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Sweet Dreams

The nightstand (or bedside table, whatever you want to call it)…its the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before you go to sleep at night. Needless to say, it should be a clean, clutter free environment, that houses not only useful objects (alarm clock, lamp, books, etc.) but makes you smile and gives you an overall sense of calm.

bedside table all in one

There are many routes you can take when choosing a nightstand. Modern, traditional, whimsical, romantic, the list goes on. Not only should you decide on what style you would like to have, but what your needs are as well. There are a plethora of dual function pieces out there, so if your space just “isn’t quite right” for a traditional bedside table, don’t limit yourself! Lets start with the idea of using a dresser instead.

bedside table dresser

It’s functional storage and are typically the correct height to double as a bedside table. Another dual purpose idea is going the vanity/desk route. It creates a great space to collect your thoughts in the morning over a cup of coffee, or a place to unwind and jot down the day’s ideas or events before turning in at night.

bedside table vanity

 But remember not to get to0 excited on the double function train and clutter it up, try and keep it simple! If you have a long, skinny space, but aren’t enthused about the desk/vanity idea, a console table usually fills the same space.

bedside table console

 Typically thought of for entry ways or behind sofas, but not anymore! Not that I encourage more storage next to the bed, but if you have a big lamp or sculpture you’d like to display, this could be a great option. Speaking of storage, there is the “stacked vintage luggage” nightstand.

bedside table old luggage

Clean, cute, unique, and a great way to stash to visually unpleasing clutter. Then for the almost zero clutter design aesthetic, there’s the modern nightstand.

bedside table modern

It all comes down to personal preference really. So, now that we’ve discussed the different styles of nightstands, stay tuned for when we dissect the components of what makes a great one!


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Happy Friday

 I was feeling particularly excited to attend some local markets this weekend; the Alameda Antique Fair in particular! Kate’s blogged about her many a treasures found there, so I’m hoping her good hunting skills have rubbed off on me. Keep your fingers crossed.


One of the more talented vendors at Alameda Point Antique Fair

Alameda is a bit of a scene, an early one at that. So if you’re in the mood for a slightly slower paced, more food oriented market, and happen to be in the Santa Cruz area, I highly recommend the East Cliff Farmers Market. Its just the right size and has everything you need, complete with cappuccinos and fresh cut flowers.


Taken by Your’s Truly at a street market in France.

Sorry to say neither market offers that asparagus selection, but there are plenty of other wonderful finds! Oh, and for heaven’s sake, don’t forget your bag! I recommend FEED Projects bag. They’re big, durable, adorable, and support a wonderful cause (of your choice)!

download (1)

Happiest of Fridays to you and yours!




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Josie: 8 Weeks

This sounds crazy because Josie is only 8 weeks but I feel like she is growing up so fast. 🙂  She’s so much bigger now then when she was born and she is starting to engage more and more, which I love.  We’ve had a wonderful week; here are some highlight pictures…

Josie is getting closer and closer to fitting into her 49ers pajamas that Graham is constantly putting her in.


I mastered the art of the urgo baby, which is helpful to wear around the house when I want to get chores done.


Graham had Good Friday off and so we went out to dinner and we all enjoyed a drink.


Easter Sunday was a fantastic day spent with family at Graham’s sister’s house.  Josie sported, not one but two Easter outfits…



After a fun day of egg hunting and food gorging, we caught some zzzzs on the sofa…


Josie had a very monumental day yesterday, she did her first smile.  It was amazing!  Here’s to hoping that more come today!


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Going Green

 Let’s move some of that fun, springtime, greenery indoors. That’s right, I’m talkin house plants!  And not the adorable, yet expected orchid or succulent, I mean big house plants. There’s that one corner, we all have it, where you look over and think, “what’s missing”? Answer: an enormous leafy green!


The possibilities are endless! Put them in your corner that’s lacking, like the photo above. Tight on space? Instead of a side table between two chairs, why not some greenery?


Conversely, if you have too much space, or just a very large room your not sure what to do with or how to separate the space, a house plant makes a wonderful room divider!


And again, I encourage you to think outside the common spaces in your house. The bedroom and bathroom are always fair game.


Not only are they a gorgeous addition to any room, but they are a great way to add an organic feeling element to your home. They also are great for improving indoor air quality, and the more rooms you can do that in, the better.


And now for my favorite idea… For those of you who love the house plant concept, but can’t commit to a landing spot for it, this one’s for you. Put it on a plant tray with wheels! This way you can move it from one room to another with absolute ease. You can play until you find a spot that makes both you (and the plant) happy.


For more information on the right plant for your specific lighting needs or requirements, stay tuned for a future post by Lindsay Rothwell of Linden Green.


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