Happy Friday

March 26, 2010 at 10:42 AM 3 comments

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today is my last day in Hawaii. Tomorrow, I board a plane for California. As bummed as I am to leave the beauty of Hawaii and my friends behind, I actually am looking forward to the departure because I get to be with my family this weekend. The reason for the reunion falls on sad terms as March 29th will mark the one year of my dad’s death. While it is an incredibly sad anniversary, I am comforted by the fact that my family will be together. On Sunday, we plan to plant the vegetable garden; we used to work in the garden pretty much every Sunday growing up. My dad used to always say, “The family that works together, stays together.” He was correct about that. As begrudgingly as my brothers and I would start up the lawn mower or slump over to pick up a hose, it was these days that we now remember fondly because all six of us were there sharing in the experience.

In Hawaii, I thought of Dad many times. One particular incident was when we struck up a conversation with a fellow beach dweller. He told us that he went to Bellarmine, the high school that my father, my brothers and my husband went to. He graduated in ’61, my father in ’63 and so I asked if he knew of “Don Imwalle.” His response was “Oh yeah, Imwalle; everyone knew Imwalle.” He later asked me to ask my dad if he remembered him. I assured him that he would with a smile on my face but inside; I yearned for him to be able to answer that question. However, even though he isn’t a phone call away, I could feel him around. I could feel his presence when we watched the sun go down with a cocktail in hand, when we went on the very same beach walk that he and my mom have walked just a few years ago and when we were preparing fresh fish and veggies on the grill.

I thought I’d end this weekend with pictures of gardens since my family will be working on planting one this weekend. I hope we all have a chance to dig our hands in soil; nothing is more gratifying then a green thumb.



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  • 1. Miles Imwalle  |  March 26, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    Kate — Great post.

    Lest anyone get the wrong impression, should clarify a couple things. As important as yard work was, play was to. Dad was always famous for insisting on working for 20 minutes, or at least selling the concept on 20 minutes. It often stretched longer, but always was followed by a swim or other treat…

    Glad to hear that you guys were watching the sunset with cocktail in hand. Dad always got so upset that other people never “prepared” properly for the sunset. They’d be doing something else and suddenly the sun is going down, caught without a drink in hand or without having properly settled into the deck chair. He always started a good 20 to 30 minutes prior to start relaxing, make sure the fire was going, and the gin and tonic or bourbon was on hand (with plenty of ice).

    See you soon!

  • 2. Pete Imwalle  |  March 26, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    Nice effort Kate. I really enjoyed reading it. Totally agree with Miles on the proper technique for appreciating the sunset. The sun seems to speed up as it hits the horizon. You need to be ready early and have a big enough beverage not to run out until the colors in the sky are fading away.

    Maybe that was something that came from our grandparents, because our family always did that too. Especially in Carmel. “Happy Hour” always prepared us for the trip across the street to watch the sunset in all its glory.

    I’ll be thinking of my Godfather and all of you this weekend. Have fun in the dirt. BTW, come to Southern California sometime. LIndsay, Matt and I will be heading to the Bay Area for some St. Elizabeth’s event the weekend of May 1st.

    Hope to see you, Pete

  • 3. terry gallagher giannetto  |  March 27, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    Dean Kate,
    Have so warmly enjoyed your comments today and on your Dad’s birthday. I can just feel the love and warmth and fun you and your family shared – whether in work or fun.

    Working in the garden has always brought me close to my Mother, Mary Reiter Gallagher, as it was a hobby we shared together when I still lived as home – now I the company of her neice, Katherine and family will join in my thoughts.

    Our thoughts and love are with you this weekend and always.

    God Bless,
    Terry Gallagher Giannetto


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