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Happy Friday

Happy Friday, folks!  What are you gearing up for this weekend?  I’m hoping to have a girls night tonight.  Ladies?  What do you think?  I’ve got some new bling that needs to see the inside of bars…

It’s hard to share the true awesomeness of this beauty.  I picked it up at my favorite local thrift store; it’s circa 1960.  You’ll have to come out with me to really appreciate it. 🙂

I also wanted to buy this car that was for sale on the side of the street.  But, I passed it up…

A 1973 Land Cruiser…pure charm in my book.  Happy Friday!  What are you up to?

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Craigslist Find

We’ve got a little bit of a storage situation going on in our bedroom.  Actually, little situation is an understatement.  We really have zero, zilch, zada room for clothes and yet we seem to have copious amounts of clothing.  They just keep coming and coming.  Every time I clean out my closet, more clothes miraculously appear that need to be stored away.  I know what all you brainiacs are thinking, stop shopping.  But I don’t know that I can commit to that solution.  What I can commit to is another dresser.

So, yesterday I purchased two matching campaign dressers for $80.  Actually one is a dresser and the other is a secretary.  I’m going to put them on either side of our bed.  Matching campaign dressers sounds so luxurious but check out what I actually bought…

Hideous, leaves a gross taste in your mouth, BAD yellow dresser and secretary.  Of course, I was way too impatient to take a decent before picture, but you get the idea.  I went immediately to work on the dresser today (a small miracle that I actually tackled this project in one day) and now, you can see what I was envisioning…

Not bad for $40.  I may paint out the hardware in gold, but that’s a bit ambitious for my track record.  I also like the patina that the hardware has at the moment.

Campaign dressers have been having their heyday in decor and I guess I just added one more to the blogosphere.  While I try my hardest to stay away from trends, sometimes a girl just can’t resist.  Plus, these babies fit the budget. Let’s take a look at what others have done with campaign furniture –

Via Little Green Notebook

Jenny of Little Green Notebook also scored some campaign action and painted hers white.

Via Lonny Mag

Love this green campaign dresser featured in Lonny Mag.

This color has me seriously consider repainting

Love these in black – home to Jamie of ISuwannee .

I almost went with navy blue (I realize this isn’t navy, but it’s close); I ultimately decided white because I really want the dressers to blend into the cream wall as we will have way too much furniture in our bedroom.  Clothes you will soon have a home!  What do you think of campaign furniture?

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Jewelry In Time for Valentine’s Day

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New EmersonMade

I’m in a shopping mood today.  I’m not actually going to buy anything but hopefully posting about clothes will be just as satisfying as buying new clothes – ha, here’s to wishful thinking.

I have posted about Emerson Made in the past, here.  I was lucky enough to receive a clutch that I blogged about for my birthday.  One of my best birthday presents, ever!  I LOVE my clutch – thanks Jill and Katy!!

Lets take a look at what they have in store for Spring…

EM Original Bluebells

Okay, so I’ve been wanting her EM Original jeans for a while now; I’m so pleased wide leg is back in!

Hello, linen topper coat – aren’t you chic?!  My husband just surprised me with a custom made jacket that’s very similar to this one, pretty sure I’ll wear it daily for the rest of my life.

Black and Cream Tuxedo Jacket

This classic tuxedo jacket would be so useful.

For the warmer months ahead, I’m dreaming of this polka dot number.

Dandy and Zebra Clutch

Their clutches come in the cutest boxes, it’s like receiving a Hermes box in the mail.

Doggie Clutch - SOLD OUT!

Too bad this clutch is sold out – you know how I feel about dogs from this post.

Sunday White Wild Rose

This Valentine’s Day, why not sport a giant flower?

Leather and Brass - Emerson Belt

I love the look of this timeless leather belt.

Custom Monogram Linens

Last but not least, you can’t be in a totally cute outfit without a well dressed table to go with it.  I love these monogrammed linens.

All products available at EmersonMade.  Happy shopping!

February 8, 2011 at 8:48 AM 1 comment

Strutin’ Around

Well look at the new lady who has been strutting her stuff over at my place…

The Blu Dot Strut Console Table.  Aint she divine?

