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Dear Couple

Dear Couple in the latest issue of Lonny Magazine,

Let me introduce myself, I’m your neighbor…or at least I live in your neighborhood.


It says in the article that the husband works in finance, my husband works in finance.

It says that the wife works at Google, I use Google every day.

You have a baby girl, well, would ya look at that…we have a baby girl.

photo (58)

So, ya wanna become friends and I can come over and gawk at your apartment in person?  Cause this post isn’t creepy. at. all.

Here’s their home…




Designed by the Chloe Warner.  Check out more at Lonny.

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Sorry posting has been light around here.  I’ve been out enjoying summer to the fullest with my two favs.


Josie and I just returned from a weekend in Sonoma for my family reunion.  It was the greatest time ever!


I don’t know how I lucked out but I have the best family in the world.


While we were there, Graham was in Denver celebrating the amazing Mr. and Mrs. Wicks…


The weekend prior to that we were at our ranch with some of our dearest family friends.  While there, two of my favorite people couple got engaged!


The weekend before that we spent down in Los Altos escaping the city fog and the weekend before that we were in Shasta, saluting America.


All in all, July has been packed.  In fact, we’ve pretty much been living out of suitcases –


And I couldn’t ask for anything more!

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Grasscloth in the Kitchen

Ever have one of those days where things just go wrong?  Where you find out that a client’s chair you were told was in transit, from a reputable company, is actually not even made yet…oh and the leather is on back order.  Where you discover that a store that you often frequent has ordered the wrong rug for a client…for the second time.  Where you head out to your car for a meeting – lugging a six month old in a car seat, a stroller, a diaper bag filled to the brim, a bag with client stuff and your purse – hike the four blocks to your car only to find that you car key (which is always in your purse because it’s keyless entry) is not in your purse and only have to lug EVERYTHING back to find the car key.  Where on the trek back from the client meeting your baby decides to cry and cry so you decide to pull over in random town and feed her.  Once back on road for home, you find that feeding her did not quell her, it only added fuel to the fire and said cry has turned to scream…but, really, what can you do but drive, listen to screaming and sing off key?  Then at a stop light, you do your usual twist and maneuver to put a pacifier into your baby’s mouth only to have your favorite dress get caught on the seatbelt and rip…and I mean pretty much to shreds kinda rip.  Come hell or high water, you finally make it home only to find said baby screams were caused by the poop of all poops…like poopy ms. mcpooperson….why not get on my ripped dress…cause it’s ripped…poop.  One of those days where sh*t happens both figuratively and most definitely literally.  I’m now typing this (the night before posting) with a glass of wine and it is really, really helping.  #truth

On the bright side, the client meeting was great and I’m so excited with where things are going!

Now on with the show.  Let’s talk grasscloth, shall we?

I’m a huge fan of grasscloth.  It is timeless; it adds a beautiful texture and it goes with everything.  I’ve used vinyl grasscloth in two bathroom projects now and I absolutely love that look.

My thoughts began to go to other great places for a vinyl grasscloth, which naturally took me to the kitchen.  I’ve dug up some inspiration photos and it is a fabulous spot for some grasscloth!





Keep in mind, the grasscloth should be vinyl to keep up with all the activity involved in the kitchen.  I smeared some makeup into a vinyl sample yesterday to test out the durability and it came out with soap and water.  Amazing.

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I recently got two custom pinboards made for my office.  I would have made one huge one but I have a light switch right smack dab in the middle of the wall. #lame


I love the fabric that they are covered in and it took a while before I wanted to pin anything in them but I’ve started to put things up little by little – here’s where I’m at so far.


How do you like the Mike Tyson quote that I put up?

In order to motivate myself to keep on pinning, I turned to pinterest for some inspiration…






I’ve got a lot more empty space to fill but I want it to happen organically.  I’m sure in no time, it’ll be filled.  Do you have a pinboard?  Are you a liberal pinner or very careful on what goes up?

