What I Left Behind…

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While on the hunt in Palm Springs, I passed so many goodies that I really, really wanted to take home with me.  After a recent spring cleaning, I’m learning I really shouldn’t just take furniture home with me.  And well, I don’t think I could fit all of it on the plane.  So some wonderful pieces were left behind.  Here’s what I missed…

There were a set of three Klismos chairs going for $995; that’s an amazing steal of a price.

I’ve had a long time crush on the Klismos Chair.  They are stunning and if there were three, I have the client just in mind I would have suggested it for.  But, really who needs three chairs?  Bummer.

                        Via House Beautiful

I already have a round ottoman cocktail table so I didn’t need to feel badly about leaving this one behind.

 The round ottoman was very large and only $300, with some new upholstery this would be a beauty.

Via Country Living

I love these two petite club chairs.  They would be great recovered as a pair in a family room.  Perhaps even take off the skirt…

I fell hard for these green and pink antique chairs.  They are so very pretty…

Graham thought I would repaint and reupholster them (like I do to so many vintage pieces) but I said that I would leave just the way they are.  So sweet.

Ashley Whitaker

This vanity chair was one of the contenders to come home with me…

My plan was to go with high gloss paint and some fun modern fabric.  It would have been cool…

Space 519

Next up on the list of pass ups was this lovely cane back settee…

I absolutely adored this settee.  I would have, believed it or not, stripped it of the white paint and stained it back to a natural wood color…

It took all of my strength to leave this faux bamboo highboy behind.  Really, all my strength.  We just don’t have the space for it.

Sadness.  Faux Bamboo left behind.

Kelly of High Street Market

Next up a pearl inlay box.

LOVED it!!  But, the box was very large and it was a little rickety.  At $150 (which is an incredibly fair price) I couldn’t justify it without any place for it.

This little brass number could have been amazing with a little TLC

The potential was all there.  Perhaps in my retirement years, I’m going to live in Palm Springs, find the great deals at consignment shops and estate sales and then sell them for crazy amounts more on Canyon Drive.

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Palm Springs Recap Left Behind Part 2

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