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Now that’s clever…

My husband has a bike, but the closest spot we have to store it is at my mom’s house (a 45 minute drive away). So if he wants to hop on his bike on a sunny San Francisco day, he has to get in his car and wade through traffic before arriving at my mom’s residence to bike outdoors. Not so convenient.

The other day, I saw this new contraption on Apartment Therapy and I thought to myself, “now that’s clever.”

Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham

For those of you living in a shoe box like us, you can still have a spot to store your bike.

Bike shelf available at his site: knife & saw.

Chris also makes beautiful custom furniture, like this work-table:

I don’t think I would ever leave my desk with that beauty.

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Removable Fabric Wallpaper: Just the Ticket!

We have a long hallway as you enter our new apartment that is just screaming for something to be done to it.  The walls are painted in an eggshell white and they are not to be re-painted, according to my landlord.  Renting can really put the kabosh on a lot of things.  But a little determination can get you a long way.

Just yesterday, I read about applying cornflower and water to fabric so that it will stick to walls and act as a wallpaper.  Luckily, the fabric can be removed and the walls can be cleaned up without damaging the paint.

Here are some examples where people used fabric and starch.

Now that is stunning work; I’m sure like anything else, it is much harder to do then it looks.


Image via Apartment Therapy

That little strip of fabric above the kitchen door frame adds so much to the already beautiful kitchen, so inspiring.

It would also be fun to add a ribbon as a trim.  Has anyone tried this before?

At the moment, I’m thinking I would choose between these two fabrics for my walls but I’m actually planning to just do from the frieze molding up and maybe if I”m totally ambitious, the ceiling.

Waverly Sale - Waverly Spa and Brown - Chippendale Fretwork Chocolate

Waverly Chippendale Fretwork Chocolate, only $12.95 per yard, available here.

Waverly Sale - Waverly Outdoor Promotional Fabrics - Lovely Lattice Lagoon

Lovely Lattice Lagoon by Waverly, only $10.95 per yard, also available here.

I’ll let you know if this DIY project happens.

In case you would like to give it a try, you can find detailed instructions for making the wallpaper paste, here.

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From a Sofa to a Settee

If you read this blog regularly then you know that Graham and I could not fit our sofa up our stairwell. Our beautiful sofa has been sold to a sweet couple. They were thrilled to have it, which made it easier to let go of.

I knew that a settee would fit into our living room and that we would have no problem fitting it up the stairwell. So I jumped on a settee that came up for sale on Craigslist on Sunday afternoon. As luck would have it, I happened to be looking ten minutes after she had posted it. Graham and I headed straight to her house to pick it up and we were left breathless to be in such a stunning home. So from a breathtaking mansion to my humble abode it went.

It is in perfect condition and I don’t mind the fabric, although I was never going for an emerald-green velvet settee but beggars can not be choosers. For now, it is staying. Plus, it was a steal at $200! I’m on the hunt for one more settee or love-seat so that Graham and I could each lay out on our own settee’s and watch TV. If we didn’t have this whole need to lie down to watch movies, I would pair the settee with these two chairs in a heartbeat!

Chairs available at Paris Hotel Boutique.

LOVE! Aren’t they nothing short of splendid?! That firey red-orange has me pumped! Well, if you do ever buy them, please let me know so I can live vicariously through you!

If I can’t manage to tie the settee into everything else that resides in the living room, it may go into our dining room to create a seating area by our bay windows as a spot to enjoy chocolate cake and mint tea. Scrumptious

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Dorothy Draper Espana Chest

For a couple of years now, I have admired Dorothy Draper’s Espana Bunching Chest in decor magazines and in stylish movies. I believe, the Espana Chest was designed by Dorothy Draper by invitation of the Spanish government to design a collection to raise the profile of Spanish design in the International market. Profile raised; this is a classic piece.

(Dorothy Draper – with such impeccable style.)

I figured that while I could always admire the Espana Chest from afar, it would be a while, if ever, that I could be an owner of such a beauty. There is only one currently listed on e-bay and it is selling for $4,200. There is also one available on ETSY for $1,200, that is in serious need of repair, one of the sides has fallen off.

(Espana Bunting Chest became more of a hot item when featured in SATC movie, Vogue office)

Love the Espana chest, but I can not justify spending that kind of money. However, this past weekend, I went to check out the Candlestick Antique Market. As I was driving around to the flea market entrance, I was looking at the goods through the chain linked fence (instead of looking at the road); I spotted a Draper Espana Chest at one of the booths. Still in the car, not even to the entrance yet, I could not get into the flea market fast enough. I’m surprised I didn’t run anyone over because I was so focused on the chest, I forgot I was driving a behemoth of a car (Land Cruiser Toyota). I parked the car, safely, without hurting anyone and I practically ran to the stand, astounded that I could possibly own a Draper Espana chest!!

(Image via House Beautiful)

Upon approaching the stand in my crazed walk/run, woman on a mission sort of way, I told myself that I would not spend more than $500, which would be in the budget but would mean I would have to sacrifice on other things. But I couldn’t get images of other beautiful homes where Draper chests out of my mind.

