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A Work in Progress

A peak into a project I’ve been working on…

I’ve been honored to be working on the most amazing project – a cafe in downtown Los Altos – Bumble.  But this isn’t just any cafe, it’s a play cafe for families.  It is a spot to “gather, meet other parents, enjoy a meal with your children, or relax with friends while the little ones play”.    So families, parents, grandparents, nanny’s, aunts and uncles get ready for the greatest dining experience ever with your special little ones.  Not to mention, the decor will be a real stunner, if I do say so myself. 🙂  


I’ve been working closely with the proprietor, Mary Heffernan, the superstar behind Academic Trainers and Brilliant Babies.  We have found some one of a kind pieces to bring a cozy atmosphere to the cafe, so everyone will feel right at home.

But, before you come on in and kick up your feet, we’ve got some work ahead of us…

Timothy Komo Construction has done a fantastic job working away on transforming the place.  The cottage was most recently an antique shop but the structure has been around for almost 100 years.

All of the walls will be whitewashed and the rafters were painted a cement gray.  It is going to look fabulous.  I’m eager to bring in the decor.   I will keep you posted as the work progresses.  For more information, check out Bumble’s website here.  If you would like help with decorating your home or office, please e-mail me at for rates and various packages.

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DIY Slipcovered Headboard

I found a project yesterday over on Martha Stewart that seems like a very easy DIY to update an old headboard and footboard:

One of the keys is to use thick fabric.  You simply hem the entire slipcover fabric so that it fits over the headboard and footboard then make small strips and attach to slipcover as tabs to tie onto headboard and footboard.  For more detailed directions, click here.

To make the look a bit more modern than the picture shown above, you could paint the headboard and footboard a fun color and use a more modern fabric, like this:

Bengal fabric from LS Fabrics

For another animal print – I love this one…


Sudan available at LS Fabrics.

Or how cute would a glossy white headboard with this fabric for a little girl’s room be?

Fretwork from LS Fabrics

Or one for a little boy’s room, you could paint the headboard blue and use this fabric:


Stacks fabric available here.

The possibilities really are endless.  I find this to be an easy way to spruce up an old headboard and footboard you may have grown tired of.  What do you think?

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Keep it or Sell it?

A while ago, I bought this chair –

Now you must envision some TLC.  Spray paint it white, get a seat cushion made in some chinoiserie fabric and call it a day.  However, projects piled on top of days and this poor chair has been sitting idle in my work shop mom’s garage.  Recently, I’ve felt that I’ll sell it and let someone else do the dirty work.  But then I happened on to this photo…


Via Domino

The end chairs in this dining room shot have a very similar feel to my chair (once fixed up) and I find them gorgeous.

So what to do…keep it or sell it?

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday y’all.  Apparently, it is snowing in 49 states so if you are knee deep in snow this weekend, I hope you are staying warm.  I thought I’d hop onto The Sartoralist and show some outfits to keep you warm and stylin’

Whatever your look, if you are in a winter wonderland, don’t forget to play…

Happy Friday!

All images via The Sartoralist

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Just hack it…

(Visconti Cabinet from Bungalow 5 – $2,300)

When you don’t want to shell out the cash for the real deal (and by “you” I mean me), just hack it…

Take the Ikea Besta

Cut out a pretty design, trace design in pencil onto Besta and then nail in upholstered nail heads where pencil marks are.

For more details, check out Ikea hacker here.  Probably easier said then done but I think it’s a genius idea.

January 13, 2011 at 9:01 AM 2 comments

High/Low Bar Stools

I was on the hunt for some sturdy, rustic polished bar stools for a client and I came across these beauties from Cisco Brothers.

Tilo Stool

The Tilo Stool is even better in person.  It is sturdy, beautifully made and comes from sustainable products.  Cisco Brothers products are handmade in South Central LA, where the owner grew up.  If you live in the Bay Area, there is a Cisco Brothers in Hayes Valley and I urge you to treat yourself to a trip there.  The items may be out of your price range but at least treat your eyes.

Cisco Brothers shop locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles

The Cisco stools that were a great fit for my client run about $600 each, which did not fit into the budget.  However, just yesterday, I was looking at Wisteria’s online catalog, when I happened upon this beauty:


Seems to be a similar idea to the Cisco Brothers’ stool.  This stool goes for $15o each and it is available at Wisteria.  Unfortunately, they are not available until March 30 and so that will not meet my client’s deadline.  I thought I’d pass these finds on to all of you.  Happy shopping!

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Have a cow…

Remember that saying, “don’t have a cow, man?” Why don’t we revive that saying? Speaking of cows, look at the little treasure I pulled out of my mom’s garage…

I did have a cow about it. I heart it! What do you think? Now, to find a spot to hang it…

I’ll admit the cow looks a little weird in the pictures; but, you’re going to have to trust me on this one – it’s great in person. I’m sure that the cow head was a purchase either my dad or my Aunt made; they traded cow decor gifts for years. In fact for my Aunt’s 40th birthday party, they had an amazing “Gone with the Wind” costume theme party and my dad showed up looking like this…

My dad always loved his cowboy side and he cherished when he had cattle at our ranch – that is, until he realized he’d have to quit his day job to be a legit cattle rancher. He had a business card that he always carried with him in his wallet that said, “Don Imwalle ‘Cowboy.'” And that’s it. What else would a real estate developer living in Silicon Valley need? This is probably why I treasure the cow head so much, for my dad, the cowboy.

Dad branding a cow during his short stint as cattle rancher.

January 11, 2011 at 5:27 AM 3 comments

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