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Las Vegas Here I come…Again

Happy Friday everyone!!  I hope you have some bitchen (who says that?) weekend plans.

In a few hours, I will be hopping a plane to Las Vegas.  That’s right.  My second trip in a month.  I am excited beyond belief; I’ve been very giggly this morning.  The last trip was such a blast that I’m eager to repeat the fun!  My besty Lauren is gettin’ hitched in a few months and so we have to celebrate in style.  There will be ten girls going on the trip and we have great things planned.  Well, at least I hope the plan works out.  As maid of honor, I planned everything so fingers crossed there aren’t any hiccups.

Friday night is a bit of a surprise so I’ll stay hush hush.  But on Saturday, we’ll be off to TAO for dinner and then to it’s club.  Lauren and I used to love going to TAO in NYC, back when we were big time chi chi city girls. 🙂  So it’ll be fun for us to reminisce there.  I thought I’d part with some pictures of the impressive interior shots of TAO.  Happy weekend to all, hope you find a chance to laugh till your belly aches.

Tao Restaurant, Venetian Hotel

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Striped Ceiling

Recently, I’ve been thinking about baby nurseries.  I’m not pregnant.  And I don’t have any clients looking for nursery help, but it’s been on the brain.  I like to chalk the recent obsession up to 30 staring me in the face and the approaching move closer to mom and my in-laws.

I love the idea of going bold with the ceiling color in a nursery or child’s room or playroom.  Of course, such a choice does not need to be limited to those rooms but I love the excuse to play up fantasy in design when dealing with children’s room.  You can go bold, bring in primary colors and even throw in a circus theme.  The idea of painting a ceiling in striped colors came about when Jenna Lyons, son’s room was featured in “Domino Magazine.”  It has stuck in my mind since.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.  What do you think?  Can you handle it?  Or is it all just too dizzying?

My initial inspiration – anything Jenna Lyons does in my mind is perfection.

I love how she made this look like a canopy tent – designer Carelton Varney

Another fun example of the canopy ceiling in a bathroom.

What fun!  I think that the curtains are too much personally but I’m loving the ceiling – designer Sharon Taylor.

You can achieve this look with paint or with wallpaper on the ceiling.  Again, I would suggest hiring a painter because painting the ceiling perfectly is difficult to do especially since it all drips down.  And I’ve heard that you can’t use painter’s tape on ceilings because there is not sheet rock and so the surface is more porous.  I don’t know the exact science behind it but I would do some research before embarking on this DIY.

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Vintage Bicycle in your Home

Summer is approaching (thank God).  Even though it is still cold out in Chicago, I have had an urge to own a vintage bike to ride around in style.  Unfortunately, this feeling will not be acted on because we are moving and the timing is off for getting a vintage bike.  While  I may not be able to get a life size one, I certainly can add some bicycle accessories to my home.

Here are some cute ones to bring the sunshine indoors.

This Iron vintage victorian bike is available on ETSY at stephiD’s shop for $20.00.

I’m loving the potholder on this bike; it is available at Timeless Elements for $128.99.

Beep beep!  This sticker decal would be such fun in a children’s playroom.  Available at Freckled Home.

This is a little different but very interesting and would be great in the right home or garden.  It is a vintage bicycle seat available at Home Decorator’s Collection for $119.  When I saw this, I thought it would be perfect for one of my brothers who did a five day bike race across Alaska without any training; he said what hurt the most was sitting on the bike seat 8 hours a day, five days in a row.

I’m loving this metal bike sculpture from Pier 1 Imports and at $34.95 it’s a no brainer.

Two years ago, in Provence, France, I got my nephew the most gorgeous wooden miniature vintage bicycle for his baptism.  I wish I had bought one for myself as well.  I’ve since learned, if you love it and your traveling, figure out a way to get it home!

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Painted Staircases

Now, many times I would suggest against what I’m about to blog about because it can make a house look too busy.  But in a more understated home, this would be a great way to add in an element of surprise: paint your stairs.  Stairs are probably a pocket of your home that you didn’t think about designing.   You can go the more traditional way and put carpet runner up your stairs or go with paint, have some fun and most importantly save some money.   What do you think?

Before and after pictures via Domino Magazine.  What a difference some paint makes!

Going for a bold color really calls attention to the stairway, like this red and orange.  Image via Living Etc.

