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Happy Friday

Happy Friday y’all.  Apparently, it is snowing in 49 states so if you are knee deep in snow this weekend, I hope you are staying warm.  I thought I’d hop onto The Sartoralist and show some outfits to keep you warm and stylin’

Whatever your look, if you are in a winter wonderland, don’t forget to play…

Happy Friday!

All images via The Sartoralist

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Just hack it…

(Visconti Cabinet from Bungalow 5 – $2,300)

When you don’t want to shell out the cash for the real deal (and by “you” I mean me), just hack it…

Take the Ikea Besta

Cut out a pretty design, trace design in pencil onto Besta and then nail in upholstered nail heads where pencil marks are.

For more details, check out Ikea hacker here.  Probably easier said then done but I think it’s a genius idea.

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High/Low Bar Stools

I was on the hunt for some sturdy, rustic polished bar stools for a client and I came across these beauties from Cisco Brothers.

Tilo Stool

The Tilo Stool is even better in person.  It is sturdy, beautifully made and comes from sustainable products.  Cisco Brothers products are handmade in South Central LA, where the owner grew up.  If you live in the Bay Area, there is a Cisco Brothers in Hayes Valley and I urge you to treat yourself to a trip there.  The items may be out of your price range but at least treat your eyes.

Cisco Brothers shop locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles

The Cisco stools that were a great fit for my client run about $600 each, which did not fit into the budget.  However, just yesterday, I was looking at Wisteria’s online catalog, when I happened upon this beauty:


Seems to be a similar idea to the Cisco Brothers’ stool.  This stool goes for $15o each and it is available at Wisteria.  Unfortunately, they are not available until March 30 and so that will not meet my client’s deadline.  I thought I’d pass these finds on to all of you.  Happy shopping!

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Have a cow…

Remember that saying, “don’t have a cow, man?” Why don’t we revive that saying? Speaking of cows, look at the little treasure I pulled out of my mom’s garage…

I did have a cow about it. I heart it! What do you think? Now, to find a spot to hang it…

I’ll admit the cow looks a little weird in the pictures; but, you’re going to have to trust me on this one – it’s great in person. I’m sure that the cow head was a purchase either my dad or my Aunt made; they traded cow decor gifts for years. In fact for my Aunt’s 40th birthday party, they had an amazing “Gone with the Wind” costume theme party and my dad showed up looking like this…

My dad always loved his cowboy side and he cherished when he had cattle at our ranch – that is, until he realized he’d have to quit his day job to be a legit cattle rancher. He had a business card that he always carried with him in his wallet that said, “Don Imwalle ‘Cowboy.'” And that’s it. What else would a real estate developer living in Silicon Valley need? This is probably why I treasure the cow head so much, for my dad, the cowboy.

Dad branding a cow during his short stint as cattle rancher.

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Our Latest Investment Piece

Do you remember when I posted about wanting to have some nautical decor in our apartment? As seen here and here. Well, it’s not exactly nautical but it is unmistakably beachy. This past weekend, Graham invested in our latest “decor” piece.  Let’s see if you can spot it; it blends in so well…

What do you think of his 9’2″ surfboard? I think the board really finishes off the dining room. Truth be told we don’t have a millimeter of space for it so I think it’ll stay in the dining room or we may hang it up in our front hallway and call it “art.” I can turn to one of my favorite beach houses by Krista Ewart for inspiration…

Her outdoor dining with surfboard is a tad bit different then what we’ve got going on over here. Even though the board doesn’t exactly fit into the general theme or general size of our itty bitty apartment, it makes me smile every time I see it, because this means that I’ll officially be married to a surfer (once he learns how) ,and well, let’s face it ladies, that’s hot. 🙂 We bought it this past weekend in Santa Cruz and the board got shotgun…

while I was demoted to back seat.

Happy early birthday, Graham! Can’t wait to watch you shred it…gotta work on my surfer lingo. Now, let’s get back to this Balboa Island beach house designed by Krista Ewart…

Ahhh, to the warm months in our future. Happy Monday!

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! What are your weekend plans looking like? Is it shaping up to be a good time?

Graham and I are going to sneak away to Santa Cruz for a relaxing weekend away, just the two of us. I’m going to seek out some quality time with my favorite blogs (check out the sidebar on my blog “Must Reads” to see what they are) with a large cup of tea….