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Feeling Foxy

Foxes seem to be on trend at the moment and I’ve got to say I’m a big fan of the furry creatures.  I figured it was time I scour ETSY for a fox roundup of goodies…









Vintage Bunting


Door Knocker


Vintage Bracelet


Letter Rack

Umm…gotta be honest, I have no idea why I just did this post.  Now, I want one of everything.  And we just started a spending break, as of Monday this week.  Off to a very great tempting start.  Yikes!  What would you buy, if anything?

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Guest Post and Weekend Recap

I’m back from a wonderful fun filled weekend.  Today you can find me at The Pink Zipper where I’m sharing 25 things you don’t know about me…such as what animal’s tongue I have touched while it was sleeping.  Check out Hollie’s fantastic blog; she also has an awesome ETSY pillow shop that uses gorgeous and original textiles.

photo (55)

I haven’t done a weekend recap in a while so I thought I’d do a short and sweet one.  Plus, this way you get to see new pics of Ms. Josie girl.

photo (54)

Friday night, Graham and I hit the town to celebrate my birthday eve.  BTW, we used Urban Sitter and I was able to book a babysitter in less than 5 minutes.  It’s the best for date night!  We headed out to Woodward’s Garden in the mission.  It’s delicious with a quaint down home atmosphere.


It’s the type of place where you almost believe it’s okay to let that top button down for an extra slice of pie.

The 13th was my 33rd birthday and it was as if Josie had read my Friday blog about threes.  She has done an amazing job at sleeping through the job, except for 3:30 AM on July 13 she decided to wake up in a chipper mood, ready to wish me a happy birthday.  As a friend pointed out, it was keeping in theme with the birthday (thanks, Anna!).  When she woke back up at 6:30, we decided to try out the red door cafe.

Have you heard of the Red Door Cafe?  It is one of those impossible to get into, no reservations, hipster endorsed, foodie breakfast spots.  We figured with our early arising we might actually make it in the door.  We couldn’t find the hours to the restaurant online so we decided to venture in person, only to find these are their lovely hours.

photo (47)

The Red Door was shut and we didn’t feel like standing for hours in the hopes that the owner would be in the mood to open it, so off we went to the ferry building.  I haven’t been to the ferry building in over a year and man am I missing out.  There are so many fabulous stalls there.  I decided to treat myself to an organic, gluten free doughnut and a green juice.  Yum!!

photo (53)

We came back home and opened up pressies.  Yippee!!  My best gift of all was this little one…and a fabulous duvet cover but more on that later.

photo (52)

Then Sacramento Street was having sidewalk sales and so we perused them and I got to carry Josie around in the Ergo which is my favorite way to travel.


We then headed over to a friend’s house who Allie and I are helping with her kitchen remodel.  We took a peek at the black and white floor tiles she had put in.  This is our inspiration kitchen which I blogged about a couple of years ago.


Soon the clock struck 5:00, which is clearly dinner time.  That actually is our new dinner time if we want to bring our main girl Josie along.  So Graham went and had dinner with his girls.

photo (51)

Sunday, we headed home for a birthday brunch with my family.

photo (48)

We spent the day in the pool and it was absolutely perfect way to end my birthday weekend.


Especially because it meant this little one got to sport her swimsuit which gets zero use in the city.


It was the type of weekend where no real agenda made for lingering, meaningful conversations, moments of true tranquility and plenty of opportunities to have a good laugh.

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Happy 33 to Me

Tomorrow I turn 33.  I’ve got to say I’m feeling good about it.  My favorite number is 13 and as default my second favorite number is 3 – I’m turning 33 on July 13, 2013…gotta feeling it’s going to be a good year!

I’m hoping that this year is as blessed and gratifying as this past year has been.  Although, it’s pretty hard to top having a baby.  Come on 33 show me what you got.

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Board and Batten Bathrooms

Allie and I are currently working on a bathroom and kitchen remodel for a wonderful family.  The bathroom is getting a little facelift without having to move plumbing or electrical.  One thing that we have suggested to add is board and battan around the bathroom walls.  I love that it adds texture to the bathroom and a bit of a traditional/country feel to the room, which is in line with the kitchen we are working on.