I love the idea of stenciling on numbers or you could also use different antique post numbers on each step.  Image via Apartment Therapy.

Wouldn’t this be fabulous for a beach house?!  I love the pop of color with all that white.

If you do decide to paint your staircase, I recommend using a professional painter.  There are DIY instructions on line, but you have to be very exact.

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Thank You

I wanted to say a belated happy mother’s day to all of the mother’s out there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Thank you for the countless sleepless nights while we cried all night trying to adjust to this new world.  Thank you for putting up with spit up, fresh diapers, potty training and accidents.  Thank you for mending our scrapes, bumps and cuts along the way.  Thank you for supporting us through times with bullies, mean words, confrontations or school yard fights.  Thank you for continuing to love us while we awkwardly worked our way through puberty, hormones, body changes and voice cracks.  Thank you for letting us go as we ventured on to college, first apartments and marriage.  Thank you for always welcoming us home with the same smiles, same warm hug and same unconditional love time and time again.  None of us would be who we were today without our mothers.

(Image via Country Living)

Thank you most of all to my mother – sorry folks, I won on this deal!  She is the best!!  (That’s okay if you care to disagree and think your mom is the best…I say they all tie).  Thank you, Mom, for reading to me every night.  Thank you for building a canopy tent in my room.  Thank you for writing down stories that I would dictate to you.  Thank you for brushing my hair and curling it despite the screams of protest.  Thank you for remaining calm and knowing just what to do when I accidently stuck my hand through a window.  Thank you for letting me pick what color to paint my room.  Thank you for introducing me to the book, “Heidi.”   Thank you for driving me everywhere.  Thank you for coming to all of my sporting events just to watch me sit the bench.  Thank you for encouraging me to choose adventure, every time.  Thank you for picking me up from the airport more times then I can count.  Thank you for the hugs, the laughs, the love and the daily conversations about nothing.  I love you very much!

My mom and I hiking last year in Namibia, Africa

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!! I am delighted to say that I will be staying in Chicago this weekend. Yee ha!! After traveling three weekends in a row, it is nice to hang out in my own city. Especially since it won’t be “my” city in a matter of weeks…sob, sob. I do love Chicago. Not only is it a wonderful city, it is a fantastic place for interior design. This weekend, I’ll be going with a client to show her some furniture pieces I scouted out for her living room. I also have Sunday night cooking club with the girls.  I’m hoping to be a tourist and to check out some museums.  And, of course, hang out with friends.  What are you up to this weekend?

Please do share what you’ll be up to. I love hearing from you!

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Blue and White Done Right

The title “Blue and White Done Right” is deceiving because it is a color combination that’s pretty tough to do wrong.  (I just liked the sound of the title).  Don’t you just love the classic look of blue and white together? My personal favorite shade of blue is navy and I think it looks best tied with a crisp, bright white. Call me a sucker for all things nautical, Nantucket-y or preppy.

Here are some more pictures of the classic combination…

Photo Source: Carolyn Roehm

Designer: Nancy Corzine

To add some blue and white to your decor, I have the same candlesticks as those in the above photo for sale at my ETSY site.

Pair of Chinese Blue and White Candlesticks

Click here to view more details.

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New Items in my ETSY shop

I am behind on posting about what is new in my ETSY shop. So I apologize for all of those who had to sit on their hands because of the excitement felt for “New Items in my ETSY shop” blog entries. 🙂

Here is the roundup:

Bamboo Wood Tray for Breakfast in Bed

Bamboo Wood Tray for Breakfast in Bed

Bamboo Wood Tray for Breakfast in Bed

Ever have a hankering for breakfast in bed but don’t do it for fear of crumbs? Well, fear no more. This gorgeous vintage bamboo tray will come to your rescue. It is also great for a laptop tray. Available here for $26.00

Gold Antler Wall Hook

Gold Antler Wall Hook

This is a vintage Antler Wall Hook; it is a great accessory to hang your hat or jewelry or just as a decorative accent. Perfect way to bring the antler feel into a home without going overboard. This can be purchased here for $12.00

Gold Bamboo Tray

Gold Bamboo Tray

Gold Bamboo Tray

I am loving the gold and bamboo in this vintage tray! It’s a great way to serve cocktails Hollywood Regency style. This is available at my shop for $32.00

