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It’s a Chair Thing

You see I have a thing about chairs; I see a pretty one and just can’t resist it.  But apparently, it’s turning into a little problem.

Here’s a shot of our new dining room…

Do you have a decor item that you just can’t resist?

And, yes our dining room walls are painted the softest pale pink.  The walls were already painted so the man around the house couldn’t say no and I let out a little squeal of joy when I first spied them.   Oooh, what fun!

There may be a bit of radio silence from me throughout the week until we get comcast in our new place.  We’re about 85% moved over as of 9:00 Sunday night.  Now, on to organizing…

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  What a week for me.  Not only did I start some contract work in staging for a designer whose aesthetic I’ve admired in the pages of major glossy magazines (not sure I can share all that info on who I’m working for, if you’re interested e-mail me), I also started moving to a new apartment slowly every night after my staging work and after my personal client work.  To top all of that off, I accidentally leaked the story about those celebrities I saw last weekend.  I didn’t really realize that word wasn’t out about the two of them.  When I wrote, “you heard it here first” I was actually being sarcastic.  I’m usually the last to find out.  As I said in my original post, I didn’t know if they were dating or friends.  I had senior editors from major gossip magazines calling me asking for the story.  I had thousands of people read my post on Monday.  This wasn’t exactly what I was looking for in my life.  It all actually felt dirty.  I didn’t call any of the editors back and I didn’t dish any details to anyone.  The post has been removed from my site for now and we are back to normal reader numbers. 

After all the hoopla, I was just overwhelmed with the feeling of thankfulness.  I love our little family.  And by our little family, I mean all of you.  My loyal readers.  You are amazing and so incredibly supportive and all I could ever ask for.  Up until this point, I wanted masses of people to read my blog so I could get advertising and maybe even be in an online magazine.  But, when massive amounts of strangers came and a magazine plug opportunity arrived, I realized it wasn’t what I wanted.  I’m happy exactly with the way things are, where I can feel comfortable sharing my story. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting and supporting.  You are the best.  I couldn’t be where I am today without you.  I wouldn’t be working my dream job or constantly searching the internet and world for inspiration to post about; you keep my imagination flowing and you keep me constantly thinking.  Thank you for cheering me on.  Without you, I would have quit adding fuel to a tiny spark a long time ago, which is now the fire within that gets me up and rolling each day.

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Bistro Styling

Thank you very much for your kind comments on the bistro chairs!!  I love the look of French bistro chairs; I’m especially fond of them as bar stools.

Tres Chic!  I love the soft look and little pop of color and pattern they bring to a kitchen counter.  If you’re looking for some French Bistro chairs or stools yourself, they are available at TK Collections.  Unfortunately, they are to the trade only and they are pricey.  But, I predict soon they will be available at retail stores.

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Flea Market Finds

This past Sunday, I went to the Alameda Antique Faire.  I did come away with one great find, but the rest of the day I struck out.

My big finds were these two bistro chairs for our breakfast nook:

I then spent the rest of the time trying to find the best table to go with them; this black industrial crank table was the best fit I could find but they were asking $750 for it!  I walked away sans table.

Even though I didn’t buy these next items, I did find them stylish…

These chairs would be great for a beach house.

I thought this settee was so sweet for a little girls room.

That was everything I came across that caught my eye.  It wasn’t my most fruitful visit.  But, I do love my bistro chairs and they are perfect for our new place!

August 10, 2011 at 8:11 AM 4 comments

Dirty Laundry

Our new place has laundry in the unit.  It’s the first time since college for me.  It’s more than just a luxury; it’s life changing.  No more bringing laundry home to mom and at 31, I’ve got to say, it’s about time!

Now I get to look at pretty laundry nooks for inspiration.  Dirty laundry has never looked so cute!

Inspiration ideas: fresh paint color differentiating the nook, large chalkboard “To Do” list, blinds or shades to cover up shelves, cute words/letters to label laundry area.  So much great inspiration, especially on pinterest.  All sources can be seen on my pinterest page; you can find it here.

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Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday, indeed!  I’ll admit things have not really been going my way recently.  But, then, in literally one afternoon there seems to be a shift.  I can see some light at the end of the tunnel and man does it feel good.

The great news is that Graham and I are moving, again!!  Move number 17 since college, see the post on all the moves I have made, here.