I find the watermelon totally radical.  Even though it shows up orange in the photos, it is all watermelon in person.  We’ll see what the man of the house has to say about it.  He’s very clear on a “no more pink” policy and I’m very clear on the fact that I have selective hearing.  Pretty sure he keeps telling me, “more pink.”  What’s that, babe, you also want me to buy this coral coverlet?

No problem, honey.

Back to the console.  This bad boy has been in my hopes and dreams for over a year now and it is so fulfilling to finally own it.  I have been talking to its   saying things like: “Well, hello there sweetie”; “Good morning sunshine.”  You know the usual way people talk to furniture.  And I’m the person who makes fun of people when they have full on conversations with their pets; I’ve gone cookoo for the console.

I have yet to style it.  The only thing that is remaining in the hallway is the Madeline Weinrib lime and yellow striped runner.  Otherwise, mama’s got some stylin’ to do.  I’m off to go converse with my table.

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Graham and I are headed to Mendocino in Northern California for the weekend.  This is the spot where he proposed to me three years ago. We’ll be staying at the JD House; I love it’s nautical, timeless decor…

Happy Friday!!  Enjoy your weekend.

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Stripes Galore

I had a meeting with one of my clients yesterday to check out the striped rug that arrived.  It is fabulous!!  However, you’ll have to wait until the final reveal to see it.  Inspired by the rug, I’m in a stripey mood.  Let’s take a look around and see what’s out there, shall we?

Via Coastal Living

If I could leap into this photo and grab the red and white striped occasional chair, I would in an instant.


Via Coastal Living

This room has gone a bit overboard for my preference; it’s too much pink.

The blush stripes on the two stools make this room for me.

Wow!  What a statement these walls make; I think I would get dizzy after a while, though.

I adore the height of this headboard.

The spots on the rocking horse are the perfect combination with all the stripes.

Via Apartment Therapy

And here’s a little something for those of you who prefer things more minimal and clean.

However you like them, stripes always look good!!

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Mona Ross Berman

Don’t you love how one click leads to another?  By checking out the home of Charlie and Cynthia Szoradi in Philadelphia Home Magazine, I discovered their designer, Mona Ross Berman.  She may be big on the design scene but she is new to me.  She has a very inspiring story to me because her career in design started after she tried out a completely different one; she was a lawyer when she realized that she spent all of her free time thinking about in  decorating.  I can relate, well, not to the lawyer part. 🙂

So happy she made the switch; check out her work…

The pop of color and pattern on the back of the dining room chairs is exquisite.

X marks the spot of one of my favorite color combinations: turquoise and orange.

The royal blue colored wall combined with pops of yellow, white and red really make for an interesting room.

An adorable boutique she designed: Skirt in Bryn Mawr, PA.

I really love her color sense and I wish I could share more of her work with you but I can’t seem to pull the pictures off of her site.  For a more in depth glimpse at her work, check out her portfolio.

February 2, 2011 at 9:26 AM 1 comment

A Color Happy Home

Remember this gorgeous shot from yesterday?

Thankfully, the owner of the home left a comment.  I thought her home was featured in Domino Magazine, but I was incorrect; it was Philadelphia Home .  I usually make sure that I track my references, but I was sick this past weekend and tried to go off of memory.  The owner’s comment lead me to the Philadelphia Home article and more pictures of her lovely, spectacular, colorful and happy home, designed by Mona Ross Berman.

Adding Oomph

The trellis patterned cushioned bench was originally found at an auction by the designer, who updated it with new paint and vibrant fabric.  The classic diamond Stark sisal rug is the perfect pairing to the bench.

Antique and Vintage Pieces

A pink sofa with contrast piping…now y’all know how I feel about pink sofas.

The Master Bath

The Osborne & Little wallpaper backing the glass cabinet adds a glamorous touch for their master bathroom.

Wallpaper Illusions

This painting was created by the home owners very own superstar, their four year old son.  How creative and personal.

The Dining Area

A different perspective of the dining room; the beautiful table belonged to the homeowner’s mother.

Sustainable Kitchen Features

The crisp white kitchen table paired with the vibrant orange on the Chinese Chippendale chairs has me swooning.  Yes, please!

The Owners

The adorable family; they are so lucky to live in a fabulous home!  Thanks for the comment, Cynthia!!

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