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Rocking the Fringe

I was on one of my favorite sites: Jacaranda Home (great place for ottomi textiles) and I saw they have new pillows.  These fringy numbers.  I think they are rad but for someone whose really edgy.  What do you think?  Could you rock the fringe?

July 28, 2011 at 5:58 AM 2 comments

Sign on the Dotted Line

Somebody just tell me where to sign on the dotted line and I’ll pack up my stuff and move to Fort Worth, Texas in a heartbeat.  Why would I move seeing as how I’ve never even been to Texas before?  I fell in love with a home and even more in love with its pricetag.

I’ve included a comparison of what $585,000 will get you in Fort Worth vs. Pac Heights (my neighborhood in San Francisco).  Which would you choose?


The Kitchen:

Living Room

Master Bedroom:

Dining room/area

I know my heart is in San Francisco but according to the song, aren’t you supposed to “leave” it here, which would mean a move?  I’ve been known to enjoy a rodeo or two; I think Texas and I would get along swimmingly.  I do own a cow head….

…pretty sure that’s all I need to justify the move.  The monthly mortgage payment on that home is what we pay in rent for our 700 square foot apartment.  Sorry if I just thoroughly depressed my Bay Area readers but please don’t move to Texas because we do have our fun here and I would miss you.  I promise, I’m really not going anywhere.

July 27, 2011 at 5:18 AM 9 comments

Living Room: Before and After

Last week, I was happy to show you the living room e-design before and after project; you can check it out here.

Today, I wanted to share another room I’ve been working on.  This project was another living room; however, this time it was local.  These clients wanted to keep a lot of what they had in their living room but we’re looking to freshen up the place.  Unfortunately, I did a terrible job at taking before pictures.

Here is the before:

And the after…

Here’s a breakdown of how we made some changes to update the look.  First of all, they have this fabulous leather chair from Pottery Barn.  But, they had a matching furniture set that overpowered the room; there wasn’t enough space to put the ottoman in front of the chair and their side table gave little room to walk to the right of the chair.

I put the chair at an angle, changed out the coffee table for a slightly smaller one to accommodate the ottoman and I used a new, slimmer side table.

I found the new side table at Home Goods; I love its lines and color.

By changing out the side table and moving the ottoman forward, it freed up space by the window.

This freed space allowed for a wicker trunk by the window.

This affordable yet chic trunk I found at Target is perfect spot for storage and can be pulled into the room for extra seating when needed.

Moving on to the coffee table area.  Their existing coffee table had seen better days and I wanted to replace it with a more modern one.

I switched it out for West Elm coffee tables – the nickel base adds a fantastic modern element while the rattan trays keep the natural look that is filtered throughout the room.

To the right of the couch, my clients had another wood side table that matched the side table of the leather chair and the coffee table.

I wanted to bring some more color into the space and tie in the navy pillows they had on their couch.  For a softer look, I went for a navy garden stool and I moved their existing standing lamp they had by their leather chair over by the sofa.  The standing lamp’s shade was dated so to bring it a more fresh look, I switched out the shade for a Pottery Barn one.

On the opposite side of the sofa, sits a bookshelf/desk.  We worked on styling the bookshelf and then I found some vintage pressed leaves at a local second hand shop to bring the organic, natural look to the wall.

This project was so much fun to work on!  If you are looking to just update a room and not completely overhaul it, I would love to help!  E-mail me at

July 26, 2011 at 8:29 AM 17 comments

Inspired: Georgetown Digs

When I first started reading design blogs, I couldn’t get enough of Apartment Therapy.  I now have a long blog roll to get through, when I have time, and Apartment Therapy is rarely opened anymore.  Sad face.

Over the weekend, I decided to holler back to the old school days and to check out some house tours.  Man, was I glad that I did.  I feel newly inspired by designer, Zoe Feldman.

Isn’t it just a feast for your eyes?  I love how she mixes vintage finds with modern art.  She goes bold with the colors, fabrics and patterns she chooses and it really pays off.  If you would like to see more of her Georgetown home, check her out on Apartment Therapy here.

July 25, 2011 at 5:30 AM 1 comment

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  This weekend, I’ve been told the headboard I ordered off of e-bay two months ago will finally be delivered.  I’m pretty sure someone carried the headboard on their back and walked it here because the shipping is taking forever.

I was told that it would be here two weeks ago and then promised last Monday.  But they sounded very reassuring that it would indeed arrive this Saturday or Sunday.  Fingers crossed.  I don’t sound bitter, do I? 🙂

Happy Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend!!

July 22, 2011 at 5:30 AM 4 comments

Captain’s Home: For Rent

If you’re looking for a rental in San Francisco that is a seven bedroom, consider the Captains Home in the Presidio.

Starting bid is $18,000 a month.  If you are truly interested in renting, you can find out more information, here.  And if one of my readers were to actually rent it, then please invite me over for dinner.

July 21, 2011 at 9:12 AM 3 comments

Don’t Forget Land’s End

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on the living room project.  It was such a fun room to work on!

