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I didn’t think I was one to fall for a label.  Sure, if it had “Hermes” on a tag, I’d probably love it no matter how much I liked the look of it.  But, really, I don’t tend to fall for a label.  That is until this past week when I stopped into Home Goods and I saw that they had some Lulu DK for Matouk bedding!!

Picture 41
Lulu DK, only one of my absolute favorite designers!  Matouk – fabulous bedding!  Label whore I was.  I snatched up every little piece of queen sized Lulu DK bedding sets and hauled it across the store to grab a cart.  It actually got a little heavy for a 38 week pregnant lady.  Risky business.

I got my designer (discounted) loot home only to realize that it was actually too heavy to haul inside and to stop being aggressively stupid and to wait for hubby to carry his darling in distresses goodies into our apartment.  Well, Graham has had work events late every night and said Lulu DK bedding has sat in the trunk of our car.

Paradiso Chocolate

After further pondering, I’ve realized that Lulu Dk got the better of me.  It can be frustrating when a client changes a plan while we have got the wheels in motion and that’s exactly what I did to myself.  My plan was to stick to the white duvet we own, the navy shams that we already have and to get one fabulous Ruaol Textile roller pillow made for the bed.  Simple, classic and timeless.  All of a sudden, I’ve got graphic duvets and shams sitting in my car and an entire new plan.


I’m going to count myself lucky that Graham hasn’t been able to bring the loot inside.  And most likely bring my Lulu DK back for someone else.  Although, I’ve got to be honest I’m not totally there yet.  Seriously, Matouk bedding is crazy nice and way beyond my reach without a stupid big Home Goods discount attached to it.  Like $500 off stupid.  Can I just have it all?  The answer is: “Yes, Kate.  You’re aggressively pregnant and ridiculously big, so yes, have it all!  38 weekers can have whatever they want.”  Thanks conscience…I knew you’d come in handy one day.

By the way, the second two images are the patterns that I grabbed at Home Goods.  I’m thinking I would only keep one, which is the stella in navy (last image shown).

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