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The Wheels are Turning

Thank you for all of your awesome comments and support for the glider.  With your added push, I’m without a doubt going with the chair.  Once we move, I’ll actually purchase it so that it doesn’t show up before we do.  I’ve heard that Walmart pieces can come really quickly.

With the chair as the starting point, my wheels started turning.  Now, I’m officially obsessed with making the perfect little home (nursery) for Baby B.  I want to go Chinoiserie Palm Beach Prep because that’s what makes me very happy and I’ll be living in the nursery.  Plus, we’re having a girl so bring on the prep again.

Here’s the schemes ruminating around my head…





Now, lets see what pieces actually make it into the nursery.  It’ll probably be some combination of the three.  We will for sure have the chair, a beautiful hand me down bassinet and this pillow that I’ve fallen in love with.


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And So It Begins…

I’ll admit that I haven’t spent as much time obsessed with nursery planning with this little baby as I did with Josie.  What with the upcoming move (in just two weeks) and the newly walking older sister, I’ve been a little preoccupied.


But, I want to make this nursery really special for Baby B and so it’s time to get working.

Like last time, I think that the chair will be the jumping off point.  I thought about recovering a vintage chair again (like how I did for Josie).

Guest Post 2

There actually was a chair I was seriously considering for $50 off Craigslist that I would then take to my upholsterer and I was planning on recovering it in a navy and white ticking stripe.  Well, said chair, is deep in the East Bay (a trek for me) and then picking out the fabric and lugging chair to the upholsterer felt like a lot of work, on top of a move.

I was going for a look kind of like this but with a chair that glides (so is skirted).  I have found that I like to rock my babies.


So, I went onto trusty Pinterest and typed in ticking stripe glider and I found this bad boy.  It’s not as great as the Ethan Allen one posted above but it’s got just about everything I’m looking for…




Chic, petite, ticking stripe glider with a contrast welt.  It’s pretty much what I would have done custom, except I would have gone with a tufted tight back.  But hey, pretty similar.  Especially, when I found out that this glider was from Walmart of all places!  I’ve never purchased from Walmart but this got 90 positive reviews and it’s about half of what I would spend to go custom and 1/10 the amount of energy.  Win win.

Houston, I think we have our starting point for the nursery.  And so it begins, another nursery to put together.

What do you think?  Am I off my rocker (or should I say glider) for shopping Walmart?


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Check My Self

One thing I’m excited for in the new house is the very small landing at the bottom of our stairwell.  I don’t have any pics of it as we aren’t living in the house yet (sorry).  I really enjoy decorating tiny spaces.  You can give them a bit of unexpected punch.

I have grand plans for the place, starting with my trusty watermelon console table…


I usually hang art above the console table but this time around I absolutely must, without question, put a mirror above it.  You see currently, we have this mirror right above our stairwell that the previous tenants put up.  It wasn’t ours to begin with so it’ll stay with the apartment.

But, said mirror, has saved me from walking out the door with unbrushed hair, makeup smirrored under my eyes, baby throw up down my shirt, mismatched socks, you name it.  Sometimes I’m in such go mode that I get Josie all ready and completely forget to make myself semi-presentable until that miraculous little mirror reminds me.  Nope, Kate, back it up and brush yo hair.  I get to check my self.  And we don’t want me to be the crazy lady of Hillsborough.  So a mirror is in order.

I was absolutely hooked on this Ballard Mirror but I found out when ordering it for a client that it’s discontinued.  BOO!!!


Back to the drawing board for me.  I would love you forever if someone found this exact pair of mirrors at an estate sale for like $60 and thought “these are so Kate” and just lugged them home for me.  I would hug you, squeal with delight and give you dinner and a bottle of champagne.  So, please do keep me in mind when you are perusing estate sales.



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PBR Lights

I’ll readily admit that I don’t like knock offs.  I think that’s the bummer about the internet – nothing can remain hidden little gems that are truly unique.  Someone will find it on the internet and the next thing you know Target has knocked it off.  I find it especially hard when I have a client pay big bucks for truly special pieces and then the next thing you know a big box store has made basically the same thing for 1/10 of the price.

