Stationary Memories

October 5, 2010 at 8:16 AM 4 comments

One of the challenges and blessings of moving back home is the constant reminder of my dad.  There are many bittersweet moments when you lose someone you love.  Just this past weekend, we spent a wonderful Saturday night at my dad’s business partner of 30 year’s daughter’s wedding.  We sat at a table surrounded by some of my dad’s number one fans.  It was great fun telling and listening to stories about him.  While at the Flea Market on Sunday, I ran into one of his best friends from college onward.  He was wearing my dad’s hat and he was so happy to see me and I him.  We talked about dad briefly.

My dad (with his shirt off) one of his best buds, Bim (who I ran into on Sunday) and me (about to be told to take that thumb out of my mouth).

These moments are difficult but rewarding because there is nothing more that I like than to think of the good times with my dad.  If you ever feel compelled to tell me a story about him, I am all ears!!  Yesterday, a reminder of my dad greeted me at my e-mail inbox.  It was a posting by Katie Armor, of the blog The Neo Traditionalist, for stationary.  Funny that stationary would send me into a tailspin of tears, but it did.

This stationary pretty much sums up my dad’s loves, minus his Kaky (his nickname for mom), his family, his friends and his Imwalle red wine.

Ever the fisherman, he had all of us kids on the stream as soon as possible.  The first fish I caught was around the age of five, with my dad; I thought I did all the work with landing the fish, even though I’m sure that Dad did most of it.  When we had the fish in our hands, I looked at Dad and said, “Look Daddy, it’s a rainbow.”  I swear he thought I must be a genius because I had indeed caught a rainbow trout.  I will never forget how happy that comment made him.

Dad had a tradition of giving specific monumental gifts at certain ages.  Even though these gifts would seem like “boy” gifts, he insisted on also giving them to his little girl.  When you turned eight in my family, you got to go with Dad to Mel Cotton’s in San Jose for a pocket knife.  It was a very big deal!   I’ll never forget riding in the car with dad and planning out my pocket knife; I came home with a pink one that I still have today.

Dad was a top sider wearing man; the more worn out the shoes, the better.  When I was little I used to put my tiny feet inside them and clunk around the house, just loving to be in his shoes.  I now have my own worn-in pair of top siders as I continue to try to follow in his footsteps to a well-lived, well loved life.

My life is well lived as I am always saying yes to opportunities and experiences that come my way and that has made life all the richer.  It is also very well loved.  I am incredibly blessed to have you all as readers.  Your support and comments mean the world to me.  And I have the greatest group of friends locally and across the country.  I have the most amazing family that makes a world of difference to be close to again.  I have my hubby who got me flowers yesterday sensing my struggles with grief even though I hadn’t said anything about it to him; he knows me so well.  I am blessed and I thank each and every one of you for blessing me!

The flowers which I also pass on to you virtually as a thank you.

(Stationary is available at Gadabout)

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  • 1. Katy  |  October 5, 2010 at 11:00 AM

    I love that photo of you on Bim’s lap. What a special bond your Dad created between you and his friends. That’s lucky. Did you know: I always read the contract that your Dad & Co. drew up when you were born about you learning to fly fish? I thought it was so clever, so funny and so full of love. I’m pretty sure I even read it on your wedding day! I love your story about the pink pocket knife, that’s precious. I hope I get to hug you this week, and I feel blessed knowing that’s a real possibility.

  • 2. katecollinsinteriors  |  October 5, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    Katy, that is so great to hear. I love that contract! Gene, my Godfather and dad’s best friend for life, wrote that up for me at my baptism. I wrote one for my Goddaughter, Elise. Gene and my mom are headed up to Shasta this week for a memorial fish in dad’s honor. He always had a strong bond with his friends and I’m lucky to have the same. You are an incredible blessing in my life!

  • 3. mom  |  October 6, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    this is a wonderful blog. I just got home from the ranch where I always think of the great times we had as a family oh so very many times.
    Love, Mom

  • 4. nowisgoodblog  |  October 7, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Aw. I think I really would have liked your dad. And that I’d like you. Big hugs today and a few days late.


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