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Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday, friends!  Nothing but the weekend ahead…isn’t that nice?!

My cup runneth over this week.  Last Friday we moved (for a couple of months) to New York.  It was exhilarating to be back in New York.  We spent the weekend celebrating my 30th just Graham and I.  Then on Monday,Graham had his first day at work, which is the start of a career he is incredibly excited for.  On Monday evening my mom, brother and sister-in-law arrived in New York to celebrate my birthday and to hang out in New York.  On Tuesday I turned 30 and we did it up right with a fabulous lunch in SoHo (where Run DMC’s daughter sat at the table across from us), drinks at the stylish Crosby Hotel and a delicious dinner at Il Buco.  Wednesday was all about famous New York things to do: the Russian Tea Room, saw the hit Broadway show, “Promises, Promises” and then Philharmonic play live in central park (complete with fireworks).  On Thursday I got back on a plane for Seattle to help out my best friend for her final preparations before her wedding on Saturday.

So here I am in Seattle, a newly 30 New Yorker (huge exaggeration – always a Californian but I like the sound of it temporarily) with a big time hubby and an absolutely gorgeous best friend who is glowing.  Like I said, my cup runeth over.

I can not wait for Lauren’s wedding!!  Nothing in the entire world makes me happier then seeing Lauren this happy.  She is an amazing woman who deserves nothing but the best and that is exactly what she is getting with Brent.  He is the greatest!  I’m sure I’ll be a blubbering mess on Saturday.   Trust me the site is gorgeous, her dress is perfect and every last detail is divine.  Pictures to come.

Have a happy weekend everyone!  Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and all of your constant support – it keeps me going!  I promise next week will be all about design posts.

Lauren’s wedding will be on the breathtaking Island of Port Ludlow.  Today, I will end with pictures of the Island…just imagine how beautiful this wedding will be…


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Thank You

Wow!  As my mother-in-law often says, “Life is good.”  I am so incredibly blessed with amazing friends (each and every one of you, even if we haven’t met…please know that I think of you as a friend) and a loving family.  One of my greatest blessings is my husband.  He gave me a gift that I have always wanted, the most self-indulgent kind of all – no, not a box of chocolates being spoon fed to me while getting massaged…I said, the most indulgent kind.  He gave me a book filled with letters from friends and family wishing me a happy 30th.  Each and every letter has touched my soul and brought me to a new level of happiness that I didn’t know I could find.  “Life is good.”

(The huge book which took him a very long time to put together)

If you wrote me a letter, thank you, thank you, thank you.  You have no idea how much it means to me.  I laughed, I cried and I cherish every thought sent my way.   Thank you also to everyone with their birthday comments and phone calls yesterday.  But most of all thank you to my amazing husband for the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. This turning 30 thing is amazing!

I know it’s not the same as the beautiful letters you sent my way but I wanted to send each one of you a bouquet of flowers via the internet.  Cheesy?  Perhaps.  But sometimes life needs some cheese.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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Dirty Thirty

“Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.”  Robert Frost

Today is my thirtieth birthday!!

Just one year ago, I dreaded turning thirty.  I wanted to hold on to my twenties with a fierce grip.  But my wise sister-in-law said to me, “Thirties are a time to be chic.”  I love that.  It totally changed my mind on aging.  I may depressingly be in a different clothes bracket then my friends in the monthly In Style “what to wear in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s” column, but I’ll be chic.

Looking back, I absolutely loved my twenties, but I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t exactly chic; I was a bit of a mess.  I turned twenty my sophomore year of college and I’ll readily admit that I was a mess with my rarely washed hair and barely clean fleeces.  I was embracing everything that a small hippie liberal arts college could give me.  In my early twenties, I moved to New York City and as much as I felt chic, I was a mess.  From my neglected room covered in that night’s outfit choices to my way too enthusiastic discovery of dirty, dirty martinis, I was a mess.  At twenty-five, I moved home to San Francisco and I felt determined to prove myself in the career world.  However, again, I was a mess.  From my “quarter life crisis” self-help book to my yes sir, overworked, underappreciated work ethic, I was a run-down mess.  At twenty-seven, I married and I’ve got to say on the wedding day I was not a mess.  But leading up to it, dealing with a wedding, helplessly watching my sick father, finishing a Masters, writing a thesis and working full time, I was an overstretched , if you see a smile on my face it is fake, mess.  At twenty-eight, I lost my father and for the rest of that year and most of twenty-nine, I was an emotional, lost, energy depleted mess.

