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Luxurious Luggage

Oh if my suitcase could talk…the places it has been. I’ve had the same rolling suitcase, nicknamed “roly poly,” since Junior year of highschool and it has treated me well. When everyone else had backpacks in Europe the semester I studied abroad, I had roly poly. Let me tell you, it doesn’t work very well on cobblestone. If someone was late picking me up from the airport, I would sit on Roly Poly and wait and whenever I had a really long layover, I would use Roly Poly as a pillow.

Roly Poly has been to England (three times), Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Australia (twice), Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Puerto Rico, Mexico (three times), France, Turkey, Croatia, South Africa (twice), Botswana, and Namibia. And little Roly has been so many places domestically I don’t want to list them. (Roly is starting to sound like a travel snob). She has held strong through her travels and now she is gearing up for another trip – Hawaii. We leave in a few hours. Yook a leigh leigh lee (Trying to type Hawaiian music).

Roly Poly may not be pretty but she is my Velveteen rabbit – I love her bang ups and all.

Now here is some pretty luggage…

Luggage by Globe Trotter – a classic British luggage company. Queen Elizabeth used Globe Trotter luggage on her honeymoon.  How dapper.

This Louis Vuitton was commissioned by a gazillionare – and it’s solar powered – thank God, I always look for that in a suitcase. The solar powered case comes with a computer, coffee, TV, and DVD player.  If only one of the characters from Lost had brought that luggage on the airplane.

Feeling frustrated about delays?  Glance at your cheery yellow suitcase and you’ll feel better. This is available at J. Crew

Tres chic! This is also available at J. Crew but consider yourself forewarned, it is pricey ($695.00).

A rolling duffel bag that’s monogrammed – practical and adorable.  Available at Pottery Barn.

March 18, 2010 at 7:25 AM 3 comments

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s day!! Are you wearing green? I feel that I’m in one of the greatest places for St. Paddy’s Day – Chicago. Let’s get Chirish!! Good thing I’m somewhere between 25% and 50% Irish. My middle name is Collins – very Irish!  Close enough to warrant me some green beer.

Today, I must show rooms that are Kelly Green. One of my absolute favorite wall or accent colors.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

Designer: Kelly Wearstler

Designer Kelly Wearstler

Wedgewood China

Photo Source: Wide Open Spcaes

I think my horse book ends would fit nicely in this space.

Available at my ETSY site. Shameless plug, I know.

March 17, 2010 at 6:08 AM 5 comments

Subscriber Giveaway Today!

Hello loyal readers,

Today is the day for the giveaway. Yippeee!! There are a grand total of 45 subscribers. Thank you so much for subscribing, for reading my blog and for leaving comments. I have loved your support and your input.

With no further ado, I’ll announce the winner….

Kristen Rovai

Congratulations, Kristen!!!

I hope you enjoy your gift that I’ll be sending in the mail.

For those other 44 who did not win, I’m sorry. I plan to do more giveaways in the future. Kristen’s name was drawn by using the True Random Generator at . The number generator pulled up number 15 and Kristen was my 15th subscriber.

She wins the prize behind door number 3

And what’s behind that door?


A gorgeous blue and white candlestick. Enjoy!  Thank you for reading my blog!

March 16, 2010 at 8:32 AM 2 comments

New Items in my ETSY Shop

This past weekend, I went to an estate sale in one of the most beautiful suburbs of Chicago.  It seemed like the suburb and house from “Home Alone.”  Needless to say, they had some beautiful pieces for sale; I wanted to take all of the furniture home with me but I had to leave it all there.  Here are pictures of what I found; they are up on my ETSY site now….

My first love are these three candlesticks.  I adore blue and white rooms and I thought one could use a chic addition such as these.  I imagine them on a bookshelf, side table or a massive white carrera marble kitchen island.

You can find these candlesticks here.

My next love that I happened upon was the letter “H” as a paperweight.  I am very into monograms, even though I don’t own many things monogrammed. But I am a sucker for the preppy look.  However, I found this paperweight to be more sophisticated then preppy because it is gold plated.  I would love to have this on a desk to bring some glam to a working day.  I don’t even think you need to have the letter H in your initials; H could stand for home.

This item is up on my ETSY site, click here for more details.

