Serving Up Corian

Our current kitchen is nothing to write home about.  It’s not offensive, just not my taste.  It’s a sea of bisque.  We plan to make additions and completely gut the kitchen in about six to ten years, so stick around for that post.

One thing I have to admit that I have been loving about our current kitchen is the Corian.  This is a function over form thing though.  Trust me, looks wise, I love and yearn for a kitchen slathered in white carrera marble.  However, throw looks out the kitchen window, and I’ve got to give Corian a nice pat on the back.  It’s dur-a-ble.  Spill some red wine?  who cares.  Spaghetti sauce? for the birds.  Corian has got a case of the indestructibles.

So, I figured let me see if I could find some pretty kitchens using Corian – here’s what I found…



Via Cococozy


Amber Interiors






House Beautiful

Not bad, right?  I like it best when paired with natural wood cabinets.  Do you have Corian in your home?

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Life Lately

I thought it’s been a while since we checked in with Miss Josie Pose, who I spend all my days with, lately.  It’s about time she was the star of a post.



Josie is a full fledged toddler.  She is discovering the world and really into just about everything.  She is curious and active and as cute as can be.  Although, she does like to express her opinion with a nice solid temper tantrum.  But, it’s the only way that she can express that she would really like to suck on the end of the I phone charger while it’s plugged into the wall.  Unfortunately for her, I win that battle.

Josie rings

In terms of discipline, I’ve really got that down.  The other day, I gave Josie a very stern ‘no’ and without even realizing it, I was shaking my finger at her.  Josie’s reaction: shook her head ‘no’, wagged her finger back at me and fell down in a fit of giggles.  Josie should meet a classroom of second grade boys I once taught who also thought my discipline was hilarious.  At least I’m consistent and my 16 month old has learned to wag her finger.

She also knows when some things are ‘no nos’ but she does them anyways.  This morning, she threw a pair of shoes through our second floor railing down to the first floor.  Then she look at me and gave me a very serious ‘no.’  I had to laugh on the inside.  Lady has got gusto.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Josie is starting to talk and it has got to be the cutest thing ever.  Her latest word is, ‘ba-bye.’  She says it just like David Spade and Julia Sweeny did on the SNL flight attendant skit.  It’s adorable!

She can also bark like a dog.  But this isn’t any dog, this is the kind of dog that is way too cute to resist and your find yourself completely unprepared at home with a dog because she made the sweetest yelp right at you.  Yep, that’s the noise Josie makes.  Sorry though, you can’t take her home, she’s all mine.

Josie overalls

Girl loves a good boogie session.  She hears any sort of sound, even the lawn mower, and she is shaking her hips, be-bopping her head and dancing all over town.

She generally is a very happy girl.  Quick to laugh, high energy and she loves when all eyes are on her.  I find her to be the sweetest joy.  And my days are bright with this little whipper snapper by my side.

Me & Josie 28 weeks

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Inspiration: Navy, Red and White Kids Spaces

The nursery is a red, white and blue color palatte.  I love the color combo but I think there is a fine line between beautifully coordinated and hokey americana.  I think you really need to use restraint when dealing with the palatte of our nation’s flag.  Here are some inpiration pics of the combo done right:



Elizabeth Dinkel Design

Page 6 Home Beautiful

Little Liberty


Coastal Living






It’s a fun and classic color combo.  I think what I’m liking the most are the room that relied more heavily on the blue and used red sparingly.  Red is a bold color; it’s also a favorite color of mine so I’m trying to use some restraint.  So far, the red in the nursery comes from a red pouf next to the glider and this cute little Janet Hill print in a red frame above the twin bed in the room.

twin bed 2

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The Glider: The Good, The Bad and The Not Ugly

Well folks,the Walmart glider arrived and I’m very pleased with it.



Here are my thoughts in a nutshell.

The Good -

I’m really very impressed with the fabric and the navy welt makes it feel very custom.  It is a true white and navy which I love.  It’s a nice heavy cotton fabric and it doesn’t look cheap.