Yes, my wrinkles have arrived and that damn cellulite is growing.  I finally understand the “as you age, it’s harder to lose the fat” theory.  Yet despite all my messes, looking back, I loved my twenties.  Even with the spills, hiccups, stumbles, break-ups and tragedies, it has been a truly awesome ten years.  And even with my messes, I must say, I was pulled together. 🙂

So what is in store for my thirties?  More messes, no doubt.  But I’ve learned some things that I believe will bring the chic-ness my sister-in-law alluded to:

1.) My fleeces are reserved for camping and I shower daily.

2.) Dirty martinis are meant to be sipped and not guzzled and only once in a blue moon.

3.) My career is what I want it to be despite what any future bosses say (including children).  I ultimately answer to myself.

4.) My use of the word “no” increases substantially and if I am overstretched, I wiped that damn fake smile off of my face.

5.) My life is lived to the fullest in my dad’s honor.  I always follow the advice he wrote me in a book that he gave me the year that I turned twenty: “allow yourself to be happy.”

Here is to my chic, self-empowered thirties and all of the messes that life brings with it!  Bring it on.

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ABC Carpet and Home

In a previous post, I showed you my favorite Chicago design store: Jayson Home and Garden. Now that I’m back at my old stomping grounds, New York, I must share my favorite store here.  How could it not be ABC Carpet and Home, the absolute mecca in home design?  I get lost in a world of bliss when I walk around such big names as Madeline Weinrib, Tom Dixon and Mitchell Gold.  This store has everything you could ever need (if you have a big budget).

Not only is every piece in the store fabulous, ABC also works hard at advocating for the environment.  In fact their mission is to “support continuous improvement in minimizing our collective environmental footprint and maximizing social justice.  We aspire to manifest a universal exchange where spirit, sustainability, culture, currency and creation coexist; a holistic sensory experience to inform and inspire participation.”  They have their own line of good works products which is furniture created from reclaimed, recycled and salvaged wood; ABC also plants a tree for every product they sell.  Is this a store after my heart or what?


If I had to furnish my house out of one store only, it would be ABC Carpet and Home.  What store would you pick?

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have a great weekend in store.  Graham and I sure do!  In a few hours we are boarding a plane to New York, New York!!  Woo hoo!!

We’ll be there for ten weeks while my husband goes through training for his new job.  Oh sweet, sweet happiness.  Yes, I realize it is unbearably hot.  Yes, I’m fully aware we don’t have a Hampton’s share to escape the heat like some of our oh so lucky friends.  But we’ve got the city where dreams are made and that is more then enough for me.

To date, in my lifetime, I have lived in London (only for a semester), New York City,  San Francisco and Chicago.  Nothing against those other cities but my heart was forever stolen by New York City – perhaps it was because I was an impressionable 23 year old or maybe I was hypnotized by the lure of post-College freedom.  But I think it was the city itseslf.  There is no other city as captivating and alive as New York!  You can feel free to argue with me in the comments section, you know I’d love to hear about it.  However for me, my heart is gushing with giddiness as I think of boarding the plane to the greatest city.

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Game On Domino

Our family game growing up was Dominoes.  So I was pretty sure that when the magazine Domino came into print, and spoke to me with every written word and photo shot, it was made for me.  I mean it was named “Domino” for crying out loud.  Well apparently I wasn’t the only one that the magazine spoke to.  Luckily, Conde Nast has listened to our woes, our remember when stories, and our many “RIP Domino” posts.

They didn’t hear loud enough to bring it back into print; however, they have done the next best thing and provided the Domino Magazine archives on  Ooo La La.   Indulge me as I take a walk down memory lane.  Care to join me in a game of Domino?