I did pick up some more loves at the estate sale but I am waiting until I have my shadow box built so that I can take better quality pictures.  But the above items are my favorites.

Besides shopping, I was working my newly acquired DIY muscles by sanding, painting and upholstering a bench which I transformed into an ottoman.

Here is the before…

And the after

This is also for sale on my ETSY site, click here for viewing. I plan to make matching pillows soon.

What do you think?

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! Another work week almost finished. Alleluia! My work week revs up on the weekends because I have estate sales to scour. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have time to go out with friends and to read every sentence of the latest House Beautiful. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

This Friday, I’d like to end with party pics in honor of Jill and Katy. Happy belated birthday, Jill and happy early birthday, Katy!! I hope you two celebrate in style this weekend. Love to you both!

Photo Credit: Hostess Blog

Photo Credit: Jordan Ferney

Photo Credit: Jordan Ferney

Photo Credit: Shindigz

Photo Credit: Santheo Flickr

Nothing like a wheelbarrow of beers for your birthday!  Cheers

March 12, 2010 at 8:27 AM 3 comments

Cash in hand = ?

In addition to my ETSY shop and some craigslist selling, I nanny the sweetest 3 month old girl. She is adorable and I love watching her. However, with this job comes temptation: a steady paycheck.
You see, when I first started working out of college, I had a motto: Two week paycheck = cash in the hand of a store clerk = the cutest X (fill in clothes, shoes, decor) for me. I didn’t say it was the catchiest motto, but I was sure it was a motto to stick by. Paychecks were like oranges to me – they were meant to be squeezed for every last drop of change until my bank account ran dry. I never ran into debt but I wouldn’t call myself responsible

Well, since getting married, I’ve felt this thing called adulthood creeping up on me. With adulthood comes responsibility. I now think of spending money in terms of losing square footage on a future apartment we’d like to buy one day. My new motto is: For every $100 spent, I lose 1/8 of a square foot of property. It doesn’t help we plan to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world: San Francisco. Free babysitting is not looking like such a money saver anymore (thanks in advance Mom, Glynnis and Brian)…and no, I’m not pregnant.

(Image Credit: United Land Sales)

My point being, I’m very careful when I choose to indulge in a little something, something for myself so I must be calculated in my decision process. I have a dilemma brewing… I don’t have black boots and this Chicago winter won’t go away – I absolutely need black boots. Sometimes I just want to wear all black and all I have are my completely adorable Coach Brown Riding Boots (thanks, Mom!). On the other hand, I’ve been dreaming about this lattice print rug that is at a crazy low price – $85. What’s a girl to do? Fashion or decor? I can’t do both – I mean I am talking 1/8 of a square foot of an apartment years down the road.

Frye Riding Boot: Zappos

Franco Sarto Telluride: Zappos

These boots are pricey for my budget but super cute. And here is the rug…

While looking for other rug deals, I went into my favorite Chicago Decor Store: Jayson Home and Garden and I found these clutches…

Image Info: Jayson Home and Garden Clutch $150. Cruelness, I tell you!! Can the world please stop selling beautiful things until I can afford them?  What do you think I should go with?

All this being said, please continue shopping at my ETSY shop. 🙂

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To hide or not to hide?

If you saw yesterday’s post, I put up a picture of my latest project: a coffee table. The after table shot was taken in my living room where we have a cowhide rug. We have had the rug for the past two years and I have loved it. My husband actually picked the hide out and I was so moved by his participation in anything decor that we bought it at once. I’ve been very happy with it ever since.

However, lately, I’m getting a bit tired of it. The hide gets dirty very easily and it is worn down in parts from traffic. What do you think; is it time this cow moved on to greener pastures?

I do think it would be a shame to sell it. So the greener pastures may be a second bedroom or something (that is when we finally get a second bedroom).

Where this is really stemming from is my love for Moroccan grill/ lattice rugs. I want one like these…

Designer: Kelly Wearstler

Rug available at: Soft Surroundings

Rugs can be found at Garnet Hill

Rug is Jonathan Alder Southhampton Rug

This beauty is for sale at a local Chicago store for $85…talk about temptation!

