Kate has always been a creator; from whimsical tents to multi-roomed shutter forts, she had a passion for making a home from a young age. Lucky for her, this natural born instinct was polished by her mother whose impeccable taste helped to cultivate Kate’s eye. Her father was also influential as an avid art collector; it was not uncommon for him to come home with a 6 ft by 6 ft art piece. From antique shopping excursions to countless museum trips, Kate began to form the vision needed for decorating. In recent years, with more intense study, she has honed her passion into the well crafted skill of interior decorating. With the recent passing of her father, Kate garnered a new perspective on life. She found it necessary to follow her dreams and to create something beautiful every day in his honor; thus followed the conception of Kate Collins Interiors.

While Kate describes herself as a neo-traditionalist, she does not want to force her own design on to someone else’s home. She wants it to be an organic experience in which the owners are set to live with pieces that they truly cherish. Beyond Kate’s ability to create a room brimming with wonder, love and style, she has the necessary trait of being a good listener. Kate finds it of utmost importance to know her clients well so that she can address any frustrations with space or fulfill desires for a certain look. It is a collaborative project in which Kate puts a great deal of energy, attentiveness and love. She prides herself on capturing the heart of each owner so that they can smile the second they walk in to their home.

e-mail: katecollinsinteriors@gmail.comphone: 650.450.6888

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