In my research for inspiration images, I found out that it’s a really easy project to tackle yourself should you think a room is calling out for a little extra personality.  We’ll be sticking with the contractor for our project.

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Ashley Whittaker – Small Space Decorating

I absolutely love the House Beautiful Small Space issue and I was so pleased to see Ashley Whittaker’s work for an 800 square foot apartment –





This small apartment was such a feast for the eyes because of Whittakers bold use of color and pattern.  I like her no holds bar approach.  She does stick with a classic color palate that the client will hopefully never tire of.  It’s also great to see that Whittaker used a mix of high end pieces with catalog, a great deal is from Ballard Designs (a go to for me with clients).  Bravo to the 30 something year old client who hired one of New York’s top designers for her small space!

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Research and Development

    Guest Blogger: Allie

As you all know, Europe is light years ahead of us in all things fashion and design. I’d argue that they are pretty much that way with everything in life (baguettes and cheese for 3 meals a day and wine by 11 am), but let’s focus on what we can all agree on. So, considering it had been a couple years since either Kate or I had been to France, we figured it was time for one of us to go on a design reconnaissance mission. As you all know, Kate has little miss Josie to care for, so we decided it would be best for me to take one for the team, and spend ten days in Southern France and Paris. I tell you people, this is one tough job, not for the faint of heart! I mean, I even had to take my boyfriend with me…


Here’s how it went down: We got shipped off Friday night from San Francisco to Antibes, a quaint little gem of a beach town in the French Riviera.

We were instructed to spend the weekend (and then some) recovering from our strenuous flight here…

I mean, honestly Kate, Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, was that really neccessary? We were then forced to spend our days swimming in the pool,

playing in the Mediterranean,


being wined and dined at the roof top Champagne Lounge,


It was absolutely exhausting! By Wednesday, we had had enough! We packed our bags and said “Au Revoir” to Eden Roc, Paris was calling.


But, before we hopped on our next flight, shopping was required. So many rules, not enough time! Our mission: find an open air market with the most glorious flower, spice, cheese, and salami selection Antibes had to offer.
But then, stop in at the cutest fabric and home store in the whole entire world and not buy anything?



Fine, nothing purchased, but honestly to die for! P.S. I have all their contact info if you’re interested. Paris, here we come. I honestly wish I could tell you I went on a shopping extravaganza, unfortunately, this was a scouting trip. But have no fear, there was no shortage of eye candy! For instance, this linen ‘stand’ at France’s version of a “flea market”, yay right!


And the hat shop to end all hat shops; from Derby worthy to tea with the Queen, this place had it all!


The baby clothes, ah the baby clothes. Street after street was lined with fabulous french linens to wrap your munchkin in…

IMG_1616And of course, more home stores. This particular one was not open the entire time we were there. I walked by everyday hoping, wishing, praying, that they would have their door unlocked, but to no avail. I guess I’ll just have to go back, right Kate?


Let me reiterate, my instructions were very clear. Do as much window shopping as humanly possible but make sure there is a healthy balance of three hour lunches involved. Some tasty morseles for your viewing pleasure…

IMG_1570Best steak frites place in all of Paris.  And the cheese plate for dessert, always!


Honestly, the food pictures could be a blog post on their own, but I’ll spare you the jealousy. For all my hard work, I was rewarded with one very unique treasure. My mom and I were strolling through the afore mentioned ‘flea market’ when we stumbled across this piece…


A skull pendant made out of coral. I immediately fell head over heals for it,  but it took my mom losing a bet to actually go back and purchased it for me. The stakes in Paris are so much more exciting. All and all, I’d say my R&D trip was a huge success, given my demanding schedule! I only hope that one day Kate and Josie can come along too.

kate and josie

And a huge thank you to my parents, for not only financing this endeavor, but providing a constant supply of entertainment and Parisian expertise. The trip would not have been the same without you.


All my love,


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