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Be The Change

I have sat silent since the election desperately wanting the words to come to me for a blog post. But they have not.  However, I can not bear to let another day pass in silence.

Because I know a 14 year old girl who had to stick up for a Muslim classmate as kids taunted “deport her.”

Because a friend from college who is an extremely talented and fair reporter has received  hateful threats.

Because my brother, a second grade teacher, walked into a classroom of crying, scared seven year olds the day after the election.

Because our beloved nanny who is like family to us feels she may have to walk around with papers proving she is a US citizen.

Because while out walking yesterday, I struck up a conversation with a black woman, also walking with her baby. She told me that right after she posted something about the rise in hate crimes on Facebook, she received a phone call. Before she saw who the phone call was from (it was a friend), her first thought was that it was the KKK coming after her.

Because I have three children that I have devoted my life to, in order to teach them to love and respect others, and I refuse to let this world of hate become the norm.

No one deserves to live in fear.

I beg of you to give to the American Civil Liberties Union and know you are working to do your part for the innocent little girl in Texas, for the woman who is a brilliant writer, for the woman who pours her love into my little girls, for the man who has dedicated his life to educating the underserved, for the woman who is a preschool teacher, a mother and a caring wife, for my three kids who see the best in everyone.

Silence doesn’t work. No matter who you voted for speak out for social justice with your voice, with your time or with your wallet.  Please donate to an organization that fights for the rights of everyone, contact your senator and express your concerns, volunteer at an organization that means something to you.  Talk, listen and be the change.

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