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Inspired: Banana Leaf

A few days ago we went on a hike where we were surrounded by banana trees and it got me thinking about my love for all things Palm Beach decor.


I, like many, grew up on Golden Girls.  And by “grew up” I mean got to sneak in an episode when my parents were out on the town late and I could actually watch tv.

Who was your favorite Golden Girl?  Mine was the sexy one.

Did I just call Blanche ‘the sexy one’?  Also, why was I into the sexy one as a little girl?  #pervert

Perhaps because she lived on the edge and wouldn’t be afraid of some banana decor.  Get it girl…

This one is for you, Blanche…

Fashion-and-Decor-Jungle-Banana-Leaf-0003 Fashion-and-Decor-Jungle-Banana-Leaf-0004

Elle Decor




Banana leaves are trending, as is all things 70s.  But, it’s also a classic thanks to the fabulous Beverly Hills Hotel.  (Also, check out Kimber’s room for the One Room Challenge – she’s feeling the banana leaf vibe and I love it!)

Happy Halloween from our little hula girl –


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Island Dreaming

I’ve had plenty of time to daydream over the past week and it has given me time to cultivate what my dream Hawaii home would look like…

Clearly, my home would be Oprah’s but it would be moved to be oceanfront property.  She would be welcome to come visit any time with mai tais and Steban (aren’t you always curious what their relationship is really like).


Oprah Magazine

I’m sure the Stebs and Ops would bring their trusty trainer, Bob Green, so he could do laps in my pool, while we drink –

After watching Bobby Boy workout on our behalf, we’d all be hungry and so we’d head for the kitchen…


ID Hawaii

Looking out from the open kitchen floor plan into our den, there would be Gayle, wanting to chit chat…

amanda nisbet 22

Amanda Nisbet

Just off of the den, would be another living space, where Dr. Phil would be waiting in case anything went awry –

amanda nisbet 18

Amanda Nisbet

Uh oh, I think our mai tais are running low, not to worry, I’ve got a stocked bar –


House and Home

It looks like the food is ready from Oprah’s private chef, time for a civilized lunch…


Quadrille Fabrics

I know what all of you guys are thinking…where in the Sam hell is Nate?  Don’t worry, I found him in the bedroom with his perfect beach hair.


Nate Burkus

All these guests are getting a bit much…geez…looks like I’ll have to sneak away in my get away car…

Put….put…put….and away I go.

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History and Industry – The Party Collection

We are loving life in Hawaii and very relaxed.  Currently, getting “dressed up” means putting on flip flops, instead of lazily walking around bare foot, but when we return home, it’ll be November and that means holiday party time.  I would love nothing else than to rock some cool new pieces from History and Industry’s Party Collection, which is inspired by “epic ragers throughout history.”

Such as, Truman Capote’s 1966  black and white masquarade ball at the Plaza…

Everything about this party looks fabulous and Irene channels the glitz and glamour, with these pieces…


Black and White Ball


Black and White Ball Earings

Another favorite from the collection is based off of the Hearst Hollywood parties thrown in the 20’s and 30’s at the Hearts Castle.  Just imagine the parties thrown here…

Irene captured the style of the roaring 20’s with a modern twist to it…


Hearst Necklace


Hearst Earrings

Surely, you’ll be the belle of the ball, with anyone of the new pieces from her collection.  Check them all out and the parties throughout centuries that inspired them, here.

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kaypee soh

Yesterday, Graham went golfing and so naturally, Little and I went shopping.  Fair is fair.  While out discovering the Hawaiian shops, I found a new to me line: kaypeesoh.


They make the greatest rugs and pillows; I would use them instantly for an Island home or beach house.


Whale of a Tail


Knotted Up

I also love his vibrant wool woven rugs.  They would be fantastic for a kid’s room or in a family room of a beach house with white slipcovered sofas.  I can picture it now…

sand-dollar-midnight-gp_largeSand Dollar



Kaypee Soh would fit right at home in a bold beach house, such as this gem –



Coastal Living

Isn’t it refreshing discovering a new designer while traveling?

October 23, 2013 at 5:03 AM 2 comments

Brinkley Capriola Photography

I’ve written a post before about my very talented cousin, Brinkley.  She is a photographer and she is currently getting her degree in Photography at the University of Oregon.  We lucked out this summer and had her capture our little family.  She does a wonderful job at putting everyone at ease and taking those candid shots.  Here are some of my favorites from the session.





IMG_1210 IMG_1280bw



Can you tell that we are completely and totally obsessed with our child?  Brinkley did a wonderful job of capturing the pure joy this little one brings to us .  A huge thank you to Brinkley; she is one talented lady.  If you’d like a photo session with Brinkley and you live in the Eugene area – here is her facebook page.  I urge you to take a couple of hours for a shoot and let her give you images you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

October 22, 2013 at 5:22 AM 2 comments

Family Vacay

Tomorrow we head out to Hawaii for two weeks of bliss, relaxation and family time.

