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Adventurous Little Lad: Nursery Board

Okay, so I thought I’d watch a girly, girly movie on Friday night and veg out.  Instead, I sat at my computer in my office and came up with nursery mood boards.  I couldn’t help myself.

I’m 100% certain that we’re having a boy which still leaves me with a 50% chance of being correct. I set up a no holds barred nursery.  Didn’t look at prices.  Ignored dimensions.  Dismissed the fact that certain items were discontinued or sold.  I guess this is a bit of a dream nursery.  But a true dream nursery would include wallpaper, which has been ixneighed by the hubby due to the whole rental factor.


Crib: The New Traditionalist

Light: The Home Depot (discontinued)

Pillow: Petite Zig Zag

Floor Lamp: Unknown (link from google images wouldn’t open)

Rocker: Overstock

Pouf: Furbish

Animal Prints: Sharon Montrose

4H Sign: ETSY (sold – kind of broke my heart)

Changing Table: ETSY  (would never fit in room)

Wall to wall wool sisal carpet – already in apartment (lucky us)

Rationale – This particular nursery seems to nod towards an old world, outdoorsy, farmey type of a little lad.  Old world – Graham loves more old worldy items in decor and I think baby will be like his dad.  We both like the outdoors and clearly the baby will have no other choice but to like it.  Farmy – well, cause animals are cute.  The 4H Leader sign?  My dad was a 4H Leader for my brothers and I have such great childhood memories of all of our pigs and goats around our home.  Plus, my fondest memory of my dad and Graham was a night when we came up with an elaborate scheme to one up 4H with the 5Fers club.  A night we all laughed until it hurt.  A night our baby will surely one day hear about when we tell him stories about Grandfather.

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, folks!  Man, do I love the sound of that last sentence.  It’s kind of amazing that it’s already Friday.  Tonight I plan to watch a really, really girly movie with popcorn and my cuddly blanket while Graham goes out with the boys.  Graham’s boy’s nights used to mean girls nights for me.  But, I’ve got to say there is something nice about a movie, my non-alcoholic beverage and popcorn.

Next week, I’ll be presenting roman shades ideas for a bathroom that I’m helping to remodel.  One option is a lavender fabric with gold greek key trim.  Scrumptious!  Just have to show you how fabulous greek key trim is on a shade…

And a sneak peek on what I’m presenting…

Lavender fabric, greek key trim, grasscloth wallpaper and white subway tile (both shown to the right of fabric), plus we’ve got calcutta hex tiles for the floors (not shown).  I can’t wait for the bathroom to come together.

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Don’t Forget the Pendants

Here is a mini tip that I just gave to a client and I thought I’d share it with you.  If you bought your home with canned lights in your kitchen and you happen to have some cans directly above your kitchen island; it’s a cinch to switch those out to pendants.

What a difference that makes!  From recessed lighting to pendants over an island!  See how yummy lighting can be…




Another great place to switch out the recessed light to a pendant is above the kitchen sink…


I think that lighting can add so much character to any room.  I’ll show you the before and afters when my clients lighting is switched out (we’re also changing countertops, backsplash and sink).


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September to Me

Check out my guest post on the very cute blog,  Meet Me In Philadelphia

And find out what September means to me.  It’s something pretty unique to San Francisco.


On that note, can you believe it’s already September 4th?!

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