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Add to Bag

You know those times when you pick the same outfit off the bedroom floor time and again cause it’s just going to get spit up/smeared avocado on it anyway?  You know how you reach for your “fat jeans” still because that spare tire isn’t listening to the subliminal messages you keep sending it? Yeah, me neither. Wink wink.

Things ain’t been so hot in the fashion department and I haven’t bought myself new clothes in a looong time.

Graham has seen me get worked by two little babies running me around so for mother’s day he completely surprised me with a gift certificate to Sak’s Fifth.  I literally cried (happy tears) when I opened it.  it was one of the best gifts and surprises that I’ve received in a long time because it was so unexpected.

In an effort to pull myself together, I got to treat myself and here is what I bought –


Because nothing says “avocado hands, still have baby weight, stay at home mom” like a white jumpsuit but the heart wants what the heart wants.  If it fits like a dream I’m keeping it for that rare sometime occasion.  It looks like I got the last one because I can’t find it on the site anymore but it’s Haute Hippie.


This is slightly more practical.  Date night shirt/girls night out shirt/luncheon shirt/let your belly out shirt. Available here.

I added a ton of stuff to my bag and then narrowed down to the above two purchases so i thought I’d share with you what the other items were in case you felt the need to treat yourself. Everything is on sale.


Alice + Olivia


Hugo Boss


Diane von Furstenberg





I still have a bit of money left, anything you think I should go for?

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Red Hot

If you have been hopping around various feeds, checking out glimpses of the show homes across the country, it seems that red rooms have been popping up more and more.  The color red is very polarizing but I’ve always been a red fan; it’s a classic in my book.

I love what Mark D Sikes did at this year’s Kips Bay show home.



Alassandra Branca also took on the bold color with gusto at the Kips Bay Showhouse:


Closer to home, Nest Design went bold with red lips in a bathroom at the San Francisco showcase.  It was my favorite room in the entire house.


Are you into red or is just too much for you?

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Kitchen Booth – Decision Time

I have been hemming and hawing over what fabric to pick for our kitchen booth.  I’ve been wanting this booth since the day we bought the house, you’d think the second I got the green light, I’d have everything all ready to be executed.


Alas, I’m wishy washy on what color scheme to go for – I’ve gone from seafoam, to camel to pattern and back around again and again with moments of yellow, navy and red mixed in there.  People!  I even said to Graham “maybe we should just give up and not do a booth after all” and I was only being half dramatic.


My sister in law pushed me to go color.  She is right!  I love a good color boost. Plus, the kitchen nook is the spot where I listen to children cry in unison, where I watch them pour milk all over the floor and where I call their father in desperation only to hear he hasn’t left the office yet.  I realized that staring at my favorite fabric while sh&t goes down could really help me out. Kind of like wine but slightly healthier…although, a tad less effective.


You all know for the six years that I’ve been writing this blog, Christopher Far Cloth Carnival is my favorite fabric.  It was very satisfying when I used it for my mom’s poolhouse…

pool house shot

BUT, it would be even more satisfying if I used it for my own home.

I’m going to get it laminated and that will be the back of the booth and then I think I’ll do a green or a blue vinyl for the seat.  So so excited!!

Don’t hold on to your seats though because the big reveal isn’t coming any time soon.  It’s looking like a three month wait time for the fabrication of the booth (and in this business you always add on a month).

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Artist Spotlight: Michelle Morin

It’s been a very long time since I’ve featured an artist.  Would you like to see more artist posts?  I wanted to share with you a painter  who has captured my heart: Michelle Morin  Her pieces are stunning.  It’s amazing how intricate she can be with a paintbrush, her composition and choices of color are spectacular.




Michelle worked for many years in the horticultural field and you can see how this translates into her work.  She lives and paints on the seacoast of New Hampshire, which sounds like a pretty idyllic life to me.

Michelle recently had an Instagram flash sale and I was lucky enough to scoop up a small original piece that I can’t wait to hang in the girls bathroom.  Here is a little peek at it while it’s off getting framed (I’m also excited for the grasscloth matting).


Michelle has an ETSY shop with plenty of prints as well as some originals.

Any artists that have piqued your interest lately?

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Lotus Bleu San Francisco

First and foremost, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your comments and support with the one room challenge.  It’s always daunting putting yourself out there and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the positive feedback.  You guys truly are the best and I’m blessed to have you reading.

Today, I wanted to share about the closing of a favorite local store: Lotus Bleu in Hayes Valley.  They will continue their design business but not their adorable shop.


Lotus Bleu s just about the cutest place ever.  It’s filled with gorgeous pillows, vintage furniture recovered in fabulous fabrics and the chicest lines for furniture such as Oomph and Dunes and Duches.  Le sigh.  Oh and Madeline Weinrib as well.


This store has been a staple for me throughout my design career.  I always stop by there for extras throw pillows or accessories and clients have been giddy with what I’ve bought them from there.


Alas, San Francisco is hot hot hot (not literally it’s freezing in the summer) and so Hayes street rents are going for outrageous amounts.


