Dear Graham

February 21, 2012 at 5:52 AM 1 comment

We waited for you for over 5 years. Just when it seemed like you would never arrive, mom was pregnant with you. I don’t think we have ever had to wait for you since then. You arrived 3 weeks early and, although you were placed in an incubator for a few days, the size of your feet and hands as well as your lusty cries indicated that this was one robust baby. For the first few weeks of your life, you were determined to test our love for you: you cried constantly and it was almost by chance that we learned that you were allergic to milk and had a terrible tummy ache each time you were fed. In addition, you didn’t sleep through the night until you were 2 years old so that mom, in particular, was exhausted as you were nonstop motion and action during the day.

Despite these early year tests, you soon won everyone’s love and affection from your older sister Lindsay to your doting grandparents and everyone in between. In your early years, things physical were preferable to things cultural or cerebral. Reading books, although now a strong passion, was not part of the agenda, nor was coloring in. However, singing was a favorite; particularly memorable and repeated often were “My name is Joe, I work in a button factory” and “You are my sunshine”. Wrestling was high on the list of priorities and you repeatedly defeated your grandfather and me. I stopped participating when my pretending to be beaten by you turned into being whipped by you and physical damage to my ageing body was a real possibility. As you grew older, other outdoor interests were added to the repertoire, such as golf and fly fishing. The latter in particular fitted in very well with Kate and her family. It also provided wonderful memories of fishing trips while we floated down the Trinity River near Lewiston, so much so that even mom moved from being spectator to participant.

Despite the early preference for the outdoors, it didn’t prevent high academic achievement and a series of outstanding educational institutions, starting with Bellarmine and moving through Georgetown University and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Somewhere along this path you read a book about investing which turned into a passion and a career. A thread through all of this activity has been the traits that make you: focus, determination, persistence, being an organizer, and a very strong sense of self awareness and comfort with who you are.

But what turns you from being a very successful human being into a wonderful person are your compassion, a sense of fun, laughter, sentiment, a love of children, a powerful grasp of what is right and wrong, and an extraordinarily loving nature.

You make a parent very proud. Happy birthday,

Love, Dad

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Dear Graham Dear Graham

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  • 1. Nat  |  February 21, 2012 at 9:11 AM

    This one and the previous one are so so sweet! Happy Birthday Graham!


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