For now, nothing is going to change. I just wish I could change out my decor with my moods like different outfits. The days I’m exhausted this place would have one giant lazy boy or even better a massage chair; when I’m feeling fun and flirty, my decor would be white, pink and floral to boot and when I’m feeling sophisticated, my walls would be dark, the accents gold and I would have a French style Louis settee. Oh to dream…what about you?

March 10, 2010 at 8:18 AM 10 comments

Coffee Table Makeover: Rock Star Ruby

As I mentioned yesterday, I did some painting this weekend. Remember the “Debutante Dumpster Dives” post? Graham and I found a coffee table lying in our back alleyway. It was so sad. Luckily, we rescued the poor coffee table. Then I set about sanding, priming and painting the beauty. It is all finished and it is up on Craigslist now. I’m not selling the coffee table on ETSY because the shipping costs would be out of control. The table is made from solid wood and it is heavy!!

Here is the before shot:

Such a sad and slightly disgusting table.

And after…

I decided to go with red to get this table out of its funk. I’ve named this table “Rock Star Ruby” for the obvious reason that rubies are red. However, the more important reason I’ve named it Ruby is because that is my cousin’s daughter’s name and she is a rock star! She was the flower girl in my wedding. Love to you, Ruby.

I was originally going to paint a chevron pattern on the top of the table but I restrained myself. I think it would have been too much. What do you think?

I also recovered a lamp shade over the weekend. It wasn’t a perfect job but I learned so much from my mistakes. Once I’ve perfected covering shades, I hope to add lampshades to my ETSY site.

That’s all the projects for now; it’s time for more treasure hunting.

March 9, 2010 at 9:22 AM 7 comments

New Items in my ETSY Shop!

Ooh la la….I did some shopping, some painting and some photographing this weekend. It was so much fun, at least until I realized I don’t get to keep everything. My husband made the astute comment that I am like a drug dealer and that the best drug dealers don’t sample their goods. So, I’m going to stick to his philosophy for as long as I can. But man I do love what I found. For your next decor fix, please come to my shop.

Here’s what I have in store…

Tartan and tweed are all the rage now in decor and while this first item is neither tartan nor tweed, I think it goes very well with the general theme. There is a hint of the traditional Ralph Lauren Home look with updated touches –

Gun metal bookends – horse head in color black. I LOVE them! Click here for my ETSY shop.

My next find was the cutest collection of vintage pink depression glass all in mint condition. They have so many wonderful uses. Obviously the glassware is meant for serving food; however, I would use the small bowl on my bedside table to put my ring and necklace in at night. I love the pink…

Isn’t it so cute for your night stand? Sorry my necklace and pearls are not included. 🙂 This bowl is available here.

Next, I have a vintage pink depression glass platter with handles. This also would be a chic way to display jewelry, or you could be the hostess with the mostest and show off your cooking skills in style.

You can find this platter here.

My final pink depression item is a vintage glass divided bowl. I would use this for a spot to stash change and my watch or sunglasses.

This can be purchased here.

The next item is a little lovely bud vase that I added to my shop. I think there is something so elegant about a single flower in a bud vase. That and I am terrible at arranging flowers so this is an easy out for me.

This glass bud vase can be purchased here.

I put together a display of the items as a way to entertain myself as my husband wrote a paper…

Sorry my husband’s wallet is not for sale – that’s all mine. Ha ha.

Martini anyone? It would help to get you through the week. Well, for those who like their martinis stirred, I have added a glass martini pitcher and stirrer. The pitcher can be used for other things than martinis – but I believe that making a martini is the absolute best use.

To purchase the martini pitcher click here.

That’s all the goodies for now. What do you think?

March 8, 2010 at 7:22 AM 6 comments

Happy Weekend to All

Happy Friday everyone.  Just a matter of hours and you are out for the weekend.  Woo hoo!!  I am wading through projects that I must get done this weekend.  I promise to have new stuff up on ETSY by Monday.  I hope that I can get all that I expect to get done, finished -dun, dun, dun….

Here are some yellow decor shots to bring some brightness to the weekend.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy.  See the entire tour of this fabulous apartment here.

Photo Credit: Grey Crawford

Designer: Amy Lau

A bouquet just for you – have a fantastic weekend!

March 5, 2010 at 9:11 AM 2 comments

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