Print available at MadeByGirl, click here for link. Happy Friday!

My apologies for the late and short post today.  There have been some technical difficulties over at Chez Belchers; it made me realize how dependent I am on the Internet…scary!

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Cheating on Navy

I’ve always been a navy girl. Navy clothes, navy bedding, navy accessories…tried and true navy gal. That is, until now…I’ve been cheating on navy with black.

Oh darlin’ black – you are a seductress, aren’t you?!

Black and White Dining Room Design

Jenna Lyon’s home

Via Living Etc.

Via Apartment Therapy


Via Plush Palate


Via Plush Palate

LOVE! Navy – you know I’ll always come back to you. But I’m the type of girl that can never bring myself to mix navy and black and so for now navy is tucked away in the closet, while black comes out to play. I’ve got a black upholstered headboard coming my way in the mail. Hoo ya!

What do you think of black vs. navy?  Would you ever mix the two?

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Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Did you catch Percey’s home transformation on Design Sponge? It’s just so good, I have to share it!

Here is the before of his guest bedroom:

And here is the after:

Blown away!

Here is the before of his bathroom:

And the after –

White polka dots on chalkboard paint – genius! LOVE IT!

To find out more about Percey’s projects and his shop, click here.

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Rain, Sprain and Pain

No Pain No Gain – right? I’m the exact opposite of athletic so I never really had to deal with the whole No Pain No Gain theory. But I’ve always believed in working hard. This past weekend, I had a wee fall in heels which resulted in a sprained ankle. You know that whole not athlectic thing? Yeah – I’m talking extremely uncoordinated; it doesn’t take much for me to fall.

Sunday was the Alameda Flea Market and I was determined to go for a client. It was raining out and I was on crutches but I refused to let that stop me. My husband felt so sorry for me that he decided to come along and help me out. Thank goodness he did! I couldn’t have done it alone.

Luckily, after hoofing it across the parking lot, they had wheel chairs to give to customers in distress. The greeters offered me a wheel chair and I said, “no”, thinking I could handle everything. After about five minutes, we returned for the wheelchair. Crutches are not as fun as they look.

The vendors must have felt sorry for me because one person gave me a blanket and the other a slice of pizza. I was treated like royalty while my husband did all the work. I would point to things and he would have to go in, ask for pricing and hold the items up to take pictures to e-mail to my client.

Thank you, Graham! Nice work!! Aren’t I the luckiest girl?

We walked away with some wonderful finds for my client and I’m eager for install day. Here’s a glimpse at some of the various items being sold at Alameda this past Sunday…

Luckily, the rain stopped just as we arrived and it didn’t resume raining until after we left. It was a very successful trip and a lot of fun; plus, the wheelchair made it very easy to carry everything.

P.S. My ankle is doing much better. It’s amazing how much faster it heels when you actually give it a rest. I still have a funky limp but I’m getting there.

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To Continue On…

Fellow bloggers, Erin, Crystal, Bri and Anne wrote the most inspiring posts and I decided I wanted to copy the idea. For the new year, they decided to do away with resolutions…who needs them anyway?! Why do we always have to look for what’s wrong with ourselves and in need of change? Instead, they reflected on all the things that they would not change about themselves, the bits that made them proud from 2010 and they’d like to continue on.

I decided to give this a shot…

I will continue posting five days a week on my blog and I’m proud I actually accomplished that last year.

I will continue to tap into my creative side both in design and with writing.

I will continue to be a loving wife who strives to make a happy home.

I will continue to be a loving daughter and sister who works hard at keeping each family member cared for and appreciated.

I will continue to work hard for my clients and strive to capture exactly what they are looking for.

I will continue to reach out to new people and engage in new friendships.

I will continue to maintain the tried and true friendships that have lasted the test of time.

I will continue to overcome my fear of flying and embrace travel.

I will continue to be proud to be me.

I hope that each and every one of you is proud to be you. NOW, please don’t leave me hanging as the only person who has puffed out her feathers. I beg of you to comment back with what you are proud of for yourself. It’s a new year but the same you and you should be very proud of that person! Let’s hear it, what will you continue?


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