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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Time to prepare for the day of Sun.

Oh yes, what a delight

It’s almost Halloween Night

Put on some black and give out a cackle,

Or go as a 49er that doesn’t know how to tackle.

Wear mismatched clothes and a wig

Or better yet, all pink and go as a pig.

Sport some glasses ‘n plaid as a nerd

Or get a group of teeny boppers and go as a heard.

Throw on a sheet and be a convincing ghost

Or put out some candy and call yourself a host.

Whatever your costume choice,

Make sure to have a scary voice.

For there will be millions of kids in sight

in need of a humongous fright!

Muhahahaha – Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen


October 29, 2010 at 5:30 AM 10 comments

Costume Round-Up

It’s almost time to get spooky.  Halloween is right around the corner.  If you’re like me, you don’t have a costume yet.  So,  I thought I’d check out ETSY and see what’s available.  It would be a close call but you may be able to get the costume overnight delivered in time for Sunday’s Halloween.

Adult Halloween Loch Ness Sea Monster Costume Custom Size

For $150 you could go as a Loch Ness Monster.

Or how about Bigfoot Sasquatch?

Adult Size prissy peacock

For just $60, you could be a “prissy peacock” – I love the mask!

Santarchy - Mrs. Claus Costume

You could start prepping for the Christmas season early, and go as Mrs. Clause.

Monster Zombie Potato Adult Halloween Costume

Of course, there is always the Monster Zombie Potato.

….My favorite….

Banana Slug Adult Halloween Costume

the banana slug!!!  Growing up with a ranch in Santa Cruz, I’ve seen a ton of banana slugs in my life time and I love them.  This costume has got my vote!

What would you or are you going to dress up as?

October 28, 2010 at 7:24 AM 1 comment

High-Low Contrast

Elle Decor is co-hosting a showhouse with the Junior League of San Francisco.  It’ll be open November 4 -21; I’ll be attending the opening gala, which I couldn’t be more excited about.  One of the rooms that I’m most anxious to see is the girl’s room created by Grant K. Gibson.

Here is the sketch of how he envisions the room:

Isn’t it fantastic?  I love the bold colors and pattern.  Grant was having trouble finding the perfect zebra fabric for the headboard and bedskirt.  Then, he came across a fabulous zebra pattern one day at Target in the form of sheets.  He grabbed some King sized sets and had them turned into this…

I love it when designers who have access to very high end fabrics get creative and turn to the money saving solution.  Although not everything is low end.  The real show stopper in the room will be the de Gourney wallpaper he had hand painted for the room.  Wow!

Show-stopper!!  I’m so excited to see the room; I’ll be sharing photos on my blog after the event.

October 27, 2010 at 7:36 AM 1 comment

Twighlight TasteMaker Sale

Is anyone else as crazy for the One Kings Lane Tastemaker sales as I am?  I get giddy for each one!  They happen every Tuesday at 6PM (pacific time) and every Saturday at 8 AM (pacific time). One Kings Lane is an online discount store for decor and the Tastemaker sales are when hot designers get to sell items that they own, for a fraction of the retail price.  Tastemaker sales are really the creme de la creme of sales because they are very selective in the designers they choose.

I’m especially excited for tonight’s tastemaker sale: Tori Mellot.  Tori was the decoration editor for Domino, creative deputy director of merchandising at Martha Stewart Living and is currently the project designer for the Nate Burkus show.  What a dream resume!  I want to be her!

Not only does she have a kick@$$ resume, she also has the most stylish apartment:

I could feel my heart skip a beat when I first saw those striped walls

Doesn’t it make a huge impact?  And the lighting really grabs your attention.  I desperately want that scallop edge coffee table…I wonder if it’ll be for sale tonight.

Love the happy wallpaper (Manuel Canovas “Jouvance” in Anis wallpaper) with the Kelly Green cabinets (paint color – “Bed of Prime” by Pratt and Lambert).

And after all that color and pattern, the simplicity of her bedroom hits such a soothing note.  Guess the square footage on this badboy apartment…450 square feet!  Yep – even small places can be stylish to boot.

If you are not already a member of One King’s Lane, sign up today – it’s worth it!  (You can either click on wherever it says “One King’s Lane” in this post or send me an e-mail and I’ll invite you to join:  You have to get to the sales quickly because the items sell out fast!

October 26, 2010 at 7:24 AM 3 comments

Python Praise

Today, I’ve got to give some praise to python in decor. FAUX python, of course! Lately, I’ve been loving just a touch of animal print in a room. One of the greatest places, I’ve seen it used recently is the bathroom, a fun way to add in some glamor.

Lindsay Coral Harper – punchy red accents are a fantastic fit!

It seems that every issue of Lonny lately has a python tray in it – may be an overdone look, but I still love it!

The necessary tray to corral all bathroom essentials.

Remember Betsy Burnham’s teenage daughter’s room? Now check out her bathroom…

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Betsy Burnham bathroom – love this custom made faux python mirror with the Katie Ridder wallpaper – perfection!

