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Checking In

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and you are enjoying time with your loved ones.  I have been relishing in my time off and it truly has been a special time for me.  I have been off the grid on purpose and it’s helped me to reflect on things before baby arrives. Pretty soon it’ll be back to the grindstone, but for now, I’m going to continue to be chill.

Christmas was wonderful; Graham and I spent it down in Los Gatos at his parent’s home.  The morning started off with stocking and present opening.  Graham and I gifted each other the Canon Rebel T4i and I love it!  We’ve been playing away with our new camera and I’m hoping you’ll see some picture improvement on this blog with it.

I was so happy to also get lots of new stocks in my stocking.  Santa must know how often I walk around with mismatched pairs on – it’s terrible.


Glynnis (Graham’s mom) was toasty warm with the coat we gave to her. IMG_1195

Brian (Graham’s dad) and Graham were very excited with a new Brie cheese warmer that was used promptly after unwrapping.


After gift giving, Graham went to prepare the turkey for the dinner for 18 that was happening later that evening.


While Graham prepared the turkey, I made sure our little bun in the oven kept on cooking away.


Six more weeks to go and I am feeling massive but incredibly thankful.

I helped Glynnis set the table for our Christmas dinner.  She has beautiful linens and silver that were fun to pull out and we set each place setting with Christmas crackers which is a very fun commonwealth tradition.


Soon, the guests arrived and the merriment continued with dinner and charades.  It was a late night with good food, fine wines (not to be had by me) and fantastic company.





I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you are gearing up for a good time for New Year’s.  Today, I’ll be planning out a very last minute getaway for Graham and I for New Year’s as we just decided that this is our last trip away without worrying about a little one at home so we might as well get away while we can.

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Checked Out


The installs prior to Christmas are finished off and our meetings are wrapped, so I’m a bit checked out this week.  I’ve decided to take advantage of the quiet before the storm and I’m attempting to completely finish off the nursery by Jan. 7th.

Jan. 7th work will turn back into overdrive until BGB graces us with her presence.

It’s a bit surreal to think that this is kind of my last really quiet relaxing time for the next 18 – 20 years or so. :)

But, I love noise and commotion, flutter and activity so I say bring it on.

Well, bring it on, in due time…February.  Until then, I’m going to be propping up my feet and resting as much as I can.  Things will probably be pretty quiet on the blog through the holidays.

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If the Shade Fits

Sometimes it’s the details that knock things out of the park…


I, for one, love the striped chandelier shades.  I think it’s a fantastic little detail.

Here are some chandelier shades that I’ve ordered for the nursery…


I’m having a handy man switch out the current lighting for this light fixture that we used to have in our previous living room.


Fingers crossed the shades fit and add a nice new element without getting way too busy.  We shall see.

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Today we’re off to finish an install of a front hallway so pictures of that project will be coming soon.  Then meetings with two other clients as we wrap up before the holidays.


Tonight, Graham and I will actually decorate the Christmas tree that we chopped down the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  It’s been standing naked in our living room for a couple of weeks now.  With how busy we have been, I wish we had opted for a tini, tiny, minuscule tree.


Tomorrow, we’ll be doing some nursery work and Christmas shopping and then we’ll be headed to see Graham’s family.  We’ll be meeting Santa with our little nephews full of glee and perhaps some nerves.  Remember how nerve wracking but exciting it was to sit on Santa’s lap?  Only the moment you had waited all year for.

On Sunday, my MIL and SIL are throwing me another shower.  I tell you, I am so so fortunate.  I can’t wait!!  It’s always fun to celebrate BGB.  I could talk about her all day long.  Obviously.



Have a fabulous weekend!  May your weekend be filled with festive merriment.

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Glider: Before and After

Remember when I had my dang eye twitch and it all seemed to revolve around the glider?  I just couldn’t find one that was comfortable, gave good back support, I could rest my head on it, was compact and good looking.  It was one of those impossible gets that sometimes a client will put a request in for and I feel like a miracle worker when I pull through.

Well, with the glider, I searched my little ever growing bum off from vintage to custom and nothing was working for me.  I was just about to pull the trigger on this Serena and Lily glider when I decided to look through Craigslist one last time…

With a final peruse on Craigslist, I happened upon this bad boy for $150.  What I loved about it was the tight back that was tall enough for neck support and straight enough to sit up when feeding but also comfortable to sit in for hours.  I also loved that it wasn’t as deep or wide as the hundreds of other versions I saw out there and the price was very enticing as well.

The only kicker was the fabric.  It really wasn’t doing anything for me and it wasn’t in any way going to fit into my nursery scheme.  The low price on the glider, justified a fabric make over.  A little trip to my upholstery shop and here’s where she’s at now…

I spent a long time looking at really fun Lulu DK kids fabrics.  This one was the major contender for a very long time.

In the end, practicality won out.  The brown is a virtually indestructible fabric and then I got to have my bit of fun with the skirt trim which is a Lulu DK twix tape.  I also love that if we are blessed with a boy next, we can easily remove the trim at the skirt and change that out to the blue or green color way that it also comes in.  Then you’ve got an easy boy glider.

There was a flash of thought to add in button tufting on the back but again practicality won out.  I didn’t want the buttons to be potentially pulled off by a rambunctious little toddler and if they were pulled off, they could be a choking hazard.

Now, I’ve got a kid friendly glider that I love too.  What do you think?

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Round Here

I thought I’d share some pics of what has been happening around here…


BGB (Baby Girl Belchers) got her Julia Lynn photo back from custom framing.  It makes such a difference to have items properly framed.  Graham will be hanging it this weekend and I can’t wait!


I had a pair of spindle chairs reupholstered from the white cotton fabric they came in and I am obsessed with how they turned out.  It was a little bit painful to leave them with my client and not hoard them for myself.


The same client’s breakfast nook is coming along.


I have fallen hard for this antique chinoiserie chandelier and I’m hoping it’ll work out in a project.

There is a lot more going on around here, but I thought those were some fun peeks for now.

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Waxed Canvas Diaper Bag

Lets discuss my diaper bag situation, shall we?  I’ve looked around the market at the various diaper bags in stores and nothing was appealing to me.  Months ago, I fell in love with this one from Kate Spade but I just didn’t know that I could commit to such a bright color day in and day out.


On the hunt for a more unique looking diaper bag, I knew that ETSY would provide me with exactly what I was looking for.  Plus, it’s always nice to help out a fellow small business owner.

At first, I fell in love with this number


But, after reading the description thoroughly I believe the inside of the purse is made from waterproof fabric while the outside is a cotton canvas.  There is no way I’ll keep a cotton canvas clean.  On with the hunt.

Further searching brought up this special nugget of a bag


It’s made of waxed canvas which is much more durable and weather proof.  I also really love the look of it!  So, I’ve ordered the purse and it’s in the mail.  Now, that was a very fun purchase.  Love how baby necessitates a new bag.  And for those mommies who tell me that I don’t need a new bag, I’m just going to politely not listen to that advice solely because I want a new bag.  Mmmm K?   Sounds good to me.

Oh…and if Baby Girl necessitates that I get the ETSY striped bag for the summer months, I’m going to go ahead and listen to her.  We shall see, she may just require it.

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