Galvin Robson of High Street Market. She sells the most wonderful flea market, vintage finds for your home. I aspire to one day have a business just like hers…but alas, I must take everything one step at a time. Kelly has been featured on many of my favorite blogs such as Apartment Therapy, Decor8, and LONNY. She’s got a fantastic eye!

Vintage Brass Horse Head Wall Hook: highstreetmarket @ etsy

Vintage Chintz Rectangular Vanity Tray: highstreetmarket @ etsy

Happy shopping to y’all!

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