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Resurrected Moments

This Good Friday, marks four years to the day since my dad passed away.  This is the first time it landed so close to Easter.  I can’t help but think about resurrections and how when we lose people we love, there are amazing tid bits of moments when that person resurrects back into your life through memories.

No matter your religion or believes, when you’ve lost someone you love, there are little flashes of time when you can feel them.  From the simple taste of a wine to the sitting in a certain chair, memories of that person come flooding back.

Four years away, time marches on and sadly the memories begin to fade.  I treasure those resurrected moments more and more.  The times in a loud crowded restaurant, when I’ll hear dad’s signature boisterous laugh; seeing a tan bald man with a huge belly walk along the beach in a speedo; making a connection with a client that her mother grew up with my dad; driving along dazed in traffic, shaken awake as “American Pie” comes on the radio; showing up extremely late to a crowded event only to find a convenient front row parking space; catching a glimpse of a brother doing an exact mannerism of his without even realizing it.  I treasure those resurrected dad moments.

As those of you who know and others who can imagine, it’s not easy to have you first child (or any child) having lost a parent.  It kills me to think how proud dad would be of little Josie.  I can just see him this Easter Sunday showing her off to everyone at church and to our extended family.

I think that we can all believe whatever we like in order to get us through this crazy world.  For me, I strongly believe that Dad met Josie before I did.  That they were hanging out after he left my life and before she came into it.

When I first found out we were pregnant, I remember thinking if it was a boy, I hoped he would resemble the look of my dad so that I could experience more of those resurrected moments.  When we found out we were having a girl, I let go of that idea.  Over the nine months, I was so curious what our little Josie would look like but never was I prepared for that actual moment when I first saw her.  When I laid eyes on her, I was struck by her strong resemblance to my dad.  For the first few seconds, I saw my dad looking at me through my child’s eyes.  It was truly one of the most beautiful, unexpected resurrection moments of my life.

We think Josie has Graham’s nose and mouth and my eyes (which are my dad’s eyes), but she is 100% herself.   I see her and all of her beauty.  However, I’ll be forever grateful for that moment of seeing my dad again and the bit of him that she inherited.


Wishing you a beautiful and happy Easter weekend.

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Seven Weeks

So I’m very late on today’s post but I couldn’t resist the latest development in Josie’s life.  She is now reading House Beautiful!

photo-393Give Josie a binky, a bib and a House Beautiful and she’s happy as can be.  And might I say, great article to pick out Josie.  I too love the house of John Knots summer house in Maine.  I absolutely adore Quadrille fabrics and so I loved seeing it used in every which way throughout their home.




The little one is a stirring so I must run.  I’m so proud of my seven week old design assistant!

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And the Award Goes to…

TARGET! Am I the only one blown away by this one stop shop power house? Seriously. They started out as just another discount chain store and have become a shining star in the retail industry, landing partnerships with some of the biggest names in design. A list which includes the likes of Neiman Marcus, Nate Berkus, Missoni, Shabby Chic, and Liberty of London; very impressive considering its humble roots.


With the bar set high, after their latest collaboration being with Neiman Marcus, Target stuns us again with the release of their new line, Threshold. The collection has a casual, chic aesthetic with a fun modern twist. Check out some of my favorite finds (so far)…


New patio furniture, yes please! And how about some beautiful brass hurricanes to set the mood?targethurricane

And while you’re outside, you might as well do some gardening. Cute garden boots and watering can? Ask and you shall receive.

targetgardenLet’s move this party inside and check out some of their indoor goods.

targetpouftarget stool

Stool and pouf, please and thank you! And how awesome are all these other home accents?

target basket

target side table











Thank God my nearest Target in about 30 miles away. But for the rest of you, enjoy!



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Josie: Six Weeks

First of all, let’s hear it for Allie!  What a writer.  Meanwhile, I’m still working on forming sentences in my sleep deprived state, but I do come with baby photos.


And really who needs words when it comes to Josie except for adorable, scrumptious, beautiful, cuddle bug…(says her proud, biased mom)?  Okay, on with it.

Last Thursday, Josie turned five weeks and her cousin, Olive, turned two months.  In celebration, we got together with her cousins Olive and Elise, her Aunt Bridget and Aunt Brittany.  You may be wondering…are those Aden and Anais you two are wearing as scarves? Yes, Bridget and I are wearing baby blankets (it was foggy outside) and even more importantly, Olive and Josie are in matching outfits.


