Family Dinner

January 7, 2016 at 5:31 AM 1 comment

I didn’t grew up in a strict household.  There were expectations and rules but always way more laughter and love than rigid ways.

Although, there was one thing my parents were absolutely steadfast about – family dinner.  Every day of the week, 100% family attendance was mandatory.

Getting back to the fun we had, family dinner wasn’t a bad gig.  My dad entertained us; my mom kept the peace; one brother was in constant motion, another up to pranks and another telling jokes.  Me, I always spilt my milk.  Sound chaotic?  It wasn’t.

It was ideal.  Almost Norman Rockwell-esque.  No matter the academics, sports and social lives, everything was put down nightly for family dinner.

My personal family dinner is currently a harried involvement of cutting up food, grabbing drinks, begging Grace to sit on her bottom, and cleaning up messes.  We have a two and a one year old.  This is all to be expected. I’m sure my parents had the exact same dinners all those years ago.

However, we’d like to set up the tradition of mandatory family dinners as the girls get older and much too cool for us.

One thing we were in desperate need for was a spot that fits all four of us.


For the past year, during the work week, I eat dinner standing; Grace eats in her highchair in a corner, Josie eats at a desk pushed up against a wall and Graham arrives home from work later than the girls can wait to eat so he slams down food as he walks the girls up for their nightly baths.  What would Norman Rockwell say about that?


Graham and my Christmas gift is FINALLY setting into motion that breakfast nook I’ve been blogging about forever so that we have a proper family dinner spot.

The first step is already done.  We have a respectable table, people!

image1 (1)

It’s not a large space that I’m working with and all standard tables were too deep. I needed a wide, skinny table.  I also needed a pedastal base so we could slide in and out once the booth is made.  I searched around way too long for the perfect table.

Finally, I threw in the towel and went for an Ikea hack.  I love the result.  We took two Rasta table bases and one white countertop, also from Ikea and made this table…


It’s perfect!  And it’s already making a huge difference to have us all pulled up to the same spot.

Not to mention the girls can sit and draw there while I cook family dinner.  Now we’re talking people.


The space isn’t finished yet but mandatory family dinner is on the horizon!

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  • 1. Natalie  |  January 7, 2016 at 12:24 PM

    Love it!! Your dinners sound very similar to mine these days- I basically pace back and forth eating what they won’t trying to keep the peace and encourage my 2 yr old to just try the broccoli. We used to have family dinners too when I was growing up and really hope we can enact them one day when my kids are older


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