Thank You

May 10, 2010 at 7:15 AM Leave a comment

I wanted to say a belated happy mother’s day to all of the mother’s out there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Thank you for the countless sleepless nights while we cried all night trying to adjust to this new world.  Thank you for putting up with spit up, fresh diapers, potty training and accidents.  Thank you for mending our scrapes, bumps and cuts along the way.  Thank you for supporting us through times with bullies, mean words, confrontations or school yard fights.  Thank you for continuing to love us while we awkwardly worked our way through puberty, hormones, body changes and voice cracks.  Thank you for letting us go as we ventured on to college, first apartments and marriage.  Thank you for always welcoming us home with the same smiles, same warm hug and same unconditional love time and time again.  None of us would be who we were today without our mothers.

(Image via Country Living)

Thank you most of all to my mother – sorry folks, I won on this deal!  She is the best!!  (That’s okay if you care to disagree and think your mom is the best…I say they all tie).  Thank you, Mom, for reading to me every night.  Thank you for building a canopy tent in my room.  Thank you for writing down stories that I would dictate to you.  Thank you for brushing my hair and curling it despite the screams of protest.  Thank you for remaining calm and knowing just what to do when I accidently stuck my hand through a window.  Thank you for letting me pick what color to paint my room.  Thank you for introducing me to the book, “Heidi.”   Thank you for driving me everywhere.  Thank you for coming to all of my sporting events just to watch me sit the bench.  Thank you for encouraging me to choose adventure, every time.  Thank you for picking me up from the airport more times then I can count.  Thank you for the hugs, the laughs, the love and the daily conversations about nothing.  I love you very much!

My mom and I hiking last year in Namibia, Africa

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