(Via Elle Decor)

I made it to the booth and examined the chest while the dealer spoke with another customer. As any other flea market customers approached the chest, I hovered over the Espana with great exaggeration. The dealer finally comes over and says he’s asking $125. I’m nearly lying my entire body over the chest, claiming it as best I can. As nonchalantly as I can, I say “I’ll do $100” as if I didn’t really care all that much for the piece I was now straddling for dear life. The dealer replied, “Well, because I like you, I’ll give it to you for $100” SOLD!!

I literally hear other couples grown as I win out on the piece. Sorry peopes. You have to be on a mission, like mui!

Now there is a catch. Isn’t there always?! It is in poor condition. There are some scratches in the paint but not deep enough where it hurt the wood and the hardware needs to be brought back to its original shine. Luckily, the gold is still in perfect condition. From my research so far, I believe that it is not a fake and the dealer was telling the truth. If it is a rip off, at least I only paid $100 for it.

I do have my work cut out for me and I’m nervous. I don’t want to mess with such a potentially valuable piece. So I may turn to the professionals on this one. What do you think? Do I save money and restore it myself or do I at least call around for some quotes to restore it? I’m thinking I try to figure out if it’s real or a knock off and if it is the real deal get it professionally cleaned up.

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Friday couldn’t have come fast enough this week because I want Graham to help me out with some heavy lifting around the apartment. And we have a little wire project to tackle. You see, we want the TV to reside on the opposite side of the room of our outlet. Don’t wires just make you crazy?!

I wanted to update some photos for you of our apartment; I apologize in advance for the terrible quality of the photos. I took them with my I Phone instead of using our Cannon because I’ve been really short on blogging time this week.

What I showed you earlier in the week

Some sneak peaks of the apartment coming along…

Currently, our only seating in the living room; we have to find a couch that fits up our stairwell. I have a Madeline Weinrib rug to go down and I will be adding in more color. In case you are wondering…the gray velvet barrel back chairs are from Pottery Barn, the leather pillows are from Pottery Barn, the coral crewel pillow we picked up in Turkey last year, the brown throw is from Crate and Barrel and the tripod lamp is from Pottery Barn. I swear I do shop at more stores than Pottery Barn! For instance, my bookshelf items come from all over…

The bookcase itself is from Ikea; I believe it cost $20 and I painted it gray.

A closeup of the bookshelf –

The wood shark is from a tiny town in South Africa (yes, I carried that home on the plane); I used wood shoe forms as book ends, which I picked up at a flea market in Chicago; the little Jonathan Adler white dog paper weight was a gift from my sister-in-law and I love it! Thank you, Brittany! The blue and white porcelain dog on the bottom shelf I picked up yesterday; I am planning on adding it to my shop but as for now I’m far too in love with it to part with it. The flower print is from my oh so talented cousin, Julia Lynn – here is her website. I will be doing a post on her work in the future; she is amazing. (I will be hanging the print and centering it in the frame; it seems to have slipped when moving).

I think I win the most improved award for the week. I have to give the biggest thanks to my mom who came up here and saved the day. Whenever she caught me staring at boxes with an overwhelmed look on my face, she told me snap out of it and get back to work. Exactly what I needed! Thanks mom; you are the best!!

We still have lots of work to go…so it’s time I head back to it.

Happy Friday everyone!! What are you up to? We have drinks with friends tonight and our nephews third birthday party tomorrow, plus lots of apartment work. Speaking of birthdays, this sweet little niece of mine turned 1 yesterday.

Isn’t she the cutest?! Happy birthday, Abby! Photo taken by Helen Bae Photography.

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John Derian

john derian

So I’m way behind in breaking the news on this one. I had read about John Derian doing a line for target and I tucked that tidbit of news away in hopes that it would pop into my head the day before his products hit target stores and I would write a post about it. Of course moving, traveling and wedding attending became priority and I let the news tidbit slip away from my mind.

Here it goes, a day late and a buck short. John Derian products have hit target stores and they are scrumptious. Sadly some of the best items have already sold out on but that doesn’t mean they aren’t at a Target near you.

Drool worthy:

The tiered trays sold out online. Did anyone snatch it up?

If you would like to splurge on some furniture, John Derian has beautiful pieces. They are not available at Target, unfortunately:

Geranium Sofa

Coop Bench

Butterfly Chair

He also has the most beautiful Moroccan rugs:

If I find an extra couple thousand dollars lying around my home one day, I’m purchasing one of his Moroccan rugs. Actually, scratch that, I will buy myself a ticket to Morocco and pick up my rug there.

Go to his website, here, to check out a retail location near you.

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Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Oh man oh man. Warning, if you love jewelry but are not in the market for any at the moment, you may not want to read any further. I’m guessing you might fall in love with these jewels. I sure did. And I am NOT in the market for fine jewelry. I’m not even in the market for street jewelry under $5. But alas, I must share it with you….

Satomi Kawakita makes the most exquisite pieces. I have fallen hard for them.

The ring that stole my heart – a one of a kind gray diamond.

Her prices are very reasonable; you can go to her website here. Satomi is located in New York; she sells her jewelry at Matter and Steven Alan. Happy shopping!

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