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Breakfast Room Updates

Long time, no blog.  I think I only know how to write in Instagram captions now.  My brain has been pure fuzz as I look head on at Rowan’s first birthday.  It’s surprising that I’m coming up on a year with three little ones.  It has taken me this long to find my bearings but I do believe I’m finally getting there.  Throwing in a move, a puppy and Graham’s career change didn’t help with the rockiness.

The girls begin school next week and I’m determined to slip some self care into those three hours when they are away.  I’m looking at you, haircut….and you, running shoes (a bit reluctantly) and you, blog.  That’s right, I’m thinking of blogging more, if you’ll have me.  I’m even thinking of another One Room Challenge in October to motivate me to get things into shape around here.  Big plans.  But perhaps those well laid plans will just turn to smaller achievables, like washing my hair more often or drinking more water.

For now, I wanted to update you on our breakfast room, where we eat most of our meals, because progress has been made and I’m in love.  As you may recall from this post, I had plans to wallpaper.   Since I last blogged, I changed overall design plans and then, lo and behold, I began to execute.

Here is the final plan:

breakfast room final

I decided to take a bit of a leap of faith and go with a mural from Anthropologie; it’s bolder than I usually go but I wanted to work beyond my comfort zone.  The white table is from Ballard and I loved the lines on it as well as the fact that it has a leaf.  Do you know how hard it is to find a good dining table with a leaf?  Then Bistro chairs that we snagged from our pool house.  Roman shades and chandelier are yet to be executed but all in good time.

And here is the room that we were starting with


The art by Reid Winfrey is gorgeous but not ours.  The table is great but a little too big for the space.  While I thought it would be nice to have extra seating, we soon discovered it’s best to have a table that fit just us as extra seating just gets knocked around.

Here we are today:


I absolutely love it!  The paper looks hand painted.  It’s bright and fresh and fun…exactly how we want it to feel around here.  Also, the green in the mural matches perfectly with the green in our cabinets.  You can see the paper with cabinets from this shot taken from the dining room.


We still have to install a chandelier and roman shades and get a window seat pillow made. I’m using Les Touches in red for the seat –


But, I love where we’re at right now and this is the perfect update until we remodel the entire kitchen into our dream one.  Inspiration pics are already being saved away for that day.  But, for now, let’s just make it to the first day of school, shall we?

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