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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!  What are you up to this weekend?  I’ll be working away.  As mentioned, I have an installation tomorrow, which may creep into my Sunday as well.  But, I’m excited that after all the hours that go into making a project, it all comes to fruition.  It’s much more rewarding then a lazy Saturday…or so I tell myself.


Speaking of work, yesterday I went to Ikea, Home Depot, Target and Michael’s for some details/accessories for the install; going to that many big box stores drives even the hugest shopping fanatic a little insane.  I obviously chose to eat lunch at Ikea where I walked right past the vegetable wrap and decided on the swedish meatball combo (duh).  While standing in line an elderly lady in front of me kept looking at my plate and then looking back up at me.  Feeling nice, I flashed her a smile.  Then she said to me,  “My, what a healthy appetite you have.  That’s a lot of meatballs.”  Awesome.  I ate all the meatballs on my plate…but one.  Ha.  I showed her.  Some people say my job sounds glamorous, I’m pretty sure it’s these moments that they are talking about.

My Ikea Cart

Happy weekend – I heard it’s a three day.  Enjoy Monday if you get it off!  I’ll see you back here Tuesday!

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Pouf It Up

This weekend, I’m going to be doing an installation of an orthodontist office.  I really, really can’t wait to share before and after pictures with you.  One thing we’re putting in there are poufs.  Poufs are so fantastical and just add the correct touch of playfulness and often a shot of color to a room.

Cebula Design

Alexandra Angle

Lindsay Bentis



I got my poufs for the project through Aleta Savage of ETSY.  She does fabulous work; she’s incredibly sweet and has great customer service.  Plus, you can send in your own fabric and she’ll do a custom one for you.  I suggested this for a friend for her nursery and she got the cutest custom one made as the ottoman for her glider.  Here’s what I’ve got for this weekend’s installation…

Yellow Chevron Zig Zag

Yellow Ikat

At the ortho office, it was observed that a lot of kids will end up doing their homework while waiting for their appointment.  They usually are kneeling by the coffee table when studying.  Now we’re thinking they can sit on the poufs and work away…such diligent little kiddos.  As a former teacher, I was really happy to hear that they often saw children doing their homework. 🙂

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I was given this quote yesterday by a friend and it was really meaningful to me and I wanted to pass it along to all of you.  May it give you an extra skip in your step as it did me.  Love to you all.

I breathe in the fullness

and richness of life.

I observe with joy as life

abundantly supports me and

supplies me with more good

than I can imagine.

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Dramatic Shower Curtains…

My mom has a small bathroom that’s in need of a facelift.  It’s one of those that is off the laundry room and so rarely used and never really seen by guests.  But I think it’s time.  I asked her if I could do it and she said I could when I’m not already working with seven clients on various projects.  BUT within 20 minutes, I had thought of the game plan and she said YES.  Woo Hoo!!

One of the things I’m considering is doing floor to ceiling shower curtains since they’re going to be custom done. Here’s what I found for inspiration…

I would absolutely love to add a valance to the extra long shower curtains, like these…

But we’ll have to see what the little lady of the house has to say about that.  Stay tuned for my very intermittent, when time allows, bathroom makeover.

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Fessing Up

There are quite a few “no-no’s” around the house and for sure in my life that I could fess up about.  But, for now, I’ll just stick with jewelry.  I’m very into accessorizing at the moment; I just find it’s a great way to either finish off or rejuvenate an outfit.  So I’ve been collecting jewelry pieces and over the past few years, it’s been the bigger the piece, the better.  Well, here’s where the confessing comes in…take a look at how I store all of them on my dresser…

Awesome.  What a sight.  So organized, especially with the headphones, pens, rocks and pennies mixed in there.  On Sunday, I attempted to organize the jewelry, here’s where I got…

15 minutes of moving things around really didn’t fully solve the problem.  Even though I thought collecting pretty bowls and trays would be the answer to my jewelry obsession, it’s not actually practical.  Here’s what had inspired me to think such a thing would work…

Very pretty indeed but lets actually analyze the shot.  One cup just has one pair of gold eating and a saucer is carrying a simple, lone bracelet and most pieces are just as dainty as the china.  Plus, all items are tucked away in a drawer at the end of day not piled on top of a dresser that needs to be shared with a man and man things.  I need another solution…pinterest…ideas?

Anatomy is all the rage currently in design, thanks to Kelly Wearstler.  But could I really handle a bunch of hands jutting out of the wall as I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?  Imagine the nightmares.

I’m always a fan of acquiring new furniture (hoarding) but I just don’t have the place for this oh so practical, incredibly organized Jewelry Tower from Pottery Barn.

Three tier cake tower is more practical because at least you’re storing upwards instead of across but I think I’ve learned the kitchen items on the dresser isn’t the most effective.

Houston, we have our answer.  Simply putting hooks or drapery tie backs on the side of the dresser frees up some much needed space and provides a spot for my chunky necklaces to hang.   Plus, then I get to shop for fun wall hooks, like these –

Big Red Hook     

Black & White Hook Anthropologie

How do you store your jewelry?

January 9, 2012 at 7:57 AM 9 comments

Scout and Catalogue

Happy Friday everyone!!  This was a very fast week for me.  So fast that I got a street cleaning ticket on our car yesterday because I could have sworn that yesterday was Tuesday.  I looked at the sign that said “No Parking Thursday 11-2” and was all set to take a photo and protest it with the DMV when finally it hit me – it was indeed Thursday.