Getting off my soap box now, it’s time for me to play hypocrite.  These knocks offs are just so good.  And, let’s face it, I have Clicquot taste on a PBR budget.  So, my only choice are the PBR lights – but if you can splurge on the Clicquot lights, I say go for it; they are more special, with the added custom touches!


I have been a long time fan of all Colleen and Company lights.  They are fantastic, preppy and a bit girly – plus you can custom color it in any way your heart desires. – Scalloped Flush Mount – $1175


Pottery Barn Kids just came out with their own version and it’s pretty dang cute, if you ask me. – Scalloped Flush Mount – $119


Colleen and Company Isabell Lantern for the win – $1,850.


Shades of Light for the budget minded – $289

I’m not going to lie, I feel a little bit guilty about this post.  But, hey, a girl with a beer budget needs to have cute lighting too, right?

On that note, Happy Friday – hope you get to have some beer or champagne tonight under fabulous lighting!

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Erin Glennon Interiors

I love finding out about new (to me) designers.  It’s always great to have new images to look at, aesthetics to aspire to and inspiration for new creativity.  Erin Glennon Interiors sparked all of those feelings as I browsed through her portfolio with delight.

Let me introduce you to Erin Glennon, based out of Charleston – who is also the nicest person ever.








Love her mix of antiques and contemporary pieces, her use of color and the most fabulous fabrics that she chooses…I spy some of my personal long time favorites in pillows.  Her look feels classic, preppy and perfectly curated.  Check out more of Erin’s work, here.

April 10, 2014 at 5:27 AM 3 comments

Our Little Treasure

This pregnancy has not been easy on me.  Although, honestly, wallowing in the drudgery (morning sickness and exhaustion) makes me feel wracked with guilt.  I highly doubted we would be blessed with two children and yet here I sit, typing away, literally, barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen.  A dream come true.

I guess in some ways, I still find it hard to believe that we have been blessed again.  And I’m afraid of jinxing it.  In other ways, I’m just plain out nervous about handling two kids 18 months apart.

But, while I write this post, I’ll allow myself to imagine…imagine the beauty that lies ahead with two little GIRLS in our family.  That’s right GIRL.  We are having another baby girl!

I can see them now…

Sisters splashing around in a bath, scrambling for the best toys.

Sisters chatting away in their matching twin beds (ahem, more on those beds at a later post)

Sisters playing house, dolls and, hey, some Tonka trucks too.

Sisters giggling until they fall to the ground in fits of laughter.

Sisters sharing their deepest darkest secrets with one another and comforting each other like no one else can.

Sisters fighting out their battles as they adjust and become strong beautiful women.

Sisters venturing out into the real world independently but always with many, many phone calls back and forth.

Sisters falling in love and finding the right match for themselves.

Sisters starting their own families and discovering that there is no greater, deeper and more rewarding blessing then motherhood.

Yes, currently the days are long for me.  But in just four short months, I will be holding my little treasure.  Our huge blessing.  Our baby girl.  I know in my heart, without having met her yet, that she is very special.  I can’t wait until the day that we meet our baby and introduce her to her sister.




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Celerie & South

Surely, most of you know Grace of Grace Happens.  She is a Virginian living in San Diego with her adorable family and I love how she takes her southern roots and mixes that traditional sense with the california relaxed vibe.

A few shots of her gorgeous home -





Grace is not currently working in design as she is home with her two stylish, adorable children.  They are very fun to follow on Instagram, by the way.  Well, she recently announced that she has opened a small monogram shop: Celerie and South, and it is delightful!


Green Linen Hemstitch napkins


Dish Cloths


White Hooded Towels


Turkish Terry Towel

And, not to mention, the prices are refreshingly affordable.  Things are selling out fast though!  I was lucky enough to snag a pair of these for our new home just before they sold out…


Linen Guest Towel 

Happy shopping!!

April 3, 2014 at 5:26 AM 2 comments

Lovely Vintage Wallpapers

I got this in my head that I could save a boat load by getting vintage wallpaper.  Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case but look at the goodies that I uncovered on ETSY.