Okay, I guess I did say it was a game.  Describe a room that jumped out to you and you coveted from Domino.  I’d love to hear!  For me it was either the blue bedroom with the Chinese red laquered doors or the galley kitchen with black and white striped wallpaper and green cabinets – what a fabulous color combo and those stripes made the wall feel so high.  Both rooms were tiny but one felt like a jewel box and the other like a grand kitchen: I loved the bold steps that Miles Redd took with both.  Kudos to Miles and his vision!  Is there a room from Domino that you will never forget?

Ooh – another one popped into my head…Jenna Lyon’s baby room.  That room is forever etched in my mind…Beckett, you are one lucky boy.

Alright, enough of my favorites…please share yours…

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Ellen Pompeo’s California Home

Ellen Pompeo’s home was featured in Elle Decor’s May issue.  While I realize this news isn’t hot off the presses, this home is always fresh in my mind.   When I am driving around Califonia, I sometimes daydream about owning a home.  In my daydreams, I would own one just like hers…


Ah yes…Califonia living at its finest.  What do you think?     Images via Elle Decor

July 7, 2010 at 5:22 AM 5 comments

Fantasy Fit for Furniture

Who says Alice in Wonderland type decor should stay in the movies?  These fabulous recovered French and Italian antique chairs and sofas by Chair Couture let fantasy and whimsy take center stage.  I would love to have one bold piece to sing in a room.  That being said, I’m afraid I would get sick of it and would have just spent a pretty penny on an item in need of recovering.  What do you think?  Is it all just to much for you?

For all those looking for some pop in your life, this is the place to shop.  All items available at Chair Couture.  If you are hesitant to succomb to such bright colors, let me show you what the pieces look like in a room.  Here are some shots from German Elle Decor.

The rooms are quite convincing.  I do appreciate Margaret Elman’s (the owner) bold choices.  However, I’m still not fully sure I could take the plunge.  I’d love to hear what you think of them.

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Happy Friday

Tsuchiura Fireworks Competition '04 I

Happy Friday, y’all!  I hope you are thrilled for this weekend – it’s 4th of July…woo hoo!!  Nothing better then the 4th of July!

Graham and I are in Detroit as I write this.  We are here to see two of our good friends get married.  Yippeee!!  I can’t wait for the festivities to begin.  I know that Jaclyn will look stunning and Tony…well, we’ll see about Tony.  Just kidding – he’ll be handsome.

We are only in Detroit for two nights and then we head back to California to the beach in Aptos to set off fireworks and sing the anthem.  Quite the weekend we have in store for us. 🙂  I hope you have amazing plans as well.  Please share where you’ll be in your red, white and blue.  Today, I thought I would play a little game and put together a fouth of July outfit purely off of outfits from the Sartoralist.  Now, let me be clear that each outfit pictured on this site is perfection.  But I couldn’t find one that had red, white and blue so I figured I would mix and match to get the look.

In a dream world, I would wear this blue and white dress and shoes…

I would wear this hat for sun protection and possibly the red necklace for fun.  The necklace is a bit outside my comfort zone, but I think I’d just take the plunge and wear it.

If I chickened out on the red necklace, then I would def. bring this clutch for my punch of red.

Lastly, when the breeze comes up on the ocean, I would throw on this white sweater and in my dreams it would fit over the navy/white dress exactly how it does this dress below.

Aaaah, to be half as chic as any one of these ladies.  Here is to dreaming.  All images via The Sartorialist.

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Rue Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

I’m so thrilled to let you in on a little secret I’ve known about.  The ever so talented Crystal Gentilello of Plush Palate is launching an online decor and stylish living magazine called Rue Magazine.  Rue will premier September 2010.  I can’t wait to immerse myself in the beautiful virtual pages.  I was lucky enough to meet Crystal the Friday before leaving Chicago.  We met through Julia Edelmann of Buckingham ID and have since stayed in touch; thank you, Julia for the introduction.  I am so incredibly impressed with all that Crystal has accomplished and how she is following her dreams.  I can’t wait to cheer her on as her magazine grows and grows.

While this was Crystal’s dream and her idea, which came about on her 27th birthday, it was with the help of her talented blogger friends that she has made this dream a reality.  Anne of The City Sage and Alaina of Live Creating Yourself are also co-founders.  And the latest member of the Rue team is Caitlin of Sacramento Street.  My hat goes off to you girls; I will be reading…

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