Matching cousins…


This is a favorite photo of mine (even though it’s blurry).  Check out the adorable pink chords an awesome client gave to Josie…and those eyes, who could ever resist those eyes?


Speaking of outfits, check out this sweet one from her adoring Grandma…


And for yesterday’s rainy day Josie was all bundled up in a hand-knit sweater vest from Australia…I love that smiling face so much!


Since this has somehow turned into a baby fashion post, I must show you Olive making her Irish ancestors proud on St. Paddy’s day.  She is so stinking cute!!


I hope you enjoyed today’s baby pic post.  I’ve got a busy day of mom/wife training from my mom.  She is giving me a weekly cooking lesson in the hopes that one day I’ll cook and clean and really do general adult chores with gusto.  Thanks for staying persistent and hopeful on this front, Mom.  I dare say that I am coming round.

Wishing a very happy six week birthday to my darling daughter, Josie.

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend…cont.

I’m thrilled so many of you enjoyed the selection of Mr. Adler’s tips! Like I said, the book is, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, and if you noticed, the last blog post ended at 50. So today, I’d like to include the highlights from the other 50….enjoy!

photo (3)

No. 56 Paint it Black – Up until this book, I’ve had the exact opposite philosophy; “there’s nothing a coat of white paint can’t fix”. Then I started researching black rooms and I’ve completely changed my opinion. I encourage you to do the same.


No. 60 Start from an Unusual Place – Sometimes finding the launching point is the hardest part. Pick something that inspires you, an object, a piece of furniture, a color, art, or your pets hair color, and go from there. The rest will fall into place.

No. 69 Find an Oasis – Whether it be somewhere in your garden or a plane ride away; we all need a happy place.

No. 82  Behold the Outdoor Living Room – As long as its waterproof, the sky’s the limit!

blue and white

No. 93 Rethink the Bookshelf – I can’t stress this enough. Take everything off and start over, don’t put anything back in the same place and see what happens…


No. 100 – When All Else Fails..Say it with a Pillow


Happy Friday Everyone!


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Today marks Josie’s one month birthday.  We’ve been having a lot of fun bonding.
I still spend most of my days staring at her, kissing her, cuddling her…oh and doing the necessities…feeding, changing and rocking her to sleep.


A big thank you goes out to my mom who has been a humongous help.  She’s been amazing support, helping with meals, laundry and little Josie.


Graham has been back at work for two weeks now and we miss him like crazy.  But it makes family cuddle times in the evenings all the more special.


We have had a ton of awesome visitors, including my BFF Lauren who flew down from Seattle.  What a treat!


We’ve been going on lots if walks and getting all bundled up…


And we’ve been playing with all her cute clothes.  Yesterday, Josie sported a dress for the first time..


Hope y’all have been loving Allie’s awesome posts while Josie and I hang.  I’ll try to check in every Thursday with new pics while Im on leave.

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Birthday Buddies

As some of you may or may not know, Kate and I are actually cousins; her mom and my dad are brother and sister. Its been absolute joy working with a cousin/friend that I adore! For you loyal blog readers, you know that Kate’s father, Don (Uncle Don to me) passed away 4 years ago this March. Don was an amazing uncle, dad, grandfather, godfather, brother, brother in-law, husband, friend, confidant, and fly fisherman.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOver the years, there have been wonderful sentiments shared about this amazing man on Kate’s blog, but what you don’t know is that him and I are in fact birthday buddies! Don’s birthday (and our Aunt’s, dedicated blog reader) is this Saturday, March 2 and mine is Monday the 4th. He called every year, without fail, to wish me well and share our respective birthday plans. I know that he only remembered my birthday because it was so close to his, regardless, it made me feel special because I doubt he called any of my siblings or cousins on theirs! Its the little things in life.

I dont think there is much left to say about the man that hasn’t already been said, but I just wanted to add my two cents as to what an extraordinary person he was and how much he is missed.


We all love and miss you, Uncle Don, on your birthday and always. I promise to celebrate mine close to a body of water with a stiff drink in hand, admiring a sunset  in honor of my Birthday Buddy…



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