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Visiting South Africa…at West Elm

I’m very lucky to have married into a South African family!  South Africa is a breathtakingly, beautiful country.  Having been twice, it’s a place I long to return to.  Since Graham spent every summer there growing up, he’d love to make his annual trip.  But, alas, life does get in the way of 24 hour plane ride away travel destinations.  That’s why I was thrilled to see that West Elm has brought in some special South African furniture pieces.

All Graham and I need to do is hop in the car, head over to Emeryville, hit up West Elm and squint at the south African furniture pieces so that they are all that we see.  Perhaps we’ll sit on this bench

Being in some boerewors and eat them off these plates...

Place some South African Cabernet on this side table

And pretend that we are in Stellenbosch.

Oh first world, middle class problems…I tell ya…they are tough.

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