Pair of Chinese Blue and White Candlesticks

Pair of Chinese Blue and White Candlesticks

I love the look of classic blue and white. The pictures do not do the set of porcelain Chinese blue and white candlesticks justice. A classic look that will work in any room. The candlesticks are available at my shop for $28.00

I do have more items that I need to list on ETSY. So stay tuned next week for another post. Until then, happy shopping. 🙂

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Slipper Chair

You may be wondering what a slipper chair is. It is traditionally a low chair with a high back which is armless; it can be great when used as an accent chair in a living room, for a desk, a vanity or in a bedroom. I like to remember slipper chairs as chairs that you can slip right off of because they are missing the arms. However, I believe they received such a name because they are low to the ground and so it was easy for ladies to sit down and take off their slippers. A much more refined answer to the name. I have been admiring slipper chairs recently and I wanted to share some of the photos that have providing me with inspiration. My local Salvation Army has a slipper chair in a bad state for $15 that could be re-upholstered and be a real gem. I’m considering taking the plunge and purchasing the chair; if I do I’ll show you the before and afters.

slipper chairs

Billy Baldwin’s apartment – the slipper chair in white. Photo via: Patricia Gray

Photo via Studio Annetta

Slipper Chair After

Photo Via Southern Living

Photo Via: Before and After Blog$ProductPageMain$&1

Belle Slipper Chair available at Pierre Deux for $1,395

Hadley Skirted Slipper Chair: Martha Stewart

Ikat Slipper Chair in Indigo available at Urban Outfitters for $325

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Weekend Recap

Good morning,

How was your weekend? Mine had some ups and some downs. Graham and I went to Omaha to hear Warren Buffet speak at the annual shareholder meeting. We had a great Friday driving to Omaha. We even stopped at a Theory outlet store. I nearly hyperventilated when I saw the outlet billboard on the freeway. I had no idea Theory outlet stores existed…only my favorite designer! After an in depth perusal, I walked away a happy customer with a new shirt dress.

I couldn’t find a picture of it online, but this is close to what I purchased.

Theory 'Raineria - Bordeaux' Dress

Theory ‘Raineria – Bordeaux’ Dress

The one I bought is light blue linen with a skinny brown belt and a slightly shorter hemline.

Anyway, once we made it to Omaha, we had an amazing French dinner at Le Voltaire. Life was good.

Then at about 10:00 PM, things began to change. Our non-smoking room smelt like an ashtray.  To add insult to injury, at about midnight the flu began to hit me. I’ll spare you the details but lets just say I moved into the bathroom for the rest of the evening until dawn. Saturday morning at 6:45 am, without any sleep, we left to go see Warren Buffet speak. I was weak and exhausted but trying to tough everything out in honor of Warren and his determination. I sat through the first question and answer but soon ended up going from my stadium seat to the stadium bathroom (read NOT private). Finally, I gave up my toughness and walked to our car to pass out in the backseat. We had switched hotels due to the smell and it wasn’t time to check in to the new hotel yet so my choice of sleeping places was a small, plastic stadium seat or the relatively spacious backseat of our Jetta.

After a couple hour snooze in the backseat, I had enough energy to go with Graham to Furniture Mart, which is 77 acres of any type of decor you can think of. A true lover of design can’t let a silly flu get in the way, right? Buffet shareholders got a 30 – 50% discount on everything in the Furniture Mart! I had to go.  However, it was clear my sickness wasn’t completely over with because I was most interested in sitting in the lazy boy recliners and not moving.

I did have the strength to purchase a $10 persimmon colored tray…

(There are some paint scratches so I plan on giving it a fresh coat of persimmon paint).

I would like to pair it with this…

Ikat Bowl, Anthropologie

(Then I’ll keep the tray on my bedside table, place the bowl on it for a spot to put my jewelry, add my table clock, framed picture and reading book to the tray.)

By Saturday evening, I had some strength back. Graham and I went out to dinner and four ginger ales and a plain pasta later, I was back. Sunday morning we went to Borsheims, a huge jewelery store. Shareholders were given a 30% discount on any item in the store. I tried on a 7 carrot ruby diamond, even with the $50,000 discount, we walked away sans ruby. It was a bit gaudy for my taste anyway. 🙂

After the jewelry store, we were back in the car and headed home.

We both fell in love with Omaha and even with the flu, we had a fantastic time. Plus, we got to sing the Counting Crows “Omaha” song non-stop. Good times!

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