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You’ve watched the office project transform for a client of mine.  I thought I would have the final shots by now, but there was a delay on the custom roman shades.  Disappointing but it happens.  They’ll be installed Friday afternoon.

Anyway, my client loves her office so much that she’s asked I move on to her living room/dining room.  Here’s where we are starting…

Changes have already begun.  The room has been painted white and the new, larger rug has arrived…

When we began working on the room, the buzz words she told me were: bright, clean, crisp, navy, corals and stripes.  With that, I set off to come up with a plan.

Like all plans, things may be tweaked a bit but here is our starting point.  I can’t wait to get this project underway.  I’m very excited for the new items to arrive!

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Jumping The Gun

So I know this is very much jumping the gun here.  We’ve still have a long ways to go until I’m due.  But, thanks to pinterest, I happened upon my must have diaper bag…

It’s striped, preppy and super cute.  But, that’s not all it’s called the Kate Spade Collins Avenue Baby Diaper Bag.  It’s meant to be.

It also comes in navy and cream with a red insert.  Decisions, decisions.  What Kate Collins bag to get?

August 28, 2012 at 8:27 AM 3 comments

Dog Problems

As you may know dog decor is a weakness of mine.  It’s more than a weakness, more like a sickness.  I am the crazy dog lady.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

I like to think that all of this is okay because every piece is located in a different room.  My one dog per room rule really keeps my addiction in check.  But I do love seeing these little guys as I walk by them, especially the pillow from Exhibit E (in our sun room) because my MIL made it for me!  I feel very special!

Well the front hall was empty…until I took a trip to Home Goods to find accessories for clients.  I came home with a greyhound.

Who doesn’t want to be met by a greyhound?

I fully admit and realize that these are crazy tendencies.  I hear by promise to buy no more dog stuff for a long while….okay, maybe one for the nursery.  The truth is that I love them!  And I find that the pillow in the formal living room, brings some humor to my very stern, very creepy Victorian art pieces (exhibit C).  They all add a little something, something in my mind.  So, actually, I don’t promise I’m stopping.

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Rocking It?

I’m a form over function type of gal.  For my personal home, if a chair is really uncomfortable but super pretty, I’ll take two.  Looks tend to rule the roost when it comes to furniture around here.

Yesterday, while looking for accessories for a client, I stumbled across this chair, on sale for $300.

It meets my criteria of being really cute and totally impractical.  I would love to use it for the nursery.  In some ways it’s practical…great price and it’s much more compact than all the gliders I’ve been looking at.  The nursery is teeny tiny and so we can’t get one of those huge, massive gliders.

However, this gray tufted chair isn’t all that comfortable and it doesn’t rock.  I’ve been told that rocking and comfort are a must.  Baby is already making me choose comfort over looks.  In no time, I’ll be sporting sweat pants every day (which sounds pretty awesome).

I think baby wins this one and the search continues.  I’m thinking I’ll go for a vintage rocker because they tend to be smaller and recover it in a favorite fabric of mine (tbd).  In a dream world, Amy Meier (who doesn’t know me) would read this post and give me her rocker in her adorable girl’s nursery.

Ah, to Friday dreams.  Happy Friday everyone!

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Yummy Mustard

Next week, I’ll be suggesting putting mustard drapes into a client’s home.  I love the unexpected color for a drape and it goes fabulously with blue (which is also in the room).

 And some examples of navy blue and mustard paired together…



Mustard seems to bring a bit of drama to the rooms because it is unexpected.

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Road Trip Recap

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  Graham and I made bets if I would actually get out a Monday post and we both bet no.  We got in late last night after dealing with traffic and Monday morning I dealt with the delight of morning sickness.  Apparently, I spoke to soon, it has not gone away.  Boo.

Anyway, on a brighter note, the weekend was awesome.  Seriously, so much fun and a great mini vacation.  Friday we made it to Santa Barbara in time for an afternoon swim and layout at my Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful home.

Then, we hit up the town.  My Aunt took us to the Tydes for drinks and then to a delicious restaurant – Fat Cat – if you’re ever in SB, you should def. go there.

The next morning, we were able to squeeze in some shopping before the wedding.  First stop, Amelia Jane in Summerland, which is just about the cutest baby store ever.

I fell head over heels for this crib, which is a far cry price wise from the very nicely priced Jenny Lind crib I’ve had in mind.  However, it had me at John Robshaw fabric panel inserts…

The baby clothes were too cute for words…

From baby store, we moved on to a fabric store…I tell you Graham was so into this shopping excursion.  Thank God for sports reading on the I-phone.  We went to the famed Raul Textiles showroom where I just about died and went to heaven.  It is a gorgeous showroom and I had the pleasure of meeting Sally, the owner and designer.

