Happy Father’s Day

June 15, 2012 at 8:51 AM 3 comments

This Father’s Day, I was thinking about how proud father’s are of their children.  And how much it means to dads when the things they have taught them actually stick to their children.  I thought I would go through us kids and  see what my dad would be proud of.

My brother, Don, is doing an excellent job at Imwalle Properties and not only continuing to make it grow and thrive as my father did but to also carve out his own space and to make his own large strides in real estate development.  Not only has Don taken over my dad’s business with an abruptness due to my dad’s quick passing but he was also faced with a huge down in economy.  He has ridden the storm with intelligence and very well executed calculated risks.

Calculated risks are something my dad would be very proud of Don for.  Dad always liked the people who would run out of gas every once in a while because it showed that they took risks.  And I swear some of dad’s proudest moments were when he would drive into a gas station on pure fumes.  This is when he would give us kids the lecture on the importance of calculated risks and how they pay off.

My brother, Miles, is kicking butt as a lawyer in San Francisco.  He was recently given the prestigious award of Recorders Fast Track 50.  He strives for excellence and my dad would be very proud of him.  Miles works incredibly long hours and he’s a very smart, committed and hard worker.  However, he also takes full advantage of the weekends.

Miles’ work hard, play hard lifestyle is something that my dad would be very proud of him for.  Dad was an incredibly hard worker but he also was an extremely well versed vacationer.  I don’t know any other dads that would take as much time off as him to be with his family.  Sure, he always carried his legal pad and at times a briefcase; but, he believed in a balance between work and play.  Miles works very hard and is passionate about what he does but he also takes advantage of his weekend.  During the ski season, you’ll find Miles at Squaw Valley with his wife and two kids pretty much every weekend shredding up the slopes.

My brother, Joe, is in his fifth year of teaching third grade and he absolutely loves it!  He is an amazing teacher; the kids really look up to him as a role model, in a low income district where role models are more difficult to find.  Not only is Joe teaching but he’s also rewriting a book.  He’s been written up in the New York Times about his amazing story as a teacher and author.  This year, he plans to also take on a home remodel.

Dad would be proud of Joe’s dedication to his writing and gift of the written word.  While Dad never believed he himself,was a good writer, he would keep a journal every year.  Dad’s writing was a wonderful outlet for him and an amazing gift to us now that he has passed.  He would be so proud that Joe has continued to find strength, compassion and communication  through the gift of writing.

I am working hard at Kate Collins Interiors.  I have brought on many new clients and I love keeping in touch with my former clients as well.  One of my favorite things is the relationships that come from meeting new people and working with them in their homes.

I think my dad would proud of my “gift of the gab.”  I can remember my senior year of college, when I interned for my dad, he made me come with him to a meeting with the COO of a Fortune 500 company.  He coached me on the ride up about the importance of how to act in business meetings.  I went in there and acted in the manner that my dad told me to.  The COO wrote my dad later that day, saying that there was a job for me at his company after college, should I want to take it.  My dad was so proud of my “gift of the gab.”

We all have taken the advice that my dad gave us and we live to do as he taught us.  I can’t help but think these are some of the things that my dad is so proud of as he watches us from above.  I can hear his little chuckle with each success that we find.  So much of who we all are today is because of our dad and the advice he’d love to give.  And guess what Dad, even though it may not have seemed like it, we were listening!

Happy Father’s Day!!

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  • 1. dmm  |  June 15, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    Once again, Kate, you have given us a picture of your Dad and how beloved he is by your family. . . having never even met him, I feel as though I know him through your words and photos. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring the gift of Father/Daughter relationship. I didn’t know my Dad as well as I may have, but my Daughters surely have been blessed w/ the love, support and care that all Mothers wish for their children from their Father. May I quote:” The greatest gift a Mother can give her children is to love their Father.” Amen.

  • 2. Julia Lynn  |  June 15, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    Great post, Kate! Your dad would indeed be proud of all of you!

  • 3. Joe imwalle  |  June 17, 2012 at 11:11 PM

    Once again, Kate, you got it right. Always a keen observer. I’d say you’ve boiled Dad down to his four most prominent and well loved traits. I’d add that wrapped up with the writing trait is the source, the natural tendency to reflect. And to highlight another you mentioned with your own inheritance… relationships. This doesn’t always come with the gift of gab. It did for you and Dad. That is to say, you talk but you also walk… with those you talk with.

    Thanks for the flattering and always appreciated gift of gabbing about Dad. Happy Fathers Day back to you.


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