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J. Jill

I have to admit that I had always thought of J. Jill as a perfect resource for my mom to shop for clothes.  It is a store she has shopped for a long time.  But, I didn’t think of it as a place for me to shop.  Recently, I was at my mom’s house flipping through the catalog and I was pleasantly surprised.

Alpaca Blend Cardigan

Tall Riding Boots

Vineyard Tweed Cardigan

Lucy foil bloch flats

Corso Como Beaded Flats

What do you think of J. Jill?  Potential?  Click here to shop them online.

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Antique Turkish Kilims

Every since our trip to Turkey last year, I’ve had the little thought in my head that an antique turkish kilim would complete our home.  Although, I don’t think our home will be completed with such a piece as they are pricey.  When we were in Istanbul, we went to the rug houses where we drank massive amounts of apple tea and admired rug after rug after rug.  My husband was a real trooper for sitting through these sessions as even I tired of them.  We walked away without a rug but with a fun experience.

Here was an image I had in my mind for inspiration on a Turkish Kilim:

Image via Elle Decor – Turkish Kilim from Double Knot

Well, when you can’t travel back to a country for another look, E-Bay can always come to the rescue.  I didn’t find any kilims today that spoke to me, but I did find this great pillow made from an antique kilim.

Available here.


November 15, 2010 at 10:17 AM 1 comment

Happy Friday

That’s right – it’s that time of the week again – weekend time.  Kick up them feet and RELAX or put your feet to the test and dance the wee nights away.  Graham and I will be doing a combo.  Probably lying low Friday night and then going to a Thanksgiving party with friends Saturday night.  Nothing like a big meal to bring on the holiday cheer.

I’m going to leave you off this week with a recipe for Persimmon Mojitos.  I haven’t tried them but with the final days of our San Francisco Indian summer upon us, I figured this is the perfect combo of summer and autumn.

Persimmon Mojito


Crushed ice

6 ounces light rum

8-10 mint sprigs

4 tablespoons fresh squeezed lime juice

Simple syrup (about 4 tablespoons sugar to 4 tablespoons water combined) to taste

2-3 tablespoons persimmon puree, (fuyu variety)

Club soda

2 lime slices


Puree persimmons (remove skin), in a blender or juicer.

Place ice in a beverage shaker, add rum, bruised mint leaves, lime juice, and sugar mixture. Shake well and serve over ice in a high ball glass. Add the persimmon puree and combine gently, and top off with club soda. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint leaves.

What are you up to this weekend?

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I spent $20 and…

I spent $20 the other day and I walked away with this –

Not bad for one Jackson.  The chair will eventually sit in my bedroom; it’s patiently waiting for a re-upholstery job.  This one will be done by the professionals as I like the double welt and that’s over my head.  Here are some of the fabric choices I’m considering (our bedding will eventually be navy and white).

Navy and white houndstooth with a coral double welt.

Navy and white chinoroise pattern with orange welt.

Or this pattern in the gray and white colorway with navy welt.

These are all fabric samples that are going out to clients so I may pick something else entirely but it’s easy to see that some new fabric will make a big difference.  I’m leaning towards the houndstooth with a coral double welt.  I also think this chair is screaming for a black or charcoal linen seat to bring up the sophisticated look.

What do you think?

November 11, 2010 at 7:56 AM 15 comments

Decorator Showhouse Part 2

Well this more like “Decorator Showhouse ATTEMPT 2”.  I heard that my photos did not show up in yesterday’s post.  Sorry about that!  Since my I phone shots were nothing to write home about.  I thought I’d share with you the great ones that Cristin over at The Simplified Bee took of the showhouse.

