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Happy Friday

Happy Friday!! ¬†Today is a very happy Friday for me because it’s my birthday. ūüôā ¬†I’m going to be taking the afternoon off, indulging in a mani/pedi before hitting up the town. ¬†Hope you have a great one and get after it this weekend!

PS – I finally caught up on this week’s Bachelorette last night. ¬†Curacao looks gorgeous; I’ve got to get myself to the Carribean.

PPS – I’m officially 32 (wah – wah), and I still watch the Bachelorette. ¬†I’m a loyal fan. ¬†I started watching season 1 in college when we had ghetto tin foil as attenas to get basic tv stations. ¬†My roommates all made fun of me for watching but I was a sucker for the show and I still am. ¬†Funny to think when I started, the contestants all seemed so much older than me and now everyone seems to be younger. ¬†Probably more pathetic than funny. ¬†Graham usually refuses to watch any part of the show with me but this season he’s watching from time to time. ¬†Pretty sure it’s because Emily’s so hot. ¬†My money is on Ari, his is on Jef. ¬†What’s your vote?

PPPS – Graham would kill me for announcing to the world he actually watched part of this season. ¬†But it’s my birthday so I can get away with it. ¬†And to give him some saving grace, he does make fun of it the entire way through.

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A fabulous client of mine sent over the cutest local shop that does the most adorable personalized stationary.  Everything is available online, so even though LoBird is based in Palo Alto, you can get her items anywhere.

From announcement cards to calling cards and everything in between, this is the place to shop…

Too cute for words! ¬†If you’d like to get shopping, go here to see all of LoBird’s products.

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Lace Love

Sorry for the radio silence there. ¬†I went on vacation, had an awesome, very relaxing time and then came home to lots of e-mails and a pile of work. ¬†That’s what I get for working for myself. ¬†The blog fell behind. ¬†But, I’m back.

Today, I wanted to talk about lace.  Lace is all over the fashion world.  And I, for one, absolutely love the trend.

What comes in fashion, usually moves to interior design and vise versa. ¬†That’s why when I received an e-mail from Schumacher about their new lace shears, I was intrigued…

Jacquard Madras


Charleston Wool Madras

I’ve got to admit that when I think of lace in the home, I think Grandma. ¬†But time after time, interiors follow fashion, so I may be eating my words. ¬†What do you think of the look? ¬†Do you like it in your home?

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Visiting South Africa…at West Elm

I’m very lucky to have married into a South African family! ¬†South Africa is a breathtakingly,¬†beautiful country. ¬†Having been twice, it’s a place I long to return to. ¬†Since Graham spent every summer there growing up, he’d love to make his annual trip. ¬†But, alas, life does get in the way of 24 hour plane ride away travel destinations. ¬†That’s why I was thrilled to see that West Elm has brought in some special South African furniture pieces.

All Graham and I need to do is hop in the car, head over to Emeryville, hit up West Elm and squint at the south African furniture pieces so that they are all that we see. ¬†Perhaps we’ll sit on this bench

Being in some boerewors and eat them off these plates...

Place some South African Cabernet on this side table

And pretend that we are in Stellenbosch.

Oh first world, middle class problems…I tell ya…they are tough.

July 2, 2012 at 9:32 AM 1 comment

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