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Phew!  Life has been a doozy lately.  All is good around here but I am exhausted.  The kids are each battling out one little sickness after another and than gently passing it on to one another so that we can stay trapped inside until kingdom come.  Oh and I seem to get drips and drabs of the colds as they pass it along to each other ever so sweetly.

Our sitter who I would do pretty much anything for and who made my world go round (she would Mary Poppin’s my kids twice a week since Grace was born) quit without any notice the day we arrived home from Hawaii.  Quitting with no notice.  Now, that wasn’t very Mary Poppins, was it?

Ever since I’ve been scrambling to try to find help and nobody can compare to le quitter.

As a result it’s been me and the girls with zero breaks for going on a long time now.  Yes, I realize my main job is a stay at home mom but those eight hours a week were my lifeline.  Let alone a time when I could work on my small decorating business without interruption.

Also, things be busy around here.  In addition to throwing birthday parties for Josie and Graham, I am co-hosting a party at my moms this Sunday for 50 people.  Luckily, my mom’s home is beautiful, the guests are some of my all time favorite people and nobody will be looking for any “Kate Collins Interiors” designed tablescapes.

I fell down the pinhole a couple of days ago thinking that I would pull a last minute hat out of the bag and throw together a fun fiesta tablescape.  But, then Grace came down with a fever and has reverted back to infant type sleep at night and no sleep during the day.

So, I passed the baton back to my mom who is wonderful at tablescapes and who I learned how to decorate from in the first place.  Sometimes, you just got to throw in the towel, share the images that you pinned and didn’t create and have yourself a cerveza.  Am I right?

Here’s what inspired me to do nothing but let my mom do something beautiful…






Happy Friday, friends!

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Tablescaping Happy Birthday, Dad

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