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Old Glory

Guest Blogger: Allie

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!


I do have to say, Independence Day is one of my very favorite holidays, so I was thrilled when Kate asked me to write today’s post. Old Glory is an appropriate name for our flag and the holiday in which we celebrate it, because today really is a time relish in old american traditions, a day for the simple things in life, a time to slow down,

an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, appreciate all things red, white, and blue,


walk on the beach,

swim in a lake,

 ride your bike, do some front porch sittin’,

  savor tried and true American traditions. Some of which, sadly enough, only come out on this wonderful holiday. Sparklers, for example. Why, on God’s green earth, don’t we use sparklers more often? They truly are one of life’s simple pleasures.

Then, there are the not so forgotten American rituals, such as the backyard BBQ! The nostalgic portion of this post is complete, let’s move on to some 4th of July practicalities. Like, what to bring to the part(ies) you’re attending and what to wear…
One of my favorites, crowd pleaser every time. Rows of Driscoll’s berries and cheese arranged like our flag on a platter, perfection! For the more boozy portion of the day,

Berry icecubes! Take the left over berries from your platter, pop them in an ice tray with a little water and freeze. Voila! A patriotic drink wherever you are. And if you are hosting the party, this is one niffty little trick everyone should know about,

4th plate

punch a hole in a paper plate and secure napkin and utensils with some red,white, and blue ribbon. Now let’s talk about you. An american classic and age appropriate from your 20’s through your 70’s. The chambray shirt with white denim; timeless.

4th outfit!

Though I love her shoes, I’d suggest something more along these lines,

4th sperry

practical, adorable, and that pop of red you need to complete your patriotic ensamble! Thanks Sperry.

Wishing the happiest of 4th’s to you and yours!


July 4, 2013 at 6:30 AM 1 comment


Today we pack our bags and tonight we hit the road in order to tackle a very long agenda.

From this evening through Sunday, we must: swim in a lake, take an all down hill bike ride, run in the early mornings, take a neighborhood stroll in the evenings, try some obscure micro brews at Billy Goat Taverns, hike and stop for photos,


play with little, put together a red, white and blue ensemble, get lost in a book, sit by a stream and watch the current, wade through stream and flyfish, bake a homemade pie, bar-b-que, day trip to Ashland, take a nap,


give sparklers to our nieces, watch a fireworks show, gander at a small town parade.  I’m sure there are other items on said agenda that I’m not including.


But EVERYTHING must be done and if it isn’t…well, then, that means we are going to have to return to Shasta for another vacation.


Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!!!

July 2, 2013 at 8:02 AM 2 comments


I’m so happy that summertime has arrived.  It’s the absolute best time of the year.  San Francisco has been experiencing warm days lately, people.  It has been nothing short of glorious.



Pull up those umbrellas, stab a stick into some watermelon, throw sandals into a tote and dare to wear an itty bitty.  Little and I are off to get some exercise since I will be in a swimsuit later this week.  Gasp.

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