I think it’s really comfortable.  The back is plenty cushy and I really like the swivel on it.  I could spend hours here (which is good since I wont have a choice in a few months).

gliderupcloseThe Bad -

The back pillow height is a little low.  I can’t rest my head against the back of it but that’s nothing that a throw pillow can’t solve.

The arms feel a little low for the height of holding a baby but that’s nothing that a “my breast friend” can’t solve.

Overall, I’d say it feels on par with a Pottery Barn glider and I bet you’ll fool plenty of people into thinking it is a much higher quality.  It feels as thought it’ll last and you can’t beat the price.

The Not Ugly -

Gotta admit that I squealed with delight when I opened the box.  It was way prettier then what I was expecting.  If you own a beach house, (lucky you), I think this would be super cute there as well.


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Nursery Art

I’m actually starting to believe that I will get this nursery pulled together in time.  We’ll call this the 12 week challenge.  Can I get it done while getting completely distracted by other projects around the house?  Dun Dun Dun.

One thing I believe to have checked off the list is art.  I had so much fun with Josie’s art and I love that she has a special keepsake – her map dress.

Guest Post 5

I made a purchase for the new baby’s “keepsake art” and I’m hoping it’ll turn out as cute as I imagine. :)  Through the fabulous Parker Kennedy, if you don’t follow them on Instagram, you really should, I purchased these three brass wall mounted bows…



As of now, my plan is to actually shadowbox them with a ticking stripe matting.  But, I haven’t received them yet so we’ll see how my “plan” goes down.  If it doesn’t work, I think I’ll frame silk hairbows, sort of like this…


Here are the other art pieces for the room – a Gray Malin ariel shot of a Chicago beach.


I love having this in the nursery because it’s where Graham and I first lived after we got married and Josie’s “map dress” is of Paris where we honeymooned.  The kids each have a little piece of their parents pre-babies adventures. :)

Finally, I have a print from Janet Hill – her pieces have the most fun sense of whimsy and they remind me of my favorite childhood book – Mrs. Rumphius by Barbara Cooney…


The nursery art is turning out to be a tad bit nautical, which is fitting with her glider…

2f030cb6769e0ee4d2a2a5ddf2ccdb7d (1)

So now, I have art and a glider.  Bit by bit, we’ll get there.

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Wrapped in Paper

Josie’s room is the only room in the entire house with wallpaper in it.  Fortunately, it is not a completely offensive choice, not my choice, but not offensive.  It’s a dated beige…


However, I’m pretty sure I bought house so that I could put up wallpaper.

That being said, our walls are old plaster walls and not the most conducive to wallpaper hanging.  Enter Josie’s room – it’s primed and ready to go.  So, this may be where I splurge and get my paper.

I want her to walls to be wrapped in a fabulous pattern.  I have my eye on a few patterns but here is some inspiration…




Sarah Richardson










It seems to add to the whole imaginative feeling that is childhood, right?  Simply splendid.

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The Happy Hello

We spent the last week getting moved in to our new house and we are absolutely in love with it all.  There are so many wonderful aspects to it all.

I’m having trouble putting into words the love I already have for this house.  So far, it has felt like a giant exhale.  It’s amazing to hear the sweet sounds outside my door of birds chirping, the wind whispering in the tress or, best of all, the neighborhood kids playing basketball.

Every day it feels more and more like home.  We’re making huge strides in unpacking and we’ve even hung art which is really helpful in putting our stamp on the home.


Josie is right at home.  She has a ball exploring the backyard.  I’ve been able to let go so much more having our own back yard versus watching her at the park.  It was hot yesterday afternoon and so I brought out various mixing bowls with water and some measuring spoons; Josie sat in just her diaper playing with the water while I read my book (granted, I only made it through two pages).  I can assure you there is absolutely no book reading going on at the park.  Hence, the giant exhale.


Every day since moving in there is a new surprise, a new wonderful corner to love and a new noise to learn about.  I feel honored that we get to call this place home.  And I can’t wait to share with you more pics as we work on making it completely ours.


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