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So Dreamy

This month’s House Beautiful is so, so good!  It is filled to the brim with inspirational shots.  Whenever I get a magazine, I always flip through quickly to see the pictures and then I go back and read.  This month, one particular home stopped my flipping, I fell in love with it and I had to know immediately who the designer was.  It turned out to be Ken Fulk, who I worked for last year in his staging department.  He is genius!  And this is his special retreat spot in Provincetown.

Every little detail is so inviting and interesting.  His second home has a light and airy quality to it; it has such a relaxed vibe that I’d imagine you’d feel at peace as soon as you walked in the door.  I feel incredibly fortunate for my opportunity to have worked at Ken Fulk.

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Vintage Chairs Revitalized

Who knew that one little weekend trip to Palm Springs would drum up so much material?  I’ve got to talk about the trip again.  While there, I spied six tall back dining chairs that had huge potential for a client’s dining nook.  I wish I had a better before picture but here is my before shot…

The chairs had a great look to them but the fabric on it was not going to cut it for my client’s little ones.  This is the breakfast table where they eat most of their meals and so I wanted to replace the fabric with stress free faux shagreen vinyl that mom can wipe off with a sponge.  For the back, we went with a Trina Turk indoor outdoor fabric (how Palm Springs of us).  I just love how they turned out…

I love the chairs in her kitchen nook and I’m so happy that I could bring a bit of Palm Springs home for her. 🙂  Vinyl and Indoor Outdoor makes it possible to go with light fabrics and to have red spaghetti for dinner without worries.

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Let’s Get Nautical

Over Memorial Day weekend, my brother threw a clam bake party on a beach and it got me thinking, I haven’t done a nautical home post in a long time.  Nautical has got to be my very favorite look ever; it comes from the part of me that wishes I lived in Connecticut, wore strictly Lily Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines and sailed on the weekend.  The part of me that wishes my husband wore red pants with lobsters on them and boat shoes with no socks.  The part of me that wishes that the first image below is our Nantucket, or perhaps Martha’s Vineyard home and we’d hang that huge flag for our annual 4th of July party that the whole town is invited to.  So far from who I really am.  Anyway, I digress…tis the season to get nautical –

Apartment Therapy

Nursery Notations


See what I’m saying?  Doesn’t this appear to be a fun life to live?  Ahoy matey.

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Project Progress Update

Last week, I shared with you the beginning stages of an office project that I’m working on.

When I was called on the scene…

Where we were at last week…

This week, new paint went up and it made a huge difference on the room.  We also switched out a standard flush mount fixture to the fun semi-flush Moravian star light.  Here’s where the room is at now…

Doesn’t paint make such a huge difference in a room?  I can’t wait until the romans go up because that too really finishes off a room.  I’ll be doing another progress shot in a couple of weeks as new items arrive.

Happy Friday everyone!!  Have a fabulous memorial day weekend!

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Dining in the Kitchen

The other day, Graham and I were over at a friend’s apartment.  Our friend has a very large open kitchen and then a spot off of the kitchen that is more of a nook for the dining table.  He wanted room for a larger dining table.  I suggested to him to move his dining area into his huge open kitchen.  Graham and our friend looked at me like I was grade A crazy.  To prove that it isn’t quite time to drop me off at the funny farm, let me show you some truly fabulous ways to plop a dining room table right smack dab into the middle of a kitchen.

I say, if you’ve got the space, you love to throw parties and you don’t mind people seeing the dirty dishes stack up, go for dining in the kitchen!!  Isn’t it always where everybody congregates anyways?

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Small Space Huge Character

California real estate is expensive – depressingly so!  It makes all the Texas humidity seem downright charming compared to the paralyzing monthly mortgage bills a California shack will bring your way.  So, if you do opt to live in the sunshine state, often times it’s all about small space living.  That’s why I was simply smitten with interior designer, Leslie Landis‘ 300 square feet place.  Talk about packing in the charm!

Who needs wide open spaces anyway? To read more about Leslie’s home, check out her apartment tour on Apartment Therapy.

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Over Dyed Rugs

Gilt Group had a sale yesterday on over dyed rugs which reminded me that I should do a post on how beautiful over dyed rugs are in a home…



Mimi and Meg

The Room Blog


A great resource for over dyed rugs is Rugs USA.  If I had the room or need for a rug, I would go with this fuchsia one…

For a huge selection of over dyed rugs, check them out here.

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