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Headed Back

A decade has passed since I’ve set foot in the town so nice they named it twice.  Walla Walla, Wa.  For four years, I dreamt there, wept there, laughed there, imbibed there, discovered there.  For four years, Walla Walla was home.  Walla Walla was very good to me.  And then like any 21 year old with a footloose and fancy free attitude, I flew to the Big Apple and I never looked back.  I decided to city hop – putting down roots  in various major metropolises around the country without ever going back to the little town.  My ten year college reunion is calling me; I must return to pay respect to the land that nurtured me when I first flew the nest.

I’m off to see college friends and reminisce of the days of old.  I’m off to meet new babies that I’ve known about since they were the size of a seed.  I’m off to play tour guide to my hubby and to show him the spots where I stayed up all night finishing off my thesis and the spots where I stayed up all night celebrating a completed thesis.  I’m off to see a new, fancier, expanded Walla Walla – even though I loved it far before the wine connoisseurs put their stamp on it.  I’m off to giggle with girlfriends.  I’m off to reconnect with people, I may or may not have forgotten about.  I’m off to show off my pride and joy; my greatest achievement in the past ten years…Ms. Josie girl.

A lot has happened and I’ve come along way since the college days.  But, I’m hoping that this weekend actually brings a glimpse of that girl.  The innocent girl who knew how to laugh until it hurt, dance in the daylight, take off on a whim for a “mission” and always be up to a bit of mischief.  I miss that girl.  Ah, to be young again.


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Project Reveal: Front Entryway

I’ve been at such a lost on what to write about.  Perhaps my creative brain is getting sucked away by an active seven month old.  But, hey, she’s worth losing brain cells for.

photo (78)

I thought I should start sharing projects with you on here.  This is one of my all time favorite projects to date.  I worked on the front hallway, dining room, formal living, breakfast room and family room.  I can’t wait to show you room by room.  Let’s start at the very beginning of the house – the front entryway.  As I’ve said here, the front entryway is very important as it sets the tone for the rest of the home and it gives a first impression.

Here’s what you see as you enter through the front door –


I wallpapered the hallway walls with this fabulous textural wallpaper –


And then added in one of my favorite entry tables with two mirrors that also gave off a great texture.


I absolutely love the way that it turned out!  Up next, I’ll show you the dining room, which you get glimpses of from the entryway.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Love at First Sight

It all started off so innocent, as love affairs do.  The encounter began with a routine Saturday mail delivery.  Plop – went the Jayson Home catalog onto our hardwood floor as it was swiftly shoved through the mail slot.  I picked up the pile of mail and thought I might just flirt a little and take a peek inside the catalog.  One page in to the Jayson Home catalog, and I had fallen madly, deeply in love.


Antoni Commode

Leather dresser in the most perfect natural hue.  Even as it scratches and tarnishes over time, it’ll only look more beautiful.  Love.

However, only fools rush in.  A. We don’t need a dresser.  B. It’s hard to justify $3, 500 on a dresser that we don’t need.  C. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


I think this dresser would be perfect in Sonoma and we have a dream to one day own a house in Sonoma.  Moments after revealing my love to Graham, I asked him when he thought our Sonoma pipe dream would come to fruition.  He answered 20 years.  So, watch out 53 year old Kate, you’ve got a leather dresser in your dream home coming your way.  True love lasts the test of time, after all.

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Styling a Skirted Table

Skirted tables are beautiful for a front entryway, but what on earth do you put on them?  Styling can be tricky so I often turn to pinterest for inspiration when it comes to the final layer.


Tom Scheerer



Three things seem to be consistent in my inspiration images.

1. Tall object – whether it’s a bust, lamp or vase; it’s nice to have one tall object to really ground the space and add some height.

2. A collection – be it a stack of books, picture frames or pottery – this is a great spot to bring out that collection.

3. Flowers – since skirted tables are usually in a foyer, nothing says welcome like fresh flowers.

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Breakfast Nook: Before and After

Yesterday, we did an installation for a very sweet family.  I have loved working with this family and I’m so happy with how the project worked out.  Most importantly, the client is happy and that’s what it’s all about.

One fun portion that we worked on was a breakfast nook that sits off of the kitchen.  This is what it looked like when we were called on…


Fabulous windows with great light and perfect spot for meals but my client wanted an updated look and so here it is afterwards…


One of my favorite elements was adding the tufted back and new seat cushions to their built in.  IMG_7682

We paired a built in bench with a tufted back with a crystal chandelier to give a more traditional look.  Then, we mixed this with a knotted wood table and navy chairs to bring in an industrial vibe.  I love how the two worked together.


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Our Getaway

Do you ever have one of those times where you just need to get away after a series of unfortunate events?  Nothing earth shattering happens, just a series of one headache after another.  Well, that happened to me.  And by getting away to Shasta, I realized how tightly wound I had become.  It took me a night to get into my groove.

But soon enough, this little one’s smile helped me to unclench my fists…

photo (68)

And I turned into a mountain mama…

photo (69)

And Graham’s beard slowly grew in as he transformed into a grizzly bear…

photo (71)

Even Josie got into the relaxed vibe; if you look closely, she is flashing the peace sign…

photo (70)It was the perfect getaway.  And the views were spectacular…

photo (72)

photo (73)

If you ever need a breather, I suggest following the hippies to Mount Shasta; they know a thing or two about a long exhale.

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