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Frances Reid Clothing

While Graham and I were in Palm Springs, my family was hanging out without me (how dare they?!).  It was Easter after all so I guess I’ll forgive them.  They went to my cousin’s home in Sonoma and hung out by a pool all day.  My incredibly talented sister-in-law, the designer and creator of the children’s line, Frances Reid Clothing made all of the children’s outfits.  How adorable are these clothes?!

My little nieces and nephews are the cutest!!  Special shout out goes to Elise and Reid for posing like pros.

The different fabrics that Bridget chooses are simply irresistible and I love how she combines various patterns.  For example, check out this playsuit…

Hansel Playsuit 

I love the green seersucker with the blue and white striped fabric detailing and the blue buttons.  Then the awesome back of the playsuit…

Couldn’t you just die from all of the cuteness?!

All of Bridget’s clothes are handmade in Oakland with organic fabric.  She also does custom orders.  Check out more of what she has in store, here.

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I thought I’d share some of what has been ordered and coming along for projects…

This fabulous Jayson Home and Garden console table will be going into a front entry…

This beautiful Christopher Farr Cloth fabric is going to be a seat cushion for a built in bench in a different front entry…

This fun Katie Ridder wallpaper will be going up in a Jack and Jill Bathroom…

This headboard is getting covered this week for a master bedroom…

This classic green and white striped fabric will be used as a roman in a little boy’s bedroom…

This ETSY stool is one of the jumping off points for a family room…

This delicious raspberry Schumacher Shake It Up fabric is going on vintage spoon back chairs…

I tell you, is my job fun or what!!  The only thing is that I, like my clients, wish that everything would just happen with the snap of a finger once we decide on a plan.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!!  There is a lot happening around here and I can’t wait to share with you along the way.

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Happy Mother’s Day

To my very special mom,

Hi!  I know you read this every single day and for that I am so incredibly grateful.  What clients don’t know, is that you are often my barometer for what’s chic and what’s just gone off into crazy designer land.  Thank you for all of your helpful advice in this arena.  You study with great interest my I phone pictures as each client’s rooms progress.

You are obviously so much more than just a sounding board.  You are my best friend.  I love dropping by home to chit chat with you.  We could and we do talk for hours.

You are also an inspiration to me.  You always choose adventure.  You are about to take off, with a friend, to walk Spain’s Camino De Santiago and to hike 18 miles a day.  From there, you will take your first solo trip through southern spain.  Now that is choosing adventure.

Us in quicksand in Namibia

They say a mom’s job is never done because she doesn’t have set hours of the day.  Well, a mom’s job also goes beyond the years of when we need mothering the most.  No matter my age, you’ll still be the one I come running to, to make it all better.  Nobody else can make it better quite like you do.  So, while the scraped knees have slowed down (thank God), the tears still come from time to time and thanks for being there with open arms.

Thank you, mom!  You are the absolute best!!  I love you!  Happy mother’s day!!


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Thank You!

My little tini, tiny apartment that could.  I’m so incredibly happy about the blog shout outs I’ve been receiving about my previous apartment.

First off, A Diary of Lovely wrote the most amazing post about it and then a few days ago, A Piece of Toast wrote about my hallway with very lovely comments about the rest of the apartment.  This past weekend, Glitter Guide also posted a shot of my hallway on Pinterest, which got an incredible amount of love.  Then, Layla Grayce, an absolute favorite store of mine, also pinned it on pinterest.  Yesterday, Kiki’s List wrote about my hallway as inspiration for a DIY project. Shots of my apartment have since been pinned and repinned.

I want to say a huge thank you for the recognition and the sweet, sweet comments. It has meant the world to me to read them!!  Seriously, words can not express what it’s like to be seen and recognized by names and designers who I read daily and whose design aesthetic I hold so highly.  I am on cloud 9!

And if you’re new to this blog, please do stick around.  I have lots of projects that are finishing up and I’ll be sharing them here!  Also, if you posted about my apartment, please let me know and I’ll add you to my thank you post.