Everything is on sale and I believe they don’t shut their doors until the end of May or maybe June so get on in there and shop while you still can.

I have been twice during the sale and grabbed this pillow for a client…(spoiler alert on the katie ridder paper we chose)


and this pillow for Grace’s room…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

If you’re local, I’d get in there and take a peek around.  They still have plenty of great finds available.

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The Big Reveal: One room Challenge

In highschool, I choregraphed a dance to “Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks with a friend.  Those who know my dancing skills are laughing hard right now, especially since I put myself and “choregraphed” into a sentence together.  But, I only tell you this to show off that I’ve got quite the background in country.  Girl can get down to some Garth.

Today is the final reveal to show that I’ve gone country, dog gonnit.  To keep you up to speed, a lovely client, asked that I decorate a guest bedroom at her second home in the country.  She willingly went along with Linda of Calling It Home’s six week challenge to let me put the entire room together start to finish in just six weeks.

Here it was before…


And here it is today…





Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




IMG_9452 (1)





Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The bedroom sits on the ground floor of their country house and it overlooks the garden so I have dubbed it “the garden room.”  I know, so very creative.  But, if you say it in a snobby voice, it sounds very sophisticated. We went with a mixture of high and low/antique and new to pull the look together.  The bedspread was the starting point for the entire design and it came from Ikea of all places.  The bed frame is also Ikea but no longer in production – it was a major Craigslist score.  Bench at the end of the bed is Serena and Lily.  The rug is Bunnie Williams for Dash and Albert. The lamps I got at a local shop and the shades I recovered in Peter Dunham fabric.  The big roller I had custom made with green ticking stripe and a piping in the matching Peter Dunham fabric.  My favorite part is the beautiful photograph by Julia Lynn above the bed.  The black side table on the right hand side, while absolutely beautiful belongs somewhere else in the home and sits there for the photoshoot while I await the Chairish side table to come.  It was the first thing ordered – a gorgeous dark wood antique spindle table and I can’t wait for it to eventually arrive. The dresser on the side of the room was already there and it’s gorgeous.  The antique faux bamboo chair is also my clients (I wish I could take credit for finding it) and doesn’t reside there as there wouldn’t be any need for a bench and chair at the foot of the bed but I thought it looked pretty for the pics.  There also was a debate between white and blue pillows for the bed.  In the end, we went white for the softness it brings but I included one pic of the blue for you to see.

There ya have it.  I’ve got to tell you that the One Room Challenges, this one, and the poolhouse I did last time (you can see the reveal here), take a ton of work to pull together so quickly but as Garth Brooks says, “you’ve got to be tough when consumed by desire. Because it’s not enough just to stand outside the fire”

Check out the other participants beautiful finished rooms here.

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Shopping Buddies


Have you seen the new House Beautiful feature on Krista Ewart?  I have studied every little detail in my Ewart 101 class.  It’s amazing!


Funny Krista Ewart story.  Two years ago, I was camping with Ariel Gordon, of Ariel Gordon Jewelry (we have mutual friends – she’s the best!).  I told her that I’m an interior decorator and she said that her good friend was Krista Ewart, and asked if I had heard of her.  I nearly fell out of my chair.  Only one of my favorite designers.  I then went on to describe every detail of Krista’s sister’s Balboa home that was also featured in House Beautiful years ago.  The entire weekend I tried to slip Krista Ewart into every single conversation.  “What a beautiful hike – I wonder how Krista would interpret this into a home”  “Wow that fire is hot – you know what else is hot? The hot pink of Krista Ewart’s pair of tufted vintage chairs”  I was super fun to be around.  And incredibly normal.


Anywho, Ariel picked up on what I was subtly putting down and has said that she would set up a day of the three of us flea marketing in LA.


I have not set that up the shopping trip yet.  Are ya kidding me?!  I know. I know.  Josie was six months old the weekend we went camping and three months later I got pregnant again and well here we are.  One day.  I’ll get my buns down to LA and hopefully go shopping with Krista and Ariel.  One day.


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Katie Ridder Paper

Holy hell people, I’ve got a fantastic master bedroom coming together that I can’t wait to share with you.  My lovely client, who I’ve been working with for years now, is a wallpaper lover like myself.  Six weeks ago, I presented the idea of putting some Katie Ridder wallpaper up in her bedroom.  She swooned, her husband approved, I did the happy dance and Katie Ridder got to making the paper.  The paper will be arriving this week and the installation will be happening next.  My decor dreams are coming true.  Thank you, Katie!

Before the reveal, shall we revel in other’s work with Ridder paper.







Which paper is it, my friends?  You shall see.  Pics will be coming soon.

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Country Bedroom Inspiration

Feels a little backwards as I’m about to do the final install for the country bedroom I’m working on, but I thought today I would round up inspiration pics of country bedrooms – you know to get y’all in the mood for next Thursday’s reveal.







Aaaahhh – I needed that final push as I head on out to the weekend install.  I’m really excited to see the room come together and most of all to share it with you!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with morning coziness in bed.

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