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Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer have sunk their paws right into my soul.  Sloth is no longer a sin, it’s a goal.  With the exception of my harried morning workout, I’m opting for the slow, easy route.  The new speed allows for examining rocks that Josie picks up, observing Grace as she absorbs new information and standing by my man as he waters the garden.


We just returned from four days at the coast.  Sand was the key ingredient for great times; it was consumed by Grace, manipulated by Josie and laid on by the adults.  The water was only dipped into by our toes as there were 15 great white sharks spotted close to shore days before our arrival.


Speaking of spotting, marine life was in stupendous form – a humpback whale breached, sea otters relaxed, seals bopped in and out of the waves, dolphins played and one great white showed off its ominous fin.


The 4th of July was a show to be seen, with a trusty neighbor who spares no expense and rivals the city’s firework display.  If he likes to puff out his feathers in the form of gun powder on our nation’s holiday well then God bless him.  It was a wondrous experience to stand directly underneath a massive firework.  As the sky lit up, I beamed with pride for our country and all the progress it’s made recently.  Love is love and it’s beautiful in all forms.


The week after this, I’ve decided to sneak off with my two little loves to four days in the mountains with my momma.  The trip calls for exploring, chitter chatter and long naps in the afternoon heat.  There will be ample mother/daughter/mother/daughter/daughter bonding time.  Let’s hear it for the girls!


In between the beach and mountain trips, I will be turning 35.  35 certainly feels like the turning point to 40.  But, I’m fine with that.  I feel more confident and settled in my skin then ever before and I’ve heard that this getting older thing is all about that.

Hope you are taking full advantage of the long, meandrous days of summertime.

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