February 5, 2015 at 5:37 AM 4 comments

Well, happy day, people!!  When we first purchased our house I said that I would wallpaper the back of Josie’s built-in bookshelf.  Actually, I first said that I would rip the dang thing out.  But, then, I realized I could actually use it as her changing table space and fill the shelves up with all her crap lovely toys.


I was absolutely determined to use Foxglove by Osborne and Little:


But as so many stories often go, it was discontinued and I had fallen in love with a paper that no longer existed.  I tried contacting everyone in the universe, especially those over in London (where O&L is located) and nobody had a single roll to give me.

On to plan B.  I looked at over sixty five wallpaper samples with hints of pink in them.  You think I’m exaggerating?  I’m not.  I unfortunately have access to all these samples and a cruel need to see more, more, more.

I would tape samples up to the bookcase by the truck load in a harried frenzy as my toddler squeeled and my baby squabbled around me.  Then Graham would come home and I would beg for his opinion.  He cares about wallpaper about as much as he does when I ask him which necklace I should wear to a dinner out.  With a shrug of the shoulders from Graham, I soldiered on and brought every single house guest up to Josie’s room to give me an opinion on paper.

There were a couple tried and true samples that remained taped up as the front runners and others agreed with me.

One day, the ultimate taste maker, the creme de la creme in fashion: my 22 month old (at the time) baby girl, decided to weigh in her opinion.  Graham was changing Josie, as the bookshelf also acts as her changing station.  I can assure you Graham was not discussing wallpaper with Miss Thang.  However, she felt it was time to let this whole charade end.  Josie pointed to one of the samples: Bovary by O&L and said “wallpaper” – a word that she had never said before and we had no idea that she knew.


So proud of her expanding designer vocabulary, that wallpaper had to be the one.  I ordered away and this Monday my installer came out to install in her bookshelf.




Josie made the best choice ever!!  And I’m one proud momma!



Her sissy is soon to follow in the designer footsteps as well.

IMG_5071 (1)

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Hawaii Recap Josie is Two!

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  • 1. stephanie kraus  |  February 5, 2015 at 5:44 AM

    Absolutely stunning!

  • 2. Allie  |  February 5, 2015 at 5:06 PM

    Good choice, Josie! Love the photos, it turned out so well. And you and Graham make the cutest props ever.

  • 3. Glynnis Hayward  |  February 5, 2015 at 7:52 PM

    Brave Josie.

  • 4. Megan  |  February 5, 2015 at 9:31 PM

    this is the most beautiful wallpaper! what an amazing transformation!! josie is such a talented assistant!


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