Elle Decor Showhouse Gary Spain Living Room

Living room by Gary Spain

Elle Decor Showhouse Palmer Wiess Breakfast Area Kitchen

Breakfast nook by Palmer Weiss

Elle Decor Showhouse Palmer Wiess Kitchen stove backsplash tile

Kitchen by Palmer Weiss

Elle Decor Showhouse Steven Volpe Dining Room

Dining Room by Steven Volpe

elle decor showhouse Jay Jeffers Master Bedroom

Master bedroom by Jay Jeffers

Elle Decor Showhouse Jay Jeffers Master Bath

Master bath by Jay Jeffers

Elle Decor Showhouse Grant Gibson Tween Bedroom

Bedroom by Grant K. Gibson

Elle Decor Showhouse Suzanne Tucker Bedroom Twin Beds

Bedroom by Suzanne Tucker

Elle Decor Showhouse Erin Martin Media Family Room

Media and family room by Erin Martin

Elle Decor Showhouse Kendall Wilkinson Foyer Chandelier

Foyer by Kendall Wilkinson

Elle Decor Showhouse Will Wick Library Den

Library by Will Wick

The entire house had a very cohesive look this took a great amount of collaborating – bravo to all the designers for creating a spectacular home.

November 10, 2010 at 8:00 AM 8 comments

Elle Decor Decorator Showhouse

Yesterday, I gave a weekend recap.  However, I didn’t share my entire weekend with you.  On Friday night, I went with my friend Shannon to the Elle Decor Decorator Showhouse.  It was an awesome experience!  It felt like walking through the pages of a shelter magazine.  I’ve never been that close to a completely perfect house before.  Not to mention at the turn of each corner stood a designer I’ve looked up to forever.

Unfortunately, many of my I-phone pictures did not turn out and I should have been more snap happy but I was just so enamored by the big name designers that I lost sight of picture taking.  Not to worry though, there will be a 14 page spread in an upcoming issue of Elle Decor.

A professional photographer did take this shot of my friend Shannon and me:

Shannon looked awesome in white and black.  I wore a black dress from Max Mara and a satin jacket.

The photos that came out best on my I phone are from the bathroom and room by Suzanne Tucker.  Check out the tiling on this bathroom floor…

The tiled floor goes perfectly with this wallpaper –

The guest bath was adjoined to this amazing guest bedroom.  I fell in love with the twin bed frames….

This next picture did not come out as well but you can get a feel for the master bedroom by Jay Jeffers

I really loved this rope ball in the next photo…

And here is a perfect little scene with Serena and Lily furniture – one of my favorite places to shop!

Lastly, this isn’t the best photo – but there was a touch of snake skin in the bathroom, which I’ve blogged about before as a trend that I love.

It was a wonderful night and I had the opportunity to speak with Jay Jeffers, Grant K. Gibson and Palmer Weiss; they were all so nice.  I’m sorry my pictures didn’t come out but I look forward to sharing the professional Elle Decor shots when they hit newsstands.

November 9, 2010 at 8:26 AM 6 comments

Weekend Recap

I don’t often share photos of my weekends but this past Saturday night was so hilarious that I need to share. You can get a glimpse into how silly my family is…some call it silly, others perhaps crazy. However you see it, we sure have fun!

For my mom’s 65 birthday, she requested that we dress like old people. Here’s how we embraced the dress up challenge:

Bridget had the best costume – Floridian traveler sort of a look (she even had a handbag filled with medication and dentures) Graham and I went for the pulled up sweats tucked in shirt look and felt that a little blue hair really finished off my outfit!

Miles looked confused with his mismatched clothing.

Graham and I in 50 years.

The birthday girl decided to dress up as the “worst type of old person attire,” “the old person who dresses too young” – hot outfit mom!

Brittany went for the refined old lady with a beautiful shawl and plenty of pearls.

Joe went for the “senile” old man look with orthopedic shoes on the wrong feet.

Donald went as the old man still reliving his high school football days, complete with a massive gut and superman underwear.

Lucy went as the pervy old man trolling the retirement home for chicks.

We did also have some very serious work to do this weekend; we were artists. We strove to emulate the work of Andy Goldworthsy. I’d give all of us A for effort.

Not to worry, even with all of our hard artist work, we still found time for play –

It was a fantastic weekend and we’d like to thank dad for looking out for us on the weather front. It was supposed to rain on Saturday but instead it was nothing but sunshine for our art creations. Sunday it rained, however that provided time for a fire and games.

What a fantastic weekend!

November 8, 2010 at 7:58 AM 14 comments

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