If you are searching high and low for that economical yet stylish throw, don’t forget Land’s End:

Breton Stripe Throw – $49.99

If you think to yourself, “I need a touch of Kelly Green in my life,” don’t forget Land’s End:

Boating Stripe Decorative Pillow – $9.97

If you find yourself saying, “I want sheets that are John Robshaw-esque minus the price tag,” don’t forget Land’s End

Organic Print Sheet Set – $99.99

If you break awkward silence with, “I want a turned wood base lamp on my lacquered console table,” don’t forget Land’s End:

Turned Wood Base Lamp – $199

I’ll admit sometimes I forget that Land’s End has more than fabulous canvas tote bags, that’s why I wrote this post to remind myself.  And yes, this is how I think.  On the hour and a half drive home from the beach this past Sunday, Graham asked me three separate times what I was thinking and every single time it was about decor.  Obsessed.

July 20, 2011 at 5:44 AM 9 comments

Living Room Before and After

Today, I’m incredibly pleased to reveal a project I’ve been assisting with, across the country.  If you recall this e-design I put together last year, it’s now time for the big reveal.

Here is a before shot of how the living room was when my clients bought the place.  BEFORE they moved in….

And the AFTER…

What a change!  I helped with the base and the layout of the room and then my very talented and stylish client added in so many great and personal details.

Here is a breakdown of the room…

The colors that the client requested were purple and green – so this fab purple rug was the jumping point for the room.  I was so excited when I found the rug in her colors and in such a great geometric pattern.  I found the jax coffee table on ETSY to play up the geometric pattern in the rug.  The clients already owned these handsome leather chairs with nailhead trim.  I had sent over this Faux Antler DIY from Jenny’s blog but my client found the perfect “blue collar antler” from Z Gallerie and I adore the pop of white against the gray.  I’m not sure where she found that side table but I am sure that I’m head over heels for it!

My client came up with the perfect DIY art for above each chair.  She framed calendar paper from the two months that are very important to them (the month they got engaged and the month they got married).

Opposite the leather club chairs is a classic tufted sofa from Macy’s.

I had suggested the brass World’s Aways side table, which is a favorite of mine.

She has another personal art piece – a beautiful watercolor of their home, which was painted by her husband’s aunt.

I encouraged to put the Eames Lounge chair front and center in the room because it is such a showstopper.  My clients inherited not one but two of those chairs.  Lucky ducks!!

Opposite the Eames chair is a gorgeous fireplace.  My clients were hesitant to put the TV on the mantel and so I suggested this great Restoration Hardware easel to hold the TV instead.  This way, they could put their beautiful starburst mirror at the focus of attention.

There were more great personal touches on the mantel such as pictures of places the couple has traveled to –

The client’s mother in law found a fabulous detail for the mantel complete with their last name initial –

I love all the personal additions throughout the room which brings a loving feeling to the room.  However, what really brings love into the room is my clients cute dog, Shelby:

She’s just the perfect final touch.  Thanks for sharing all you have done with your place!  Great work!  To check out more of my client’s beautiful home, you should see her adorable blog: Ann and Pat.

Thanks for sharing Ann, Pat and Shelby.

July 19, 2011 at 6:59 AM 15 comments

My Cup Runneth Over

As I mentioned, it was my birthday recently.  One of the great things about birthdays is pressies!  Don’t I sound spoiled?  But, well, it’s true.  This year was a stellar year in the decor and fashion department for my birthday and I thought I’d share how loved ones helped to gussy up my home and wardrobe.

The hugest thank you goes to my MIL, Glynnis, for actually MAKING me a superb pillow.  Not only did she sew, she also needlepointed!  It’s the most beautiful pillow…


The only issue is now that I get to keep her amazing crafting talent, I may come begging back for more. 🙂

Not only did Glynnis make me this but she and my FIL, Brian, also got me the cutest pair of dog bookends.

It’s a doggy dog world out there and I’m thrilled my collection continues to grow. (For the record, I do realize the proper saying is “a dog eat dog world out there”).

I titled this post: “My Cup Runneth Over” because of all the fabulous gifts but this next one is really where the heart of the title came from.  Thanks to my brother and SIL, Bridget, for my first plant.

I really love the stars on the Italian tea cup and to add in a cactus is just genius to me.

This next gift, I found myself in a tiny antique store and asked my mom if she would go for it for my birthday.  I actually purchased it about four months ago, before I knew we could not switch out the lighting in our apartment…

It’s a Capiz shell pendant light and it looks even more beautiful hung and lit up.  A similar light made an appearance in this month’s, Lonny Mag:

This photo was taken in Nate Burkus Associates office; I’ll admit I let out a squeal when I saw the light in the photo.

And last, but def. not least, because birthdays can’t be all about decor, Graham got me a gorgeous dress for the wedding in Alaska.  He also got me a new pair of jeans.  Okay, okay, so I picked both out and let him know he got me gifts.


(The dress pictured above after the after wedding party).  Graham then wanted to surprise me and got me a gift certificate to one of my favorite local stores: Eel and Ermine.  If you’re local, check them out!  They have beautiful bespoke clothing and the shop owners are so nice!

My cup runneth over this year!  I’m so happy my apartment and wardrobe are now styling.   A huge thank you to those who celebrated my birthday with me on the day, before and after.  They made turning 31 a cinch.

July 18, 2011 at 9:49 AM 7 comments

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!  So, one of my readers got to meet Princess Katherine this past weekend and I just can’t stop thinking about it.  Isn’t she flawless?

So chic.  Love her!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.  I’m going to work on some decor posts for you to go up next week.

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