P.S.  I also found out on Kiki’s List that the dog silhouette was originally $498.  I found mine in the sale section of Anthropologie (about three years ago).  The print was in a corner and flipped upside down, I turned it over and fell in love.  I got mine for around $200 and it was a birthday gift from my mom – thanks mom!!

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Walk 4 Pancreatic Cancer

If you have been reading this blog for a long time, you’ll know that pancreatic cancer is very near to me.  My father passed away from pancreatic cancer ten months after he was diagnosed.  Pancreatic cancer is extremely difficult to detect until it’s too late, stage four cancer.  It is a nasty one.  Dad’s symptoms began with what we thought was the stomach flu.  My little nephew had the flu and my dad was around him a lot so we assumed he had that.  We blamed his taking longer to get over it on age, he was 62.  Eventually the throwing up subsided but the appetite never came back.  His doctor suspected it was an ulcer and my dad even brought in the DVD “Father of the Bride” to show his Dr. that he was going through many of the same emotions that Steve Martin’s character went through, as his BABY girl was getting married.  Test showed it wasn’t an ulcer.  After more testing, they discovered a growth on the pancreas.  They drew out the fluid and miraculously it came back as pre-cancerous.  It was decided he would have a surgery to remove a portion of the pancreas, he would be fine and we would move on with life.  About two hours into the scheduled six hour surgery,  the surgeon came out, my mother, brother and I were taken to behind a partition where the surgeon explained to us that they were wrong,  the cancer had spread to the liver and my dad had about six months to live.  He told us that we could do chemo but that it really doesn’t do any good with Pancreatic cancer and that there was no hope.  That day marked a series of monumentally horrific days in my life.

My prayer is that one day a surgeon won’t have to deliver that kind of news.  That one day, a Dr. can say, we’ve detected cancer on your pancreas but its in the beginning stages and we can fix it.  That one day, a Dr. will say there is hope, even though the cancer has progressed, we have a very effective chemo.

My dad did get chemo treatment.  We went to UCSF, where he had one of the best pancreatic oncologists in the world.  We feel incredibly blessed that he received such amazing treatment.  We have to thank them for not giving him six months to live, but in fact, ten, and every extra month was an absolute gift to every one of us.  The nurses at UCSF were so kind and supportive.  When we would go there for his chemo treatments, you sit with all other cancer patients for about six hours of treatment.  The nurses know how taxing this is on patients and so they treat the patients like family, with abundant love and kindness.

This Saturday, our dear friends, the Mariani Family, are doing an annual pancreatic cancer walk.  All of the proceeds with go to UCSF pancreatic cancer research.  I know it’s a big ask for time or money, but, if you have the time this Saturday and you live locally, we’d love to see you at the walk.  The walk is held at Santa Clara campus and it begins at 8:30 AM.  If you, don’t have the time, but would like to donate, please do so here.  For more information, please visit the website:  I also realize I didn’t give you much warning and for that I apologize.  Truth be told, these posts are difficult for me to write but I do find them important to get awareness out there.

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New Art Purchase

This past Friday was my brother’s birthday and so Graham and I headed over to Oakland (where he and his wife live) for a birthday dinner and an evening out at the Oakland Art Murmur.

While, walking the galleries, all four of us fell in love with artist, Evan Holm’s work.  He works with plaster and makes imprints from cast off objects.  For instance, here is a whole wall of old records which he has imprinted on plaster.

The entire grid was very impressive and would be the absolutely coolest on a huge loft wall of a bachelor pad.  To all young bachelors out there that need somebody to pimp out their SoMa loft – think of me!!  First thing I’ll put up is some Evan Holm pieces.  I’m thinking this car…

It was so much cooler in person too.  It’s a totaled impala and a very large piece – the scale alone was so impressive.

