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Today, I’m feeling extra grateful for two things: my husband and the “nesting” hormone.  This past weekend, with Graham’s help, we went to Ikea, bought a bookshelf and a bunch of storage boxes.  Graham built the bookshelf while I went to town organizing all of my fabrics and papers.  Things were out of control in my office.  It’s hard to stay organized when you have literally 1 billion fabric samples and no storage.


Yes, I posed with boxes in an Ikea parking lot…so not normal.

Graham was a huge help lugging the bookcase to the car and building it.  Thanks, babe!  And the “nesting” hormone was a massive help in keeping me motivated to actually get this project done in a weekend.  On Friday night, on our way back from dinner with friends, all I could talk about was our morning trip to Ikea and how I was going to clean.  On Saturday afternoon, after Ikea, we stopped by a friend’s roof deck party and the whole time I was there, I couldn’t wait to get home to clean.  Those that know me, know that this is definitely hormonal because I love parties!  Saturday night, we went out to dinner with friends, and in the back of my mind, I was thinking about labeling my new boxes for the office.  Sunday, I put in a full day of cleaning the house.  You could not tear me away from a garbage can or a Goodwill donation bag.

If I could inject myself with the “nesting” hormone for the rest of my life, I would in a heartbeat.  Here’s to hoping this hormone never goes away.

And the results…

The beloved settee got moved to the bedroom so I could fit more storage in the office.  I moved my Dorothy Draper style dresser over to under the window…

And the dresser in its place holding so much more than a settee ever does…

And the behemoth of a bookshelf that holds all of my fabrics and client folders and taxes and business stuff and baby stuff and anything that seems important…oh, like, I don’t know…my marriage license that was stashed away in a random drawer.

All of my fabric memos are now tucked away in boxes according to their color…

It may not be the prettiest project that I have ever done but it may just be the most rewarding.  It feels like a huge weight off.

Oh and guess what Graham and I have reserved for this Sunday afternoon?  More purging.  Doesn’t it feel good sometimes to just donate away and get rid of things?  Why and how do we accumulate so much stuff?!!

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