How about this x base faux python stool…

In terms of a bathroom space, wouldn’t it look great next to a bathtub centered in the room with a black base…a la Jenna Lyon’s bathroom?

Actually, Jenna’s should be left as is – but a black bathroom along those lines would be great with a touch of python.

Of course, faux python doesn’t have to remain in the bathroom. I’m considering covering cushions for our dining room table benches in faux python or I may use it for the piping and do the base in gray faux ostrich.

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Yummy! Fingers crossed these cushions make it into the budget!!

October 25, 2010 at 7:22 AM 2 comments

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you are excited for your weekend plans.  What are you up to?

I’m not much of a sports fan, in general.  But, I’ve got to take time out this Friday to dedicate a post to the Giants.  I won’t talk about what happened last night, rather about how we’re going to win on Saturday.  Go Giants!  To cheer them on – here are some orange rooms I adore (orange and black are their colors).

I love the deep persimmon color on the walls of this sitting room.

orange floor in loft

The orange floors really add to the retro vibe of this home.

Geoffrey Bradfield designed this room for the 2008 Kips Bay Show House – go bold or go home, right?

I love the pops of orange throughout Kathryn Ireland’s Ojai home.

Happy Friday!  Go Giants!!

October 22, 2010 at 7:15 AM 2 comments

HSN Fever

Two of my absolute favorite gentlemen, I have never met before. I will probably never meet them. But I am in love with them. Who are these men? Well, Nate Berkus and Jonathan Adler, of course! Natey and Jon Jon (we’re on a nickname basis) are so sweet. They know that I have caviar taste with a beer budget and so they are graciously selling the cutest household items on HSN for an affordable price! Oh you two, shouldn’t have….come see what they’ve done for me…

Nate Berkus current HSN loves:

Gilt Bamboo coffee table for $189.95!

Studio sofa in Ikat Graphite: $429.90

Herringbone Throw: $14.97

Dhurrie Rug: 8’x10′ – $399.95

These are all items that I have seriously considered putting in my own home. Now on to Jon Jon (Jonathan Adler) who I believe is new to HSN –

Ceramic table lamp: $149.95

Greek Key Woven Throw: $49.95

Zebra Rug 5×7: $999.95

Now that you see all the great work these two gents have been doing for HSN, are you also in love? Thanks to reader, Katie, for helping me think up today’s topic!

October 21, 2010 at 7:14 AM 10 comments

Teenage Angst Banished

I think it’s impossible for Betsy Burnham’s teenage daughter to experience the typical teenage angst in her gorgeous, cheerful room. It’s just way too pretty and cool to be angry. I have been swooning over her room for a while now – it was designed by her very hip mother, designer Betsy Burnham. I thought it was about time, I shared it with all of you. I’ve loved it so much that the walls inspired the green color in a guest room, I’m just finishing up the touches on (pictures of project coming soon).

What a cool room! I love the colors, patterns and eclectic mix of objects around the room – yet, it all feels incredibly cohesive. I wish I could have had that room as a teenager – or now, for that matter! Photos from Decor Demon.

October 20, 2010 at 6:58 AM 11 comments

Coffee Filters, Paper Lantern and Patience

Coffee filters, paper lantern and patiences…that’s all it takes….well, that and a whole lotta glue – to make this:

This beautiful chandelier was made by Nichole of Parlour Home Blog; she is a creative genius.  I’m feeling it peeps.  It is beautiful!!  Plus, this is one of those things that you could do in front of TV and watch endless marathons of your favorite show.  Her light took over 12,000 coffee filters!

Here is a photo with her DIY instructions

“I thought a picture was worth a thousand words.  I’m not much for crumpling, just close placement.”  I know Nichole used a glue gun.  I think it’s pretty self explanatory and I’m thinking it may be just what my living room or bedroom is asking for.  I think I’ll go smaller on the size though.  If mine doesn’t take a crazy amount of time, I might also try spray painting it.  But, I’m afraid the spray paint would crumple the paper.  What do you think?

October 19, 2010 at 7:16 AM 10 comments

Guess who wants a dog?

Graham and I do!  We have really wanted a dog for a little over a year now. We can’t have one in this apartment, nor could we in our last. So we’ve decided to do what any good therapist would tell us not to do and fill this void with material possessions…

Ummmmm….you think I’ve gone a little dog crazy?! And the one thing I still regret not buying at the Alameda Flea market was a large white porcelein dog….really?!


I honestly think about it every single day. Have I turned into the old lady and her cats? More like the young-ish lady and her needlepoint/ceramic/painted dogs. These items are actually spread around our apartment but I tell you I can’t get enough of it. I’m in love with our canine friends!!

Perhaps I should cover our new chair cushions:

With this fabric

To Best Friends Collection

Joking. I promise not to go crazy with dogs. Do you have a particular animal that pops up in your decor or a real animal or both?

October 18, 2010 at 5:30 AM 13 comments

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