I’ve used this Raul Tie Dye fabric (on tufted chairs below) before in two of my projects and I absolutely love it.

After our mini shopping excursion, we were off to Ojai Valley Inn and Spa for the wedding.  I adored the rooms at the Inn and am now obsessed with the fabric on the pillow shams on our bed.

It was a gorgeous day and just perfect for an outdoor wedding.  The reception was drop dead gorgeous.  Every detail was thought of and the grounds looked breathtaking.  The bride chose gray linens with white and cream flowers and cross back chairs.  Fabulous choices!!  She also mixed in farmhouse tables with white runners amongst the round tables.  And the lounge furniture were all items I was scheming to steal and take to my home.

The bride looked absolutely stunning in a form fitting lace dress.

The band was awesome and the dancing never stopped.  Even for a sober, pregnant lady, I had an absolute blast and I stayed on the dance floor most of the night.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend!!

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Follow Along with Me

If you don’t get enough of me here on the blog, then follow along with me on Instagram.  Although, you probably get enough “daily Kate” as my brother calls the blog – I get enough of myself too.  But, Instagram is a great way to follow along with projects, personal life and inspiration (man, I sound like a walking advertisement).  I’m really into it at the moment and I have a feeling I’ll be better at this then I am at Facebook and Twitter.  Fingers crossed that something social media wise will stick to me.

Some of my latest images…

The bar at our apartment which I decided to fully set up once I was pregnant.  Strange.

A custom front entry bench cushion that my client was so incredibly patient waiting for….through backordered fabric and a color way hiccup.  So happy it finally found its way home!

A snapshot of a project I’m finishing up on.  The oomph side table had to be returned.  My client and I loved it but the top wasn’t very durable and she’ll soon be the mother of four so we need durable.

What happens when I’m procrastinating at the “office”…I put fake animals into staring contests and instagram it.  PS – That giraffe is my first nursery purchase…may be a little girly if it’s a boy but I loved it and I’m pretty sure baby…boy or girl…won’t notice it (as an itty bitty baby that is).

See what fun it is to follow along with me?  Ha ha.  My instagram name is katebelchers.

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Coveting Clothes

I never online shop for clothes.  I spend so much time online looking at furniture and decor that I very rarely venture onto clothing sites.  But, I do read blogs and other bloggers show me what’s out there and they have got me dreaming.

Tibi via Cardigans and Couture

Vince via I Suwanee

Modcloth via I Suwannee

Rachel Zoe via Elements of Style

Okay, so I have done some of my own sleuthing around on the internets for cute clothing…


History and Industry

PS – History and Industry (where the fabulous necklace is from) is having a 40% off sale if you enter the code treat – sale ends Wednesday at midnight.  You’re welcome.

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Customize It

I’ll admit that when I first began decorating, I would shake in my boots at the thought of customizing pieces.  I couldn’t even wrap my head around it.  Now, as my lovely intern pointed out to me, it seems I do mostly custom.  What can I say?  I love it!  We can get exactly what the client and I are looking for.

I’m finishing up a bedroom where we went with a custom headboard and pillows and I just love the way it came together…

I’m dying over these pillows…

I absolutely giddy with how the whole house is turning out.  Soon-ish, I hope to be photographing it with something other than an I-Phone to share.

August 13, 2012 at 4:20 AM 3 comments

Thank you!!

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and e-mails!  You make me, Graham and the little bubby feel so loved!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Some people asked how I’ve been feeling.  Nobody sums it up as well as this post: MODG  Lets just say that baby loves to make mama rock a throw up session.  But, morning sickness seems to have passed, which has given me sweet, sweet relief.  If you were wondering why the posting got sporadic, you can blame precious Baby B…except for don’t actually blame him/her because he/she is the cutest, sweetest in the whole wide world…I’m already very protective of the throw up, acid reflux, zit, chub a wub, exhaustion producer.  It all feels incredibly worth it.  And now that we’re into the second trimester, I feel good and happy.

A couple of people asked if we’ll find out the sex of the baby.  We’re planning on it and I’ll share it all with you.  We should find out in about a month or so.  We’ve decided to stay completely silent on the name front though (wish me luck with that, I”m a blabber mouth…especially, when it comes to myself).

My Uncle Hank has suggested a name.  He looked way back in our family tree and found the name Ickabod.  I kid you not.  He was thinking we call it Icky for short (kidding, of course).

This will seem deceiving but my last name is not Collins.  That’s actually my middle name.  My last name is Belchers.  It’s a real doozy when picking out first names.  So for now, and until February, I’ll leave you with the sweet suggestion of Icky Belchers.

Happy Friday!!

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