I really loved this piece for a bathroom

His more abstract art was also amazing

He also makes really fascinating sculptures.  I’d love to put this stool in a home.

Joe and Bridget purchased one of his records and Graham and I bought a series of three of his records.  We don’t get to retrieve them until the show is over on June 30th.  Once their hung up in our house, I’ll be sure to share.

If you’re looking for really good, affordable, awesome art, I highly recommend Oakland Art Murmur, which occurs the first Friday of every month.

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Still Working

So, you may be growing tired of the deck flower posts; just imagine how many garden posts there will be when we have a real back yard.  Graham and I have really loved flexing our green thumbs and so I can’t help but share more.

We planted some more perennial flowers this past weekend…

I am so pleased with all of the colors, especially the pop of pink.

Our veggies are nice and healthy and we would be too if we actually ate them.  As we have our few sunny days here in the city, I’d have to say that our deck is our favorite “room” in our apartment.

Although, if I had to pick an official room inside our home, I’d go for the sun room, mostly because of it’s view…

But also because I tried to bring that light, bright outdoor feeling, inside:

This room still is a work in progress before I get it professionally photographed, but it’s getting there.  By the way, I would never recommend hanging my drapes at the height they are hung at, we discovered that the white drape sockets were painted to the wall and can’t be removed without repainting, which doesn’t make sense in our rental.

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Cinco De Mayo

Happy Friday, Happy Cinco De Mayo and Happy Birthday to my brother, Joe!!

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In the Mail…

I’m loving what I have coming in the mail from ETSY for clients.  I can’t wait until they arrive.  ETSY is a goldmine for all things fabulous.

Case and point –

Exhibit A:

Pair of vintage upholstered Chinoiserie stools from WWBdesign – I die for these!  Amazing.  The shape, the fabric, the tufting, the contrast pipe – I die.

Exhibit B:

How pretty are those lovely ladies from Atlas Home?!  I love the view from the back and since these are chairs that are going into an office that’s the view that you’ll mostly see.  So fresh and so fun!!

I can’t wait for them to arrive…it’s all so very exciting for me.

In totally unrelated news, I ran across this photo from Bungalow8 yesterday and I fell smitten with it

Hope that pink upholstered door brightens your day as it did mine.

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Neon On my Mind

For Christmas, my sister-in-law gave Graham a pair of tickets to Coldplay.  This was an awesome gift idea as he has loved Coldplay ever since he saw them while studying abroad in Copenhagen; he saw them in a small gym, before they are who they are now.  I was happy that Graham was thrilled with the gift.  But, I’ve got to be honest that my feelings were only slightly elevated from dread to go.  I know, I know, poor me, I had to “suffer” through a Coldplay concert.

But, I have to admit as those tickets sat magnetized to our refrigerator, I would shudder a little when my eyes would happen upon them as I opened the freezer for ice-cream.  Concerts aren’t really my thing.  I enjoyed them in high school and college but that wasn’t exactly for the music.  As this Saturday rolled around, it was time to put my game face on and go fake a good time with my hubby.

When we arrived at the San Jose arena, we were given a neon wristband and were told to wear it as it was part of the show.  The neon addition to my outfit was perking me up for sure.  We then got some beer and popcorn (major plus) and headed to our seats.  After the two, not so enjoyable, first acts, the arena went dark and the crowd started cheering.  All of sudden, the entire arena’s neon wrist bands lit up.  It was pure magic to watch a sea of neon pink, green and yellow.  I was in color heaven.  Coldplay came onstage and played their hearts out.  I never sat down, I never stopped singing, and I never stopped smiling.  It was amazing!!  A true spectacle of a show and the best concert I have ever been to.

The neon got me to thinking of interiors; here are some places I’m thinking Coldplay would be into…

Apartment Therapy

Lexington Venue Agency

Siljie Aune Eriksen

I can’t say that I’ll be suggesting neon to any clients but the rooms do have a lot of vibrant energy to them, as did the concert.  Could you do neon in your home?

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