We are absolutely in love with the apartment; it has so much more space and it is on a tree lined street and only one block away.  Bye bye main thoroughfare bus line street, bye bye cramped apartment that is bursting at the seams, bye bye radiator whose clanks sound like someone is hammering metal, bye bye white walls which scuff up in an instant, bye bye lack of laundry facilities in the building.  Hello beauty!  Pictures to come.

Happy Friday!!  Have a wonderful weekend.

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Bedroom Sneak Peak

I’m going to give you a sneaky sneak peak of the bedroom with promises of an actual look at it in about two weeks.  Here it is totally unstyled with my messy desk.  That’s right, I work 2.5 inches away from in my bed.
After months of anticipation, my e-bay headboard came from a very disgruntled truck driver.  I had to beg him to actually get here from Arizona; he called me complaining that he was too old and had an eye disease that made him temporarily blind.  I didn’t want him to drive blind but once he could see again, I hoped he would bring me my headboard.  He did eventually make the trip out.

The headboard is great!  It does sit a little lower than I thought it would but that’s fixable.  It has some marks on it but that’s paintable.  Overall, the wait was worth it and I’ve now converted to e-bay.

So for painting, I’m thinking of painting it glossy white and then highlighting the molding with a navy trim.  I searched around the whole entire internet and only came up with this inspiration photo:

Vintage dresser sold by Fabulousmess.  What do you think of the look?

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In Good Company…

While searching Pinterest for inspiration, I came across this picture from Peter Wild’s dining room:

I love the look of this room, especially the chairs, which quickly brought me back to my first project:

I love those chairs!  Such a great flea market find.  Now, I just wish I could find four more for myself.

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Sunday Bliss

Wow!  What a weekend we had.  It started out with a bang in Bodega Bay with our friends for a 30th birthday party.  Late night festivities rolled into early morning golfing for the boys, which played out to being a very jam packed 14 hours.  From Bodega Bay to East San Jose, we kept the good times rolling and had a fabulous time at my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th anniversary.  Sunday Funday was a blast at my mom’s house.

I wanted to share the pictures that my cousin’s daughter, Brinkley, took of the pool party because she has such an amazing talent at capturing the moment.  Brinkley is going to be a Senior in high school and she is an awesome photographer. I’m proud to share with you the work of Brinkley; you will be seeing her work in museums in no time.

Did your jaw drop from the talent Brinkley has?  Awesome photos!

I am so proud to be from a loving, caring, fun family.  I come from one of those extended families where the laughs are never in short supply, the hugs linger and the support is ever constant.  The type of family where it takes two hours to say good bye because no one really wants to leave.

I miss my dad so much and I got to see him when his sister Kathy hopped onto a tricycle and rode around the pool with giddiness; I saw him in a detailed story my cousin Joe told with pride about my dad; I saw him in a bar-b-que piled high with his favorite Chiramonte sausages; I saw him in his brother’s eyes and eyebrows with striking similarity; I saw him as a diving board competition began to form and cousins lined to out belly flop each other; I saw him in a fish tie that once belonged to him that my brother, Miles, wore in his honor; I saw him as family wine was relished and stories were swapped along a seemingly never ending table; I saw him as we all chanted each child’s name as they gave a pinata their very best whack with a whiffle ball bat; I saw him as the next generation’s bonds continued to grow with chases, hugs and silly games.  It was one of those weekends we just didn’t want to end.

And so with excited anticipation, I ask to all you Imwalles when is the next get together?  Let’s start planning!  And until then, as dad used to love to sing, “Happy trails to you, until we meet again”

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If I Could, I would…

If I could, I would but clearly I can’t so I won’t….buy these chairs…

The Pottery Barn Teen, Lattice Ooh La La Armchair is fab and a great price at $349.  If I could, I would buy them in the light gray and put them in our living room where are dark gray tub chairs are.

The existing chairs are embarrassingly too huge for our space.  Even though they don’t look too big in the photos, they are clunky in person.  While, I realize they are all wrong scale wise, I do love the look of them and I couldn’t justify selling them when we knew we would only live here for a short term.  So these puppies will be lugged around with me and squeezed into itty bitty places in the hopes that one day they’ll have a wide open space.

But the PB chairs would be perfection in a studio.  So not teenish.  Always remember Pottery Barn Teen is a hidden gem of a store.

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