Happy Birthday, Grace!

I’ll never forget the day I found out I was pregnant with Grace.  It was the surprise of a lifetime that we had proved the fertility Dr’s wrong and that things could work out the old fashioned way.


My pregnancy with Grace was so different than Josie’s, with constant morning sickness ,that I was convinced it would be a boy.  She surprised us and we got to be thankful for another wonderful girl and the beautiful bond of sisters.


We thought she would have the same brown eyes that Graham, Josie and I all share: big, round and pure as coffee beans.  Grace surprised us with translucent saphire blues that you can spot from a mile away.  She shares the blues of my mom, the ones that I begged for blue contact lenses in my adolescence in the attempt to imitate.






I geared myself up for the three month mark to sleep train Gracie but she surprised us at eight weeks and slept right on through the night.  I was used to the soft pace of Josie and everyone has told me that “girls as so easy. boys are so active”  Grace constantly moved in my womb and she hasn’t stopped since.





I thought there was no way a crawling baby in a sleep sack could manage to get out of her crib but she surprised us with a loud thump, a little cry and then happy crawling around her room as she celebrated her freedom.


I thought that little ones usually walk after their first birthday but Gracie took her first bold steps at eleven months.  I thought that rocking chairs were meant to be sat on but Grace will find a way to crawl up them, stand on the seat and rock back and forth as though she is surfing a massive wave.


I thought her first word would be spoken to me or Graham but it was said to a dog at a park as she sweetly waved and said “hi” clear as day.  I thought that Grace would always be the one to follow Josie, and while there is plenty of that, there are still the times when Grace takes the lead and Josie reverts to crawling and follows right behind her sister.







I thought that such an active baby wouldn’t want cuddles but Grace clings to me like a koala bear.


I thought my heart had expanded all that it could as it grew to the moon and back when Josie was born.  But, boy was I surprised that my love has only grown two-fold.  My life is all the more enriched in ways I didn’t think possible when the bubbly, active, curious, strong, willful, determined, smiley, loving Grace was born one year ago today.




To my special baby, bunkies, Gracie Girl, love love, la la, stinkerbutt, sissy, Grace Katharine, happy happy birthday.  I love you so, baby girl, and I wish you a lifetime of continued happiness and exploration.  Thanks for all the wonderful surprises, may you keep them coming and may you always keep your mommy and daddy on their toes.


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Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer have sunk their paws right into my soul.  Sloth is no longer a sin, it’s a goal.  With the exception of my harried morning workout, I’m opting for the slow, easy route.  The new speed allows for examining rocks that Josie picks up, observing Grace as she absorbs new information and standing by my man as he waters the garden.


We just returned from four days at the coast.  Sand was the key ingredient for great times; it was consumed by Grace, manipulated by Josie and laid on by the adults.  The water was only dipped into by our toes as there were 15 great white sharks spotted close to shore days before our arrival.


Speaking of spotting, marine life was in stupendous form – a humpback whale breached, sea otters relaxed, seals bopped in and out of the waves, dolphins played and one great white showed off its ominous fin.


The 4th of July was a show to be seen, with a trusty neighbor who spares no expense and rivals the city’s firework display.  If he likes to puff out his feathers in the form of gun powder on our nation’s holiday well then God bless him.  It was a wondrous experience to stand directly underneath a massive firework.  As the sky lit up, I beamed with pride for our country and all the progress it’s made recently.  Love is love and it’s beautiful in all forms.


The week after this, I’ve decided to sneak off with my two little loves to four days in the mountains with my momma.  The trip calls for exploring, chitter chatter and long naps in the afternoon heat.  There will be ample mother/daughter/mother/daughter/daughter bonding time.  Let’s hear it for the girls!


In between the beach and mountain trips, I will be turning 35.  35 certainly feels like the turning point to 40.  But, I’m fine with that.  I feel more confident and settled in my skin then ever before and I’ve heard that this getting older thing is all about that.

Hope you are taking full advantage of the long, meandrous days of summertime.

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Colorful Doors

This past weekend, I went up to Seattle with the girls to check in on my best friend and the new house she and her husband are building.  Flying solo with the girls was a challenge, to say the least, but it was worth it for some quality time with good friends.

My friend is to the point where they are finalizing paint for the exterior of the home.  They are going with this very pretty dark gray blue that will be gorgeous.  The front door is currently white and it is now up to me to convince them to paint it a fun pop of color.  I think it’ll be so lovely and it’ll really add to the curb appeal of their already beautiful home.

Imagine all these homes below without a colored front door; they would all lack the fun pop.

My top choice is currently yellow –




My second choice is a classic red –






My third choice would be a green – either kelly or moss




My fingers are crossed they will take the plunge with a color.  I personally love a glossy door and if you go that route, I highly recommend using Fine Paints of Europe in high gloss; it works great when painting wood.  I’ll let you know if they go with a color and post an after pic.

What color is your front door?


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Checking In

Thought I’d check in on the personal side today.  It seems the blog and I are at odds with each other.  I love the written word so I’ve been clinging to this dear old vessel.  But this ship is going down and I’ve begun to toy with waving the white flag. For now though, I’m sticking around and blogging when I can.

