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2,190 Days

Tomorrow marks Graham and my six year anniversary.  The years have flown by.  In reflection, I thought of a sermon that was recently given at a beautiful wedding we attended.  It was about how love is not just about the Saturday nights out, it’s more about the Monday mornings.  Basically, that it’s not all roses and romance – mostly it’s day to day routine that you’re entering into and that it’s important to love and respect your partner on the day to day.


Graham and I at the wedding last month

So today, I just want to thank my wonderful husband for all that he does on the day to day.

Get a load of this – I have never emptied the diaper genie.  When it gets full, it’s Graham’s job to take it out.  The situation started because of apartment living, it was really hard and gross for me to carry a baby and a bag full of stinky diapers.  Now, I don’t have an excuse except that our marriage is all the more happier with it remaining Graham’s job. Sorry that he got the sh$t end of the stick on that one.  But, I do change way more diapers then he does.

Since I’ve become pregnant again, the vast majority of weekend mornings, Graham gets up and gets Josie out of bed in the mornings.  He brings her to me and then treks downstairs for her milk and then we all get to cuddle in bed.  But he has to do the hard part of getting out of bed while I get to remain warm under the covers.

When I say that I’ve had a bad night sleep in the morning.  Graham responds with, “I’m sorry you slept poorly.”  That’s really all I want to hear.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Just the perfect acknowledgment and sympathy and then we can both move on with our days.

If we are going someplace as a family, Graham always drives the car.  He knows that I hate driving and let’s be honest I’m a terrible driver so he’d rather I not drive.  But, it’s nice and it works for us.

Last night, Graham opened a new can of peanut butter for me because I couldn’t get the top off.  He then proceeded to stir it up for me (as you have to do with the natural peanut butters) just to be nice.

There are plenty of other day to day blessings that Graham gives to me so that even in the most routine of days or months, our marriage is still pretty fantastic.  Overall, it’s been an absolutely wonderful 2,190 days being married to this guy…


“Carving” a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Turkey

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Diaper Bag Desires

I’ve got six weeks to go until our little one arrives.  Now that the countdown is upon us, I really can’t wait to meet her!

However, something that I can wait on is the amount of diapers in my near future.  I’ll spare  you the details on Josie’s routines and just let you know there will be a lot of changing in my near future.

All those diapers call for a special bag.  A go go gadget bag.  One filled to the brim with pockets and organizing components and hopefully a person that pops out and changes the diapers for you.

My go go gadget favorite is this lovely lady – unfortunately she’s beyond what I’m willing to spend, but we can all take a look…



Eden Leather Diaper Bag

It’s the type of bag that would last well beyond the diaper years.

This is her more sticker friendly sister.  I love it almost as much as the first one…but is it too camera bag?


Atarah Diaper Bag

And my third favorite, which happens to be the least expensive.  Isn’t that how it works?


Land of Nod Diaper Bag

What do you think?  What’s your favorite?  Any other leather diaper bags that I’m missing out on?

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Me Of Little Faith

It all started with a comment from a friend of Graham’s who has seen his way around a wood shop or two and is leading a more flexible, childless, student life at the moment: “why don’t you just build your outdoor table?”  Then he proceeded to tell Graham about Anna White, the impressive Alaskan who builds many things and posts the plans on her site.
Sparks flew in Graham’s brain.  He became the little engine that could.  He was going to build a table from scratch, damnit.
As the supportive, loving wife that I am, I rolled my eyes, pointed out the obstacles and eventually threw in the hatchet with one very skeptical, “yes, dear.”
A few weeks later, we had friends over and Graham told them how he was going to build a table.  Friends sharing my skepticism, asked: “And how are you going to do that?”  Graham’s response: “I bought a saw.”  As if a saw also came with a package full of woodworking skills and experience.
In Graham’s typical ways, our skepticism fueled the fire.  I’m not just going to build a table; it’s going to be perfect, damnit.
Well, five weekends later and we can all shut our trappers.  Handyman Graham has got mad skills.
photo 2 (9)
He built a table perfectly.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and we’ll treasure it for many, many years to come.  I’m one proud wife who is eating humble pie.
photo 4 (4)
Well that and checking out Anna White’s site for his next project…
Careful about showing your full talents to those who love you; they may just take advantage of the free labor.  Love ya, handyman Graham.

