Grown Up Entryways

February 16, 2010 at 10:56 PM 3 comments

Ah, yes – the grand entryway. The creme de la creme of interior design. This is where your guests make their first impression, and let’s be straight, we all go act on our first impressions. Such a small space demands massive attention. That is, for everyone, but me. You see I don’t practice what I preach. Instead, I bring guests in blindfolded for the first four feet of our apartment – an alternative solution to decorating. My entryway is painted in this horrible way that is supposed to look fake stucco – esque (landlord said that we can not change it). We line up one side of the hallway with our wet, dirty, grimy, salt ridden shoes (happens to everyone in the winter in Chicago). Then just to the left of our shoe massacre, lies my latest furniture project. Currently, there is a drop cloth down with a beat up, poorly painted, black coffee table, that’s waiting to get a face lift. My poor husband will sometimes come home from a long day at school and won’t even be able to open the door all the way because I’ll be delicately painting in the entryway. I’ll tell him to come in cautiously, to step over the three cans of different colored paint, the ten paint brushes, the sander and the blade (for sanding). Once over all the obstacles, he must then take off his grimy shoes in about ten inches of space. But then he’s finally out of the hallway and at home sweet home. Gotta love love and marriage. So here is an homage to beautiful entryways. One day, when we are grown ups, we will have a sophisticated entryway and I will have a studio for my work; we will also be paying one hell of a hefty mortgage. Oh to be grown ups.

Apparently you can arrange dirty shoes in a graceful way

Photo Credit: House and Home

Yet another example of high style and high functionality

Photo Credit: Donkee House

Love the blue seafoam paint

Photo Credit: Home Interior Design Themes

I adore chocolate and pink together

Photo Credit: Home Interior Design Themes

Ha ha - so far from my own reality

Photo Credit: Donkee House

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  • 1. Graham Belchers (Husband)  |  February 16, 2010 at 11:07 PM

    As Kate’s husband and character in her latest post, I am confirming that the above is true! That is okay though – I am sure all of Kate’s earnings will help us have a grand entryway one day.

  • 2. Britt  |  February 23, 2010 at 1:35 PM

    Can you come design a grand entryway for me????


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