Sweet Dreams

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The nightstand (or bedside table, whatever you want to call it)…its the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see before you go to sleep at night. Needless to say, it should be a clean, clutter free environment, that houses not only useful objects (alarm clock, lamp, books, etc.) but makes you smile and gives you an overall sense of calm.

bedside table all in one

There are many routes you can take when choosing a nightstand. Modern, traditional, whimsical, romantic, the list goes on. Not only should you decide on what style you would like to have, but what your needs are as well. There are a plethora of dual function pieces out there, so if your space just “isn’t quite right” for a traditional bedside table, don’t limit yourself! Lets start with the idea of using a dresser instead.

bedside table dresser

It’s functional storage and are typically the correct height to double as a bedside table. Another dual purpose idea is going the vanity/desk route. It creates a great space to collect your thoughts in the morning over a cup of coffee, or a place to unwind and jot down the day’s ideas or events before turning in at night.

bedside table vanity

 But remember not to get to0 excited on the double function train and clutter it up, try and keep it simple! If you have a long, skinny space, but aren’t enthused about the desk/vanity idea, a console table usually fills the same space.

bedside table console

 Typically thought of for entry ways or behind sofas, but not anymore! Not that I encourage more storage next to the bed, but if you have a big lamp or sculpture you’d like to display, this could be a great option. Speaking of storage, there is the “stacked vintage luggage” nightstand.

bedside table old luggage

Clean, cute, unique, and a great way to stash to visually unpleasing clutter. Then for the almost zero clutter design aesthetic, there’s the modern nightstand.

bedside table modern

It all comes down to personal preference really. So, now that we’ve discussed the different styles of nightstands, stay tuned for when we dissect the components of what makes a great one!


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