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Block Print Round Up

As you know, I have a twin bed in the nursery.  I struggle with bedding components and so sometimes it can set me in a tailspin when putting together a bed.  For the twin, I wanted to do a block print quilt and then a duvet folded at the end of the bed.  Let me tell you, I went on one wild goose chase searching the far corners of the web for the perfect block print quilt.  In the end though, I noticed that I had a blue and white stripe quilt in our linen closet.  Wanting to use money on other projects, I saved my pennies and went with what I already had.  I don’t want my chase to go to waste though.  So, if you want block print bedding, here are some of my favorites that I found…


Block Print Love
Row 1: A, B, C
Row 2: A, B, C
Row 3: A, B, C

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Nip and Tuck

For those of you who subscribe via e-mail and got a post yesterday, I sent that out prematurely; I’m so sorry.  I’m the absolute worst at all things technology and I was trying out a new program that clearly I’m still learning on.  Here is the complete post that I was working on yesterday…

We are very fortunate that the bathrooms in our new house were remodeled tastefully about nine years ago.  They made absolutely all the right choices by sticking to neutrals and going with white tile in a brick pattern layout.  It’s a big relief to not have bathroom remodel on my brain.  Here is the girl’s bathroom…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.54.33 AM

All that being said, I’d love to add some pizazz…here is where I would like to take it…

Bathroom Refresh

A, B, C, D

Nothing too major…okay, redoing the floors is a little bit more major.  But, I’d love to add wallpaper (the same print that was in Josie’s first nursery), some fun coral sconces to pop against the mint paper.  And, in a while, change out the pink floors to this adorable mint bubble glass tile.  I’ve seen it installed before and it’s massively cute for a kid’s bathroom.  Oh and a simple coral and white striped bathmat to finish it off.  Just a tiny nip and tuck to bring the bathroom completely to me style wise.  Fingers crossed the wallpaper and sconces happen fairly soonish.

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Ruthie, Plums and Dad

Graham’s alarm barks at our deep REM sleeping bodies at 4:55 AM Monday – Friday.  Not one who is easily drawn to anger, most mornings, I want to smash that alarm to blitherings.  4:55 wake up after a fitful sleep trying to get comfortable with a 3.5 pound baby in my belly, drives me to that anger point.

But, not this morning.  This morning, I listened to the noises of Graham getting dressed, brushing his teeth and sleep walking his way to the garage.  Once the car zoomed away, I sat perfectly still and took in the calming noises of the birds chirping, thankful to be able to hear such noises in our newly suburban life.

I decided to snatch up this time of silence with some indulgent blog reading, instead of fitfully chasing after zzz’s while Josie’s sleep lighted to arousal and then full speed ahead.

On the Internet, I discovered a newly opened corner of the web.  Only my all time favorite designer, Miss Ruthie Sommers herself, has started a blog.  To be honest, I was expecting glossy photos, glamour shots and text written by an assistant.  However, this isn’t her blog at all.  It’s a cozy tell all journal that brings you right into her daily life, most definitely penned by the brilliant Ruthie herself, without a single brag insight.  I tell you, it’s a must read and give yourself some time because you’ll get carried away.  I would officially like to become her BFF or at least her good old fashioned pen pal.


Ruthie’s daughter Eloise in their backyard

Inspired by her candid daily tell all, I have hopes that this six month writer’s block will wash away and I can conjure some journal entries of my own and get back to my blogging journal style roots, started just about five years ago.