It was just about one year ago when we went to Hawaii with our growing peanut and she became the size of a mango in my belly.

photo-1-9 (1)

At that point, we were so anxious and excited to meet our little one.  After all the hard work to get her, I just wanted to fast forward through my pregnancy and have her safe in my arms.  At that point, I still couldn’t fully believe that our dream would come true and that we would get our baby.  The odds were against us and I’m still in awe that after just one round of IVF we lucked out with our miracle.

photo-308 (1)

On the trip, we were still toying with various names.  Josephine was at the top of both our lists but we were trying on other names for size.  One night, as we walked out to watch the sunset, we decided to look up what Josephine meant and we found the definition of “God’s addition.”  The definition solidified the name for us.  Science was involved but so was a strong faith in a higher power that our little miracle would come.  That was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever watched as we chatted away about our little Josephine.

photo-309 (1)

From that day forward, whenever we were alone, we referred to her as Josie, but we kept it a secret from everyone else.  Now that she is finally here, there isn’t a day that goes by (and usually several times a day) where I don’t stop to thank God for the wonderful addition to our family.

photo (94)

Our lives will never be the same.  They are forever enhanced by the joy she brings to us each and every day.  Thank you God for our sweet Josephine.


Photo by Brinkley Capriola

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Pot Racks

Josie is army crawling, you know what that means, it’s time to stop being lazy and to start baby proofing.  Currently, all of our pots and pans are in open storage with this ikea island…


It works like a charm but Josie will soon be able to pull anything and everything right from the shelves.   So it’s time to raise up the pots.  I love to look at what other’s have done for inspiration…

Love the look of this copper pipe fastened to the wall…


I also really love this look for a wall rack…


There is something very homey about a pot rack, even for larger kitchens…







kitchen-renovation-photos-ED0610-01-lgnOn that note, I’m off to a check in on a kitchen remodel.


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My Kind of House

I often get asked what my style is.  I like to say traditional with a twist.  But, that’s hard to envision.  If I could put my style into a house, it would be this Sag Harbor home that was featured on Domaine.








This gorgeous home belongs to Thread designer, Beth Blake and her husband.  There is such an understated elegance about the place combined with a fun sense of humor.  I would take every little bit of it – from the larger pieces (Raul covered sofa and pair of pink settees) to the little moments (needlepoint taxidermy and scalloped shower curtains).  Isn’t it just fabulous?!  To see more, check it out here.

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Louis XVI Dining Chairs

I was so thrilled to be on Popsugar on Monday.  It was a major moment for me.


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 8.28.13 AM


Looking at a pic of my old bedroom, really makes me want to finish off our current apartment.  I wish my dining room chairs would work out better than they do.  Remember these?


They may photograph well but they sit too low and they are really bulky.  I’d love to switch them out for Louis XVI square back chairs, for a look like this – 













Grant K. Gibson

Dining room chairs are an investment piece but worth it.  I’m hoping I could find some old Louis XVI chairs that are in desperate need of a reupholstery and being sold for a penny.  Let the hunt begin.

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Snuck Away

Last Friday, I snuck away to New York City for the weekend with mom.  It was torturous leaving behind Josie, even though she was in great hands with her dad.  There were quite a few tears on my end (none on hers) and I was worried about leaving.  But, once we got to Manhattan, I was able to let go and to enjoy the mother/daughter trip.

photo (89)

We stayed at the beautiful, newly renovated, Palace Hotel.  That night, we went out to Kinky Boots.  What a show!  I highly recommend it.  It was very high energy and oh so much fun.

Saturday, we were up early for New York standards, to take advantage of my one full day in NYC.  For this single day in New York, we only had time to go to one store.  One store in all of Manhattan – that’s a lot of pressure! I chose Comptoir Des Cotonniers – a Parisian brand that is my all time favorite.  My one shop did not disappoint.  In fact, mom and I almost walked away with matching dresses, until I realized I could just borrow hers.

Here’s the dress mom now owns and I will borrow…


And what I got…


Snake Belt





After our one shopping spot, we were off to the West village for lunch with one of my besties from college, Irene Wood.  Irene is also a major jewelry designer: History and Industry.  You may have caught her recently on the Lonny blog.  She has the best pieces and so I asked her to bring some necklaces to lunch so we could continue shopping.  We both got beautiful necklaces from her Floriography Collection, which is inspired by the Victorian-era secret language of flowers.

Mom got



and I got



With our new purchases, we walked the 50 blocks back to our hotel and got all dolled up for my Aunt’s 60th birthday party.  Mom looked beautiful in her new purchases…

photo (87)

We had a special birthday dinner at Le Barnardin.  The restaurant lived up to its hype.  The food was out of this world delicious.

photo (88)

After dinner, it was time to head out dancing.  We danced the night away…some of us later than others.  I made it out with the late night crew and after about three hours of sleep, I was in a cab and headed to the airport to get home to the beautiful baby girl.

photo (90)

It was a great little getaway!  And I have to send a huge thank you to my mom for the trip and to my Aunt and Uncle for the fabulous dinner.  I only wish I had time for ABC Carpet and Home but I did decide to cheat on interiors with fashion and I don’t regret that at all.  I’m curious….if you had time to shop one store in NYC, what would it be?

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