Yesterday I came across this awesome Canadian clothing shop that was too good not to post.  I thought it was perfect for my Fashiony Fridays.

The online store is called Scout and Catalogue and they are inspired by the “bohemian beach culture of Mexico” – well, how apropos.

Libro Clutch – Floro – $58

Zig Zag – $36

Lasso – Beige/Peach – $88

Lasso Scarf – Mint – $88

I love this laid back bohemian vibe.  The prices are also muy excellante.  Happy Shopping!!

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Cabo Vacation Recap

This Christmas, our 6:15 arising came from an alarm instead of excited children racing to see what Santa had left them.  We arose early for an adventure.  As the sun began to rise, my family met at SFO and we were off to Baja for some well deserved R & R and some much appreciated family time.  Three hours later and one bumpy flight over and we touched down at the Cabo airport.

Next stop, the rental car area, where it took 1 suburban and 2 Jettas to transport such a clan.

Without a huge amount of knowledge of our whereabouts, we drove deep into Baja.  We traveled through bustling Mexico streets and after many twists and turns, we were on a sparsely populated dirt road.  A half an hour of jostling on dirt potholes, testing both the car suspension and our stomachs, we made it to our slice of paradise.

Upon arrival, hoots and hollers were let out by the weary passengers; this was more than worth the travel.  A house fit for kings and queens would do just fine for the next ten days.  Six bedrooms looked out onto a large courtyard.

The main portion of the home was a large kitchen/dining/living room which opened up to a massive patio, complete with an infinity pool that looked as though it dipped right into the sea.

Down the steps from the home, ran a long sandy beach and the beautiful Sea of Cortez.  Not a high-rise, jet ski and seldom a person in sight, we wondered how we could have lucked out on such a gem.

That night, we celebrated Christmas with a  feast and gift exchange.  It was a different Christmas indeed but an incredibly memorable one.

The days from Dec. 25th through Jan. 3rd. blend together as we became heavily versed in the practice of sunbathing, book reading, kayaking, whale watching, beach walking, fishing and swimming.

The highlights included taking kayaks out to where whales were breaching.  It was a truly awesome, surreal and slightly frightening experience to be able to hear a whale breath and watch it swim in its natural habitat.

(I took this photo with a small point and shoot camera – we were that close to the whale on an inflatable kayak!)

The men took off for a day of guided fly fishing and they came back with photos of some of the most interesting fish they ever caught.

An evening of wine tasting and gallery openings lured some of us back into Cabo del San Jose.  There, I was confronted with shopping temptations as far as my eye could see.  A pair of friendship bracelets I got with my sister in law and an Ottomi pillow seemed to partially satisfy my craving.

Of course my travel shopping bug is not that curable and so a few days later the ladies were back in town for drinks and shopping time.  I came home with a silver agate pendant from the excursion.  I found some other goodies that I convinced  my sisters-in-law were a must buy (such as the colorful table-cloth shown).

(I wanted the purse and striped beach bag and I did walk away with that chevron belt)

Other adventurers went on a waterfall hike and to a small petting zoo.  One outing resulted in a broken down suburban on a dirt road without any form of communication for back up help.  Just as my brothers concluded to hike back in the heat while mom stayed with her six and three year old grandchildren, my oldest brother, Don, decided to give the car one more go.  As luck would have it, the engine roared and they could make it back home.

The majority of the time was spent at the home, playing with our adorable nieces and nephews…

The fish –

The fashionista-

The Superhero-

The Speedster-

The Cuddly Babe-

My brother, Miles, was able to practice his spear fishing skills and brought home some fresh fish for lunch.

There were amazing manta rays that would jump way out of the water in schools.  That always called a pair into the water to kayak out and watch the show up close.

The Steve Jobs book was passed around and discussed by the adults while a certain 6 year old had Harry Potter read aloud to him by his favorite Aunt Bridget.   And my brother Joe found a spot in the shade to crank away on rewrites for the book he wrote.

The pool was rarely flat as kids practiced kicks, big arms, dives and underwater bubbles.  And once the little ones were tucked in beds, the adults would chill out in the hot tub with margaritas in hand.

On the final night, parents put their kids to bed and then let a babysitter take over while we hit up the town of Cabo del San Jose.  We dined at a delicious restaurant with gorgeous courtyard seating and one of the coolest chandelier clusters I’ve seen.  We swapped highlight stories over fresh lobster, butterfish, scampi and bottles of wine.

During the drive home, in a suburban filled with three people per row, we happened upon a radio station that was playing oldies but goodies.  The final song to come on was “Hotel California.”  As we all belted out the classic tune, thinking of the sunshine state that awaited our return, we couldn’t help but wonder/hope that maybe the lyrics would be true.  Could this be the vacation that “you could never leave”?

Of course, this was not that kind of hotel and with the next morning’s light came the chore of packing our bags back up.

After our many, many pieces of luggage were packed, we gathered in the courtyard for a family photo.  We stood proud Imwalles relaxed and all the closer.

We missed our leader Señor Don but knew he was looking down at us, extremely proud that we relinquished our cell phones, hectic work schedules and social lives to give each other the gift of time together.

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El Sombrero

We’re back!!!  We had an amazing time in Mexico! Oh so much fun and I took a ton of photos.  I’m going to write up a short recap post with photos but I’ve got clients to check in on, a Christmas tree to take down and unpacking to do.  Tomorrow’s post should be the official recap, until then, I leave you with el sombrero…

Hope you had an awesome New Year’s!!  So excited for 2012 – out with the old and in with the new.

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