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Happy Six Months

Today is Josie’s six month birthday.  I can’t find the words to adequately express the love and joy that Josie has brought to our lives.  Not only has she brought a sense of wholeness but also pure joy.  She has the most amazing personality.  She is very observant and there is little that gets past those big beautiful eyes of hers.  She is quick to giggle and she loves it when we laugh back, convinced she is the funniest in all the land.  She absolutely loves it when all eyes are on her; give her kisses on her belly and she will shriek with delight.  She’s a chatty little one.  She is always interested in meeting new people and she rarely needs to go back to home base for a cuddle.  However, when she does need me, she buries her head right into my shoulder and gives me such love and warmth.

She is nourishing for the soul.  In every way, she has made our lives more precious and meaningful.  There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t blown away that we were able to have such a gift.  She is here.  And she is ours.  Our lives are all the better.

Please enjoy this short video on our little sweetie.

We will be celebrating this momentous occasion with Josie’s doting grandparents at Crown & Crumpet.  The cutest spot ever for tea…


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Olive You

I really love Olives!  Like LOVE them!!  I can eat an entire can of black olives in about five seconds flat; I’ve had that talent since I was about four years old.  If ever there is anything with olives on it on a menu, I’ll order it.  In fact, I’ve got a bit of a drool going on just writing this post.  Must get olives!

I also have the sweetest, dearest little niece named Olive.  So clearly Olives are lovely in my book.

Actual Olive trees?  Stunners.  We have one in our front yard at home and it’s a beautiful tree that was always fun to climb on as a kid.  Lately I’ve been noticing potted Olive trees indoors and I’m loving it.  We won’t be getting an indoor Olive tree, as much as I would love to; pretty soon Ms. Josie will be a mobile and an olive is just the right size to get lodged in her throat.  Not for babies.  But for everyone else…take a gander, if you like, bring a tree into your own home.











An indoor plant probably will not produce that many olives (if any) and it probably would be out of Josie’s reach.  But still with my black thumb, it would die a slow, sad death.

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Happy Friday

A huge thank you to Apartment Therapy for including my work in your roundup story on desks as bedside tables yesterday.



I was in some great company in the roundup, such as Dayka Robinson Design; not only is she a fabulous designer, she is also incredibly sweet and caring.  I had mentioned that I was looking for vinyl grasscloth options on Instagram and she went out of her way to give me a few new sources.  This can be a very competitive business so it’s really nice when we can all help each other out.

Here is her cute room that was featured on Apartment Therapy:



Dayka Robinson Design

My little West Elm desk that was our side table at our last apartment has now moved to our kitchen nook and we use it as our breakfast table.  In fact, we use the West Elm desk as a table daily and the actual dining room table in our dining room rarely gets used.  Isn’t that how it always goes?


Our breakfast nook

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