Sea Sea is number one on my obsession list at the moment.  I’d love it for our kid’s bath.  I’m also very slowly redoing my mom’s poolhouse.  Talk about perfect for a poolhouse bathroom?!


I dont have the guts to pull this off but someone awesome out there does.


Wouldn’t this be adorable on the ceiling of a nursery with a navy and white motif?


We have this bathroom with original 1930′s yellow tile.  I actually find it very charming.  I think this wallpaper would add to the charm.


Love the colors and the large florals on this pattern.  It would be so cute in a sunroom.


This Damask grasscloth reminds me of the printed grasscloth of Phillip Jefferies’ current line and it’s vinyl – put that in with the kids.


This one is so sweet.  I’d love it in a master bedroom.

I have to warn you that the wallpaper is limited so if you fall in love with one there may not be enough for an entire room.  But, there’s probably plenty for the back of the bookcase or perhaps an accent wall.  Would you do any of these vintage options?

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Jute in the Bedroom

Oh hey, Jute, wanna come lay in my bedroom?







Last weekend, we went out to visit friends who have recently moved to the burbs (it’s a trend).  They have a beautiful new home and I immediately asked for a tour.  They switched the bedroom carpets out when they bought the place to nice nubby wall to wall jute carpet.  It was such a fabulous, natural, textural look and it really brightened the room and it was very soft on the feet.  I fell head over heels in love.  I’m thinking about asking Jute to come join me in my bedroom.

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Bed In Front of Window

How is that for a fancy blog post title?  “Bed in Front of Window” Really went all out with that one.

We don’t move into our new home until June as the seller is renting it back from us while she gets her new place in order.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t think about decorating.

I always neglect the master bedroom and work on it last so I figure why not switch things around and start with that.

I absolutely love all of the natural light that our new master bedroom gets.  It has three great windows and two of which look out onto our garden.  BTW, I can’t believe I get to type words like “master bedroom” and “garden” and biggest of all – “ours”!

Here is the real estate photo of the bedroom as we purchased it -


One of the tricky things with the bedroom is that the bed sits right underneath the window.  Since I am a decorator, I don’t believe a bed is truly finished until it has some sort of headboard.  But, our current headboard situation is very high and would really cut into the window.  As a reminder, here is our current bedroom and headboard (we have ten foot ceilings currently)…

dsc_2744 (1)
When I look at the two bedroom images back to back, all I can really see is the difference of square footage.  We get a bedroom that fit actual bedside tables, not garden stools!!  Anyway, moving past my excitement.  Here are some solutions for when working with a window directly behind your bed…


Really feature out the window with drapes and a valance; this can also make the window appear larger.  In this case, we would do a headboard that goes slightly above the start of the window.


This example by Katie Ridder would be a slightly more elaborate version than a traditional cornice box (as the prior image was).  The window becomes a lovely feature in a sort of mini jewel box.  Imagine this version in manly colors – we’ll spare the pink for Graham’s sake.  That headboard reminds me of the one we currently have – wouldn’t it be fab recovered in a print?


While I’m not a fan of accent walls, this could work out in our bedroom.  We could forgo a headboard and paint out or wallpaper the one wall where the bed is, thereby giving the illusion that the entire wall acts as a headboard of sorts.


A more paired down approach would be to go with a bamboo shade, as seen by the bedroom by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects.  I like the simplicity of it and this would also allow for a headboard that comes about halfway up the window.


Similar to the bamboo shades would be to do roman shades and again you can bring that headboard up onto the window.


The final option would be to cover up the window with a screen as Jenny Komenda did in the above example.  This is my least favorite option though as I like all the natural light pouring in.  Plus, lets face it, we have many, many moons before we will ever sleep in again.

Way back in 2011, when I used to do staging for Ken Fulk, I faced this dilemma of a bed that needed to go in front of a window.  Because it was for staging, we left the windows bare and then I chose the lowest headboard possible to bring the light in…


I’m sure we won’t be making any major changes for a while.  And if we are to make a change sooner rather than later, it will be the faux bamboo blinds as they are by far the most economical choice and I think they are beautiful in a bedroom.  What option would you pick?

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