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Orange Wishes

Yesterday, I met with clients whose remodel I have been working on.  This time, there were two new people at the meeting:  Brooke and Aspen, ages 7 and 10.  They needed to weigh in on the room design plans I had for their bedrooms.  The 1st grader declared that she would like her room to be painted orange.  Oh and that she would like purple, turquoise and pink to be in the room.  I love that she likes to participate in the design process and now it’s up to me to come up with something cute and not totally color crazy.  I do love the combo of turquoise and orange!  Purple?  Hmmm…I’m thinking lavender.  And pink…well, that is a favorite color of mine so bring it on!

Today, I thought I’d share the some orange painted room to try to find some inspiration on how to work with the color on the walls.

Isn’t this the perfect choice for my seven year old’s wishes?  I may have to copy. I absolutely love the colors of the daybed fabric.

Bringing in a bunch of white when dealing with a bold color is always a good choice.

This mudroom seems to bring in all the colors my mini client dreams of having in her room.

Love the headboard against the orange walls and that chevron rug is perfect!

Love the orange, pink and turquoise!

Little Brooke is onto something with her orange, turquoise, pink and purple request.  This is going to be a fun room to put together!


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In The Mail

Nothing is more fun then when items arrive for clients so I thought I would show you what is currently in the mail…

Large soft wool and silk blend area rug for a family room.

A pair of spindle chairs to go on the rug pictured above.

Sofa that will come upholstered in a soft white linen.

Custom headboard for a master bedroom project

Mirror for a living room

I can’t wait until all the pieces arrive!!  It’s like you’d think the pieces were all be coming to live with me.  Out of respect to my clients, I’ve decided to not list sources, if you are interested in where an item comes from, please e-mail me.

June 12, 2012 at 5:41 AM 1 comment

India Inspiration

Over the weekend, Graham and I went to see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”  It was a really sweet, uplifting and hilarious movie.  The movie is set in Jaipur, India, which left me determined to visit there one day.  The colors, architecture and textiles took my breath away.

The lighting is amazing in this scene.  But, also check out those rattan chairs and Judi Dench’s wonderful block print top.

Check out the library cabinet behind Dev Patel; it has the perfect amount of age to it and that kelly green color is fabulous.  Plus, his utility lamp is a great pair with the cabinet.

The colors of the streets are so uplifting.  What I would do to go to a market like this.

I wish I could get a better shot of the hotel they were staying at.  The arch doorways and ornate carvings on the windows were stunning.

If you’d like to get a bit of this look in your home, without the travel, a great place to shop is John Robshaw…




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It is hope that gives us resilience through difficult times.  Here’s to hoping that all of our most important dreams really do come true.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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ETSY Wants

Oh ETSY, how many times a day am I on the site and I just want soo, soo many things?  Too many to count.  I figured I’ve got to start sharing what I’ve come across…

If you live in Australia, you have no excuse but to buy this vintage loveseat.

And for all of us US dwellers, the above seller also does awesome pillows and she ships.

I’m smitten with this hair bow.  I’m pretty sure I need to buy it and frame it.

If you have $8,600 to spend on a desk, this one is beautiful.

Faux Bamboo and Pink?  You know I’m loving this coffee table!

Speaking of pink, this lamp is soft and beautiful.

Am I crazy or is this one fun summer clutch?

Vintage writing desk would be stunning in the correct setting.

Hedgehog pillow – necessary for a kid’s room.

I know there are thousands of other gems on ETSY but I’ve got to stop looking because it’s a little torturous.  Have you bought anything recently on ETSY?

June 6, 2012 at 5:06 AM 2 comments

An Evening with Stephen Suzman

Yesterday, my entire custom blog design vanished into thin air, I was so upset to see it go and I had no clue what happened to it.  Instead of posting, I panicked and tried to figure out code.  Luckily, the support staff at WordPress were so incredibly nice and fixed it for me.  I feel so much better now that my blog is surrounded by its true coral, navy and white colors.

Anyway, I must tell you that I had the absolute honor of having dinner with, and picking the brain of, one of the best landscape architects in the world: Stephen Suzman.  It truly was the experience of a lifetime.  He was so gracious, knowledgable and friendly.  He even took the time to look at my portfolio and to give me tips on how to grow my business.  His work speaks for itself; he is an absolute creative genius.

 I will forever treasure my time with Stephen.  He left me feeling refreshed and inspired to continue to work hard and to push myself in the realm of design.  To see more of his jaw dropping designs, visit his website, here.

June 5, 2012 at 5:44 AM 1 comment

Happy Friday

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t have much to say today except that I am doggone tired.

It’s just been one of those crazy weeks.  Nothing a little weekend sleep in won’t fix.  Happy Friday!

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