Here’s a shocking suprise – life is tough with two little ones.  It’s also incredibly dear.  There are days I’d like to scream for help and others that I silently whisper, “really, I get to do this all day?”  Just like the emotions of a two year old, it’s a pendulum swing of pure joy and crazy frustration being at home.

But, I’m incredibly blessed to have the choice and to be able to be here.  And the good far outweighs the bad. Josie is hilarious.  She’s started to parrot things I say in full sentences.  The other day on a walk, she pointed at a house (a rather run down house but we’ll let that slide) and said, “Mommy, I just love that house”  Ha!  You think she’s the daughter of a decorator?  I do point out my favorite homes on our walks – she’s my buddy and I feel the need to share. Gracie is coming into her own more and more every day.  She’s crawling machine and she’ll race ya up the top of our stairs. Baby girl has no fear. This child has got some tenacity in her.  Grace is also quick to laugh.  Josie is hilarious in her eyes.  I don’t quite get all the jokes yet – I think it’s a two year old, ten month old humor.


When we put these sandals on Josie this morning, she looked at me and said, “mommy, these are my jogging shoes”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

On the business side of things, I recently got a completed project professionally photographed.  It’s truly a treat getting the professional pictures.  I’m looking forward to getting the photos back and then I can share them here.  Id also like to get my website redone to something more clean and streamlined.

I also have the girls bath updated and I love the transformation.  I’ll work on getting some pictures taken and blog all the little details.  Until then here’s a little peek from my Instagram shot of the bathroom.  You can follow me on IG at Kate collins Interiors.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Above all else, I just wanted to say thank you so much for reading!  You keep me grinning from ear to ear.

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Add to Bag

You know those times when you pick the same outfit off the bedroom floor time and again cause it’s just going to get spit up/smeared avocado on it anyway?  You know how you reach for your “fat jeans” still because that spare tire isn’t listening to the subliminal messages you keep sending it? Yeah, me neither. Wink wink.

Things ain’t been so hot in the fashion department and I haven’t bought myself new clothes in a looong time.

Graham has seen me get worked by two little babies running me around so for mother’s day he completely surprised me with a gift certificate to Sak’s Fifth.  I literally cried (happy tears) when I opened it.  it was one of the best gifts and surprises that I’ve received in a long time because it was so unexpected.

In an effort to pull myself together, I got to treat myself and here is what I bought –


Because nothing says “avocado hands, still have baby weight, stay at home mom” like a white jumpsuit but the heart wants what the heart wants.  If it fits like a dream I’m keeping it for that rare sometime occasion.  It looks like I got the last one because I can’t find it on the site anymore but it’s Haute Hippie.


This is slightly more practical.  Date night shirt/girls night out shirt/luncheon shirt/let your belly out shirt. Available here.

I added a ton of stuff to my bag and then narrowed down to the above two purchases so i thought I’d share with you what the other items were in case you felt the need to treat yourself. Everything is on sale.


Alice + Olivia


Hugo Boss


Diane von Furstenberg





I still have a bit of money left, anything you think I should go for?

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Red Hot

If you have been hopping around various feeds, checking out glimpses of the show homes across the country, it seems that red rooms have been popping up more and more.  The color red is very polarizing but I’ve always been a red fan; it’s a classic in my book.

I love what Mark D Sikes did at this year’s Kips Bay show home.



Alassandra Branca also took on the bold color with gusto at the Kips Bay Showhouse:


Closer to home, Nest Design went bold with red lips in a bathroom at the San Francisco showcase.  It was my favorite room in the entire house.


Are you into red or is just too much for you?

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Kitchen Booth – Decision Time

I have been hemming and hawing over what fabric to pick for our kitchen booth.  I’ve been wanting this booth since the day we bought the house, you’d think the second I got the green light, I’d have everything all ready to be executed.


Alas, I’m wishy washy on what color scheme to go for – I’ve gone from seafoam, to camel to pattern and back around again and again with moments of yellow, navy and red mixed in there.  People!  I even said to Graham “maybe we should just give up and not do a booth after all” and I was only being half dramatic.


My sister in law pushed me to go color.  She is right!  I love a good color boost. Plus, the kitchen nook is the spot where I listen to children cry in unison, where I watch them pour milk all over the floor and where I call their father in desperation only to hear he hasn’t left the office yet.  I realized that staring at my favorite fabric while sh&t goes down could really help me out. Kind of like wine but slightly healthier…although, a tad less effective.


You all know for the six years that I’ve been writing this blog, Christopher Far Cloth Carnival is my favorite fabric.  It was very satisfying when I used it for my mom’s poolhouse…

pool house shot

BUT, it would be even more satisfying if I used it for my own home.

I’m going to get it laminated and that will be the back of the booth and then I think I’ll do a green or a blue vinyl for the seat.  So so excited!!

Don’t hold on to your seats though because the big reveal isn’t coming any time soon.  It’s looking like a three month wait time for the fabrication of the booth (and in this business you always add on a month).

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