Here it goes…

At 6:30 AM, I was brought out of my Ruthie swoon spell by a little chitter chatter in a crib next door, followed by one very sweet word said in repeat, “mama, mama, mama,” that got me out of my warm covers and into the next room for some snuggles with my love and comforting milk in a bottle for the sweetie.

photo 1 (12)

Eight oz. later and my toddler was off to toddle around my bedroom to get her hands on anything she could, including her new favorite accessory: a pop of fuchsia for her jammies.

photo 2 (7)

Properly accessorized, it was time to head downstairs for morning nourishment and a rare cup of caffeine for me – English Breakfast Tea.  Josie’s usual bowl of oatmeal was followed by a favorite word of hers, “more.”  Looking deep into the recess of the fridge, I found some plums that I had picked up at the farmer’s market.

This was Josie’s first plum of her little life and Grandfather (my dad) would have been proud.  She gobbled up that first plum with gusto and giggles.  As soon as all that sat on her plate were plum juice drippings, she looked and me and fervently exclaimed, “more.”  One more juicy plum later and I knew this child of mine could eat a dozen if I set her free.  She is after all, my father’s granddaughter and she knows quality fruit when she tastes one.

photo 3 (6)

I stopped the plums after two knowing full well that there are bound to be more plums in our very near future.

Matter of fact, more plums are likely coming our way this afternoon.  We have an adventure scheduled and what adventure is complete without a juicy plum grown out of my childhood backyard, straight from the very orchard that my father loved and spent weekends tending to?



My brother, Donald, tending to my father’s orchard after he passed

Josie, Kaky (my mom) and myself will then take the succulent stone fruit on a walk right out of our family backyard, through a couple slow meandering streets to the back entrance of the San Antonio State Reserve.  Here we will walk through the woods to Deer Hollow Farm – a wonderful farm with sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and an organic vegetable garden.  Josie will have her chance to wander around, point and exclaim “that” about every thirty seconds, taking in the wonder of a working farm.

After our little stop, our trek will continue another mile to the main parking lot of the reserve which backs up onto a cemetery.  The very cemetery where my father’s body rests.  We will visit his grave as we do on important dad dates and catch him up on our lives and happenings.  We will wish him a happy father’s day and pay our respects to my Daddio who left us all too soon five years ago.

His grave site is the perfect spot to take large and in charge bites out of juicy plums and to let the drippings fall onto the grass and nourish the soil where he rests.  He would love nothing more then to be splattered with plum juice from his own garden.  Dad ate fruit, especially that which he grew, with gusto.  He’d wear these tiny running shorts and old torn t-shirts and embrace the mess that comes with a perfectly ripe plum.

He was so proud of his fruit of labor that he loved to share his food with all.  On my wedding day, hosted at my parent’s house, my dad was extremely ill from the new chemo he was on.  He was weak in bed as caterers rushed around the house, a wedding planner fretted, and myself and my bridesmaids primped for the big day.  My poor mom needed to tend to everyone.  Amiss the chaos came a very direct request from my dad, more like an order, that my mom go get our large ladder and put it up against the plum tree so that guests could climb up the ladder and pick plums.  My mom could have pulled all her hair out going crazy with the chaos that ensues hours before you host your daughter’s wedding and 400 lovely guests all with a sick husband….A ladder?  Really?  But you don’t dismiss my father’s urgent requests, especially as he lay in bed, sick, dealing with a rather heavy stage four diagnosis.

Ever proud of my father on that day, he rose to the occasion.  From the moment he walked me down to the aisle to about 8:00 that night, he held his head up high, he kept his nausea at bay and he stood as long as he could; he did everything in his power to not let his weak body get in the way of our big day.  The day my dad and I had dreamt about since I was a little girl.



My dad said a beautiful toast that day.  After he spoke for about twenty minutes, we thought he had finished, but not it was just one of his pregnant pauses, in anticipation to bring up the plums and cherries he had growing in his favorite spot, his orchard.  He encouraged all 400 guests, dressed to the nines, to walk down to the orchard, pluck a plum and let your taste buds get carried away in a juicy adventure of freshly plucked fruit.  At the time, I probably rolled my eyes, as we had a beautiful catered dinner with a menu we had fretted over.  But now, looking back, who wouldn’t want to be at a wedding where the host encourages you to take off your stilettos, toss any fancies aside and chomp down on a good old fashioned plum?

My dad was right.  He was a smart man who had his priorities straight.  The ladder needed to be in the orchard for those guests to embrace happiness as my dad wanted all to do.  And there is oodles of happiness in a plum.  Many guests took him up on the offer and had a blast doing so.

Happy father’s day to my dad – what I would give to have juice running down my chin right now with you by my side.  Lucky for me, Josie is grasping your gusto for life.  She’ll be my plum partner in crime.  Pretty sure you gave her one of your great talks about seizing life up in heaven before she came to me – lucky girl.

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Serving Up Corian

Our current kitchen is nothing to write home about.  It’s not offensive, just not my taste.  It’s a sea of bisque.  We plan to make additions and completely gut the kitchen in about six to ten years, so stick around for that post.

One thing I have to admit that I have been loving about our current kitchen is the Corian.  This is a function over form thing though.  Trust me, looks wise, I love and yearn for a kitchen slathered in white carrera marble.  However, throw looks out the kitchen window, and I’ve got to give Corian a nice pat on the back.  It’s dur-a-ble.  Spill some red wine?  who cares.  Spaghetti sauce? for the birds.  Corian has got a case of the indestructibles.

So, I figured let me see if I could find some pretty kitchens using Corian – here’s what I found…



Via Cococozy


Amber Interiors






House Beautiful

Not bad, right?  I like it best when paired with natural wood cabinets.  Do you have Corian in your home?

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Life Lately

I thought it’s been a while since we checked in with Miss Josie Pose, who I spend all my days with, lately.  It’s about time she was the star of a post.



Josie is a full fledged toddler.  She is discovering the world and really into just about everything.  She is curious and active and as cute as can be.  Although, she does like to express her opinion with a nice solid temper tantrum.  But, it’s the only way that she can express that she would really like to suck on the end of the I phone charger while it’s plugged into the wall.  Unfortunately for her, I win that battle.

Josie rings

In terms of discipline, I’ve really got that down.  The other day, I gave Josie a very stern ‘no’ and without even realizing it, I was shaking my finger at her.  Josie’s reaction: shook her head ‘no’, wagged her finger back at me and fell down in a fit of giggles.  Josie should meet a classroom of second grade boys I once taught who also thought my discipline was hilarious.  At least I’m consistent and my 16 month old has learned to wag her finger.

She also knows when some things are ‘no nos’ but she does them anyways.  This morning, she threw a pair of shoes through our second floor railing down to the first floor.  Then she look at me and gave me a very serious ‘no.’  I had to laugh on the inside.  Lady has got gusto.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Josie is starting to talk and it has got to be the cutest thing ever.  Her latest word is, ‘ba-bye.’  She says it just like David Spade and Julia Sweeny did on the SNL flight attendant skit.  It’s adorable!

She can also bark like a dog.  But this isn’t any dog, this is the kind of dog that is way too cute to resist and your find yourself completely unprepared at home with a dog because she made the sweetest yelp right at you.  Yep, that’s the noise Josie makes.  Sorry though, you can’t take her home, she’s all mine.

Josie overalls

Girl loves a good boogie session.  She hears any sort of sound, even the lawn mower, and she is shaking her hips, be-bopping her head and dancing all over town.

She generally is a very happy girl.  Quick to laugh, high energy and she loves when all eyes are on her.  I find her to be the sweetest joy.  And my days are bright with this little whipper snapper